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  1. 15s, if this is acceptable COD to Yenril
  2. Sadly I do not have a Seafarer's Hat to trade.
  3. Hello as the title says, I am looking to either buy studded helm skinned already or the executioner hood skin itself. Post/pm on forum or IGN: Yenril
  4. As the title says want to sell this mallet. Don't want to deal with the hassle of keeping up with an auction. Price = 45s
  5. So, can we eventually see a change to how marsh works for getting rid of it? dropping thousands of dirt to get 1 corner high enough to pave away is quite annoying.
  6. Very friendly and great fast service!
  7. Would still have to keep an eye on tabs, but there is a setting to show who's in local in the event window instead so you can have other chat tabs up.
  8. They actually changed this so white light and black light can do sermons together, you dont get neg or positive align from the opposite side. You can count for their sermon with 0 alignment change.
  9. High alignment reduces difficulty of prayer and channeling thus people wanting to be the most efficient in grinding these prefer to stay on low alignment up to a certain point.
  10. This could easily be exploited if there is no alignment change then they could count for listeners more than every 30 min and priests could chain sermon
  11. Hmm for some reason I remember it would keep track of sand/dirt layers been a long while since I've tried but yes just checked and this does work. I stand corrected.