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  1. can we please get kingdom of edward at 7287,1940 and kingdom of the God Robot at 7247,1953
  2. please add kingdom of god robot at 1546, 412 and new kingdom of edward at 1522, 484 there is also now a highway to these islands north from glasshollow thank you
  3. yes it was a bummer I didn't find this before I calculated for 3 hours, but after finishing it all up I was able to make a power point graph, I found the power point graph I made to be much more accurate than this graph above, I am also able to include percentages for each strength of coc/woa and botd and convert it all from percentage to decimal, which that graph doesn't have from what I saw, tho the base skill gain is still the same pattern its a bit different, and more accurate. Thanks all for help finding I was mining With the wrong pickaxe on the wrong tile at the wrong level
  4. This wasn't to make anyone mad or disprove anything or anyone, but simply put the graph at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ is not accurate enough to show you the exact experience gain difference between pickaxes and certain enchantments, but what I did above was simply to show that It is not always better to mine with "skiller" tools at low ql. In order to Find the skill gain exact difference between different pickaxes, one would have to take the percentages off the graph and subtract to find the skill gain for their pickaxe, which isn't actually accurate as the graph doesn't have a simple coc /woa or botd calculator applied making the amount you get much more than what the graph shows it as. For Some reason I'm one of the few who actually cares about exact numbers But luckily for me I made a more easy to read graph with exact numbers woohoo..
  5. 46.351013 current skill rock 2 ql 2.3 coc 77 speed= 16.1 took 5 actions for a tick of .006828 in 80.5 seconds set 2 took 1 action for a tick of .oo6821 in 16.1 seconds set 3 took 4 actions for a tick of .006985 in 80.5 seconds Overall 177.1 seconds for.020634 xp 88 ql Woa 98 coc 93 speed= 5.6 seconds took 5 actions for a tick of .002663= 28 seconds set 2 after 3 action a tick of .002658 = 16.8 seconds set 3 17 actions for a tick of .002652= 95.2 seconds Overall .oo7973 in 140 seconds Therefore The low Ql 77 coc Pickaxe Beat the 88 Ql woa 98 coc 93 pickaxe mining rock. and gained skill faster, now would it be more efficient to mine the sandstone with a high ql pickaxe or the stone with a low ql coc 77 pickaxe? lets calculate. This equation shows the skill gain bar variation between sandstone and a good pickaxe and rock with a bad pickaxe. Skill gained in on sandstone was .1 in 28.5 seconds skill gained with a low ql coc pick on rock was .2 in 177.1 seconds making sandstone much better xp at lvl 45 mining with a good pickaxe.
  6. Im not done yet, It is not possible to come to a conclusion. I will be mining every ore and rock tile for 15 mins on both the high ql woa/coc pickaxe a high ql Botd pickaxe ill also be adding the outcome of using a 1 ql, a 50 ql and a 90 ql blank pickaxe on all ore/rock tiles. and finally a Low ql botd and a low ql woa/coc pickaxe. I hear everyone talk about this data thats been accumulated for years, but where was that data when I was sold a low ql high coc pickaxe and told it was better than a 90 ql 90 qoa 90 coc pickaxe? If everyone thinks the skill gain is random, then that would in fact make it impossible to calculate, making this data everyone speaks of not accurate. I just enjoy math and would like to write this pattern of skillgain down. I have been told by many different people in the last 2 years what works best and most efficient, and 2 years later found it to be incorrect, so its only normal that I want to see the exact equation, which isn't hard to figure out. If you mine every tile with a 1 ql a 50 ql and a 90 ql pickaxe, and do the same with the other pickaxes above, and make a graph over any period of time, you will either see a pattern if not random or wont see a pattern if it is random. If it is random then you cannot calculate which pickaxes are the best because it would be randomization over time and would be different for everyone at every level. I was just told longer actions with low ql coc pickaxe give you bigger skill gains, but that doesn't matter if you have a good pickaxe which gives you skill faster. I'm looking forward to putting this all down for new players to read here in the forums.
  7. skiller tools are Not really worth it unless you cannot obtain a high ql high woa/bodt or woa pickaxe I am currently gaining skill faster with my good pickaxe than I am with the skiller. The above Was SANDSTONE mining.
  8. Mining Lvl= 45.703682 pickaxe= Iron, 12.4 Ql WoA 68 Coc 82 Action timer full stamina= 10.9 seconds 5 actions for tick of .004646 xp in 54.5 seconds 2nd set of swings 6 actions gave .004795 xp in 65.4 seconds Overall .00944 xp in 119.9 seconds mining level=45.720478 pickaxe= iron 7.40 ql Blank Action timer stamina= 15.7 seconds 4 actions for tick of .00367 xp in 62.8 seconds 2nd set of swings 6 actions untill a tick of .00367 xp in 94.2 seconds Overall .00734 xp in 157 seconds A low ql Blank pickaxe does not Give you more skill gain than a slightly higher Ql enchanted pickaxe. This Recorded equation Shows it takes longer to get less xp with the lower Ql Blank pick. Next pickaxe. Mining Level= 45.727818 Pickaxe= Iron 88.00 Ql Woa 98 Coc 92 Action timer= 5.7 seconds after 1 action I gained .002578 xp in 5.7 seconds 2nd set of action took 1 action with a skill gain of .00256 in 5.7 seconds .005138 in 11.4 seconds 3rd set of actions tick in 2 actions which was .002712 in 11.4 seconds 4th set of actions tick in 1 action which was .002514 in 5.7 seconds Overall .010364 in 28.5 seconds Therefore between all three pickaxes the higher ql high enchant pickaxe gained xp much faster than both the other low Ql picks.Now the high ql Enchanted pick Against a Low ql Coc only pickaxe. Mining level=45.738182 Pickaxe= iron 2.31 Ql Coc 71 Action timer full stamina= 16.1 seconds after 1 action i gained .00634 in 16.1 seconds 2nd set of actions took 4 actions to gain .006344 in 64.4 seconds 3rd set of actions took 2 action to gain .006363 in 32.2 seconds 4th set of action took 5 actions to gain ..00634 in 80.5 seconds Overall .025383xp gained in 177.1 seconds Therefore the High Ql High enchant pickaxe Killed the low Ql 77 Coc pickaxe Even with 90 Coc It Most likely would not Surpass the High Ql High Enchant pick. Low stamina mining for both the High Ql high enchant and the low Ql coc 77= Hig ql88 Woa 98 Coc 92 time with no stamina 11.3 seconds skill tick in 2 actions at .000618 in 22.6 seconds 2nd set skill tick in 1 action of .000621 in 11.3 seconds 3rd set skill tick in 2 actions of .000625 in 22.6 seconds Overall .001864 in 45.2 seconds 2 ql 77 coc pick action time= 41.2 seconds skill tick in 2 actions at .001481 in 82.4 seconds 2nd set = 1 action for a tick of .001476 in 41.2 seconds 3rd set= 1 action for a tick of .001476 in 41.2 seconds overall .004433 in 164.8 seconds. in conclusion Low stamina mining, Does not give you more xp faster. It gives you less xp slower. The higher 88 ql woa 98 Coc 92 pickaxe Gained more experience faster with and withought stamina than the low ql 77 coc pickaxe. Skill ticks seem to be random but the higher ql pickaxe was getting them faster than the other picks. Tho the skills gain was less per tick, it was still more overall exp per minute. Making the winner the high ql high woa/coc pickaxe. If this coc pick were to be a 100 coc It still looks as if it would not beat or would be equal to the high ql/enchant pickaxe. Moral of this equation Go for the High ql High Enchant tools. The low Ql pick also took alot more damage and the more repairs needed the faster the enchants drop on the pick. You will also not get nearly the ore/rock when mining with low ql tools.
  9. niarja has 2 times, I'm confused 2022-02-16 05:55 PM2022-02-17 01:55 AM does this mean theres 2 rifts?
  10. Hello, God Robots Kingdom Is Developed enough now to recruit! We have a nice kitchen for skilling hot food cooking. Right off a lake that connects to the ocean in xanadu on F 12. Numerous other players are deeded near by, it is never lonely here. Skilling areas include, a large mine with Numerous stills for making alcohols, another mine which will soon have every ore and rock tile in it in 1 small spot, with a forge good anvils and plenty of storage. Lots of animal pens if you want to grind up animal husbandry. We are surrounded by open areas to forage/botanize and have guard towers everywhere. we have a cave fishing spot and are right on the coast of a huge fresh water lake. only a short sail from salt water. Every tree tyoe resides around us, plenty of room for farming. we offer free horses, or a cart to get you started. We are located just south of Glashollow, which has a giant market full of goodies. We know Quite a bit about Wurm and are an excellent source of information and advice. God Robots Kingdom is in alliance with The legendary King edward, who is deeded just east a short walk. We are here to help new players and hopefully expand the population of xanadu, the best map ever. Don't join a deed that will disband due to upkeep, and join God Robots Kingdom, where all of your stuff will remain safe forever. https://ibb.co/RDmtzNh . https://ibb.co/n6dr5yx . https://ibb.co/whBkpWB
  11. yaay thank you! def fixed now XD
  12. I went on an adventure with my corbita and decided to load my wagon into it. I lead my 4 best horses since wagon speeds are extremely bad now and I could barely outrun trolls in it. one horse had a 90 ql saddle and 4 woa shoes pretty high cast/ql. I went pretty far from my deed and unloaded my wagon and went on a long 4 map tile adventure, got back with my wagon loaded with goodies. went to unhitch the horses to lead them so I could load the wagon and go home, and all 4 of the horses took off in the opposite direction faster than I could even click a rope. they went up a mountain I couldn't climb over the other side and ended up 3 map tiles away surrounded by mobs. died about 4 times lost a bunch of xp but luckily the horses were branded so I was able to spend an hour tracking them down. they were all in different directions very far apart. I had to slow walk back to them because one of them was my rider and I had on full plate armor. this wasn't much fun. I have the most fun on wurm adventuring around in a wagon looking at everything. I def dont like the wagon speed update, and I hope horses don't run off like that anymore
  13. hi! can you please add Church of The God Robot at 1843, 1538 and Kingdom of Edward at 1937, 1528 my husband and i will be here a long time and would greatly appreciate it!
  14. yes, i upgraded the ram in my laptop and it didn't happen again, definitely a ram issue.