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  1. 1ql Horseshoe 70 WoA (COD or pickup at Athendale N14) can imp to 50ql for an add'l 50c Starting bid 5s
  2. 1ql Pickaxe Head w/ 73 CoC (COD or pickup at Athendale N14) Starting bid 6s
  3. can I get the Hatchet with a 47 CoC? COD Paralite
  4. sent and completed Unfortunately can't do rowboat delivery to Melody without a large delivery fee. sent and complete sent and complete
  5. that's what the link was, but fixed to show actual timer.
  6. Rare Trowel 50ql Starting Bid 7s BO 20s
  7. Xiaxis 884, 851 canal on my eastern border.
  8. Athendale/Xiaxis Athendale Trading Company Athendale Xiaxis Located on the NE corner of N14 and middle of P16 in Harmony Just under 4k tiles of land in Athendale and about 1k in Xiaxis We are currently taking in anyone interested in sharing our community driven goals. We accept newbies and veterans alike, with a wide range of experience already in the village we can help you get started or give you a place to thrive. We have a few slots open for specialized focuses, but willing to take anyone in who wants to be apart of a thriving village. A solid effort has been afforded to creating a useable canal that borders most of the deed, we hope those who join us are willing to put in an even greater effort to create a permanent one passable by all ships that may be around for the servers lifetime. As we have recently gained partial control over both canals of the major Harmony river. we hope more will join us in this endeavor to connect everyone, and create major trade routes. A major highway has already been completed allowing for a high traffic location, with the perfect spot to setup your market and sell goods on site, players averaging easily over 10s a month there is plenty of money to be made with us. Current Major Specializations needed: Fine Carpenter, assistant Animal Husbandry/Tamer, Deed Builder/Manager for Xiaxis, Assistant Woodcutter, Priests. Personal Merchant for Deed use, Massive mine with everything but Slate, 10+ people all specialized and love to help those in the deed, free food and affinity pizzas specialized for you, and gear. If you are interested in joining just leave a message on this thread, with an "about me", optional, and please answer the question "what are you looking for in a village?", for a response. Good luck out there, if you have any questions you can feel free to contact me in-game "Paralite".
  9. Athendale Trading Port (COD fee is buyers responsibility, Delivery Fee is up to crafter, Located at NE corner of N14 Harmony, Merchant with stock on location) Blacksmithing & Weaponsmithing & Armoursmithing Enchanted Inventory Included (Ayalor, Swashbuck and Krutag) Ore (Andrewmw) Carpentry and Fine Carpentry (Paralite and Blueskies (40fc)) Logs (Lionxx) Ship Building (alburet) Leatherworker, Clothier and Ropes (Blablagames) 55+ql Crops by Hayzues (distributed by Athendale) Animals (Mikepod) Clay and Sand (Paralite) Meals (Blueskies)
  10. 5s starting 20s BO
  11. 795,740 Athendale Also a Canal going around the SW corner of my deed.