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  1. Would still have to keep an eye on tabs, but there is a setting to show who's in local in the event window instead so you can have other chat tabs up.
  2. They actually changed this so white light and black light can do sermons together, you dont get neg or positive align from the opposite side. You can count for their sermon with 0 alignment change.
  3. High alignment reduces difficulty of prayer and channeling thus people wanting to be the most efficient in grinding these prefer to stay on low alignment up to a certain point.
  4. This could easily be exploited if there is no alignment change then they could count for listeners more than every 30 min and priests could chain sermon
  5. Hmm for some reason I remember it would keep track of sand/dirt layers been a long while since I've tried but yes just checked and this does work. I stand corrected.
  6. Glass working would be interesting, however sand would have to be looked at for this as it is currently the only material in the game that is not able to be replenished.
  7. Yes you can trade vesseled gems. Me and a friend each have a priest that vessel as they can and they can be used by either. Deity that vessled doesn't matter (they are lib I am Fo).
  8. This would be nice for sorting gems when casting multiples, even just something saying it has favor even if it doesn't specify the amount. Similar to mouse over information like casts have now.
  9. Would you be willing to do creation and imp to 90 for an Axe?
  10. You can change the default action key, but you can't change what actually shows up as a default action.
  11. I would like the ability to put a proper roof on buildings in caves. Unsure why it isn't allowed or was something just overlooked.
  12. I believe its because reinforcing and cladding walls falls under Mining in the code and vyn can't mine.
  13. Also to note on shield of the gone, Wiki does not mention the healing received reduction that comes with the damage reduction