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  1. Hey, Iv had a problem leveling shield skill on the new servers. What I know about the skill is that, the amount of skill you get per tic, is about how much damage is blocked. I also know that it was 5 seconds between skill tics I have reached over 50 fight skill while wearing a shield the entire time. The only skill I have got was from shield bashing and that is only 4 skill. I played 2 month before the steam launch and I trained from 1-80 fight skill and got over 70 in a shield sub skill. Its like I am not blocking anything at all. my account name is electroprobe please fix me
  2. tried to disable the event graphics, as stated above. It did not work EDIT: used pvp portal to defiance and it turned them off
  3. 3 horse shoe 71QL w65-69 1 horse shoe 71QL w60-64 cod electroprobe
  4. I have the leatherworking items and I can send them but it said "You can not mail that far." The sword I'll send in the next day or two Ok, im on melody now
  5. I was thinking to have the orb of doom to act as a grenade when launched from a catapult. A real siege weapon is required with these raid timers.
  6. Can I order a 60QL studded leather set, 70QL silver longsword with 50-80LT and MD, 50QL toolbelt, 50QL saddle cod to electroprobe
  7. id like a high alchemy spell that is unlocked at 55 faith
  8. meditating on a 1 QL rug will cause 10 damage each time
  9. Hey, iv played wurm along time and never had problems with it in the past. But after moving in with someone else using a different isp things have changed. I get refreshing lag at the most inconvenient times. When I right click it take about 1-2 seconds for my game to respond normally. Right now I am experiencing a situation where I had lag spikes that last for up to 30 seconds for the past 10 minutes upon logging in, even though the world has already loaded. Sometimes I play on 2 accounts and one account will keep preforming actions and able to move and the other will lag, and when i click to do new actions on the account lagging, i can see it on my account that is not lagging, doing those actions. I play other games like league of legends and I have no problem with it at all. I am able to compete with instantaneous clicks with a ping of 60-70 I naturally have a 1 second delay that I would like to get rid of. Would a vpn solve my 1 second delay and huge lag spikes? If so what country should it be?
  10. I got lot and lots of rare rockshards, I have chiseled them down below .50 kg. I then used a couple on a forge that I successfully improved and the rare rockshard was consumed. I did not get a message in my event tab " You have a moment of inspiration..." when the shard was consumed. If i do recall using them on epic awhile back, I did get a message each time. Did it change or am I delusional?
  11. The several enchants that I had received were phenomenal! ✔️