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  1. After spending minutes on top of minutes running through our mine and for as complex as a mine system CAN be developed into I'm suggesting a rail system. It's very time consuming bringing bulk resources from the very depths of your mine up to the front where your main workstations are to process all your material , even using horse and wagon to do so. Why not allow us to build a rail system in-game where we can lay track and build mine cart(s) with perhaps some limitations and to keep things realistic. Mine carts can be powered by fuel(wood scraps or coal) allowing us to carry larger amounts of loads at a faster rate than by horse and wagon. Sure, if you wish to continue using a horse and wagon because it's cheaper to operate do so, but as time goes by and claims because wealthier with resources to knowledge, allow claims to take on an entire new system in our mines. Please give this post a +1 thumbs up if you like the idea. Thank you.
  2. In middle of crafting, game disconnects and now client won't reload? Anyone else having this issue just now? First time I've ever had this issue and it happened after this most recent patch/server shutdown. Must be related.
  3. +1 Better late then never. Perhaps this has changed but going to like the idea anyhow. I haven't reached that high to know yet.
  4. In my experience any time a game tries to do anything with Steam, so many issues occur. I'm not anti steam necessarily but I think it's overrated, IMO and they need to update the software they use because downloading patches on many games takes several hours because Steam will reinstall the game rather then just do a proper patch. I'm sure some of that could be the game interface but when it only does it on Steam and not through the game client it tells me the problem may be Steam. I too cannot log in to game. Connection network error. Will just keep trying I guess. Hope they get this issue resolved and isn't an ongoing issue.