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  1. Ah! Was told it was a mailbox quality issue and thought it was changed. Can still deliver either way! ^w^ Thanks for letting me know
  2. Auction Cancelled - Please Lock
  3. Can't be happier to be back in Wurm after a break and knowing that the bestest neighbors are around again! Kain and Bristan always deliver, and I'll always be glad to go back to them for my misc needs and custom orders. Great people, great services, what more could one ask for? If you're wondering about giving them a shot, go for it! You won't be disappointed.
  4. Definitely! I absolutely love Exodus, and easily had a space for myself. Sailing away to move to a place where I had to provide myself was the beginning for many goals, and meeting many awesome people too. Exodus is FULL of wild animals, we have tons of spawns, despite people wiping out the entire population every so often, they'll be back within a couple days. No bison to be seen like the rest of the islands, but everything else is in abundance. Exodus is teeming with life for sure - both in terms of wildlife, as well as players who log on regularly. We're a relatively quiet community, but we do hang out substantially, and we've had some newcomers lately too. I've enjoyed my 4 months as a wurmian immensely, and will continue to enjoy the time to come. Sailing from server to server, doing jobs and meeting people, picking up a newbie or a returnee along the way, making friends, exploring, touring deeds and marveling at the magnificent work people have done, attending events, planning events, skilling, making a home, occasionally selling and buying things when I feel like it, there is no greater freedom when as a player, you just take it as it comes, and let the game surprise you rather than expect things. I think I've deviated a bit, but hey, Exodus is wonderful. I know some good spots if anyone wants to settle here, and I'm sure our alliance is ever welcoming of people to join us. People here on Exodus who have been here long time take the time to heal the land consistently, removing roads, replanting areas, terraforming. I really respect that, as it has really enriched my experience. No offense intended, I didnt quite enjoy the dense development of southwest and west Indy when I spent time there. I know people who would love it there, should they choose to play Wurm. I've found my home, and I'm sure every server has something special to offer in each niche. In the end, old or new server, I think the Southern cluster is a lot more mature in development and it's a lot more peaceful without land wars and arguments. Land war here or dont like your neighbor? Very easy, just pick up, and move. There are so many places to go, many seemingly untouched, or at least, healed to a great degree. There's a little something for everyone, and that was the basis of my choice. Also, credits to Badvoc for introducing me to Exodus in the first place. PS, if you do come to Exodus, be sure to hmu! I'd love to meet you in person and introduce you to the others or show you around whichever places I've traversed. PSS, I'm also a newish player, so please forgive me if I make mistakes or get lost from time to time I'm also thankful to everyone who's taught me things and helped me on my way to where I am now. PSSS, if you're new and looking for a place to stay or set up shop, I have some space, the only conditions being 1) Be nice 2) I generally want to do the building / terraforming myself, so there's unlikely going to be village projects. I do strongly encourage anyone who loves terraforming and visualizing ideas to have their own deed or join someone who's looking for builders, as I house mainly people who dont really want to do these and skill in peace instead. Also note my deed is still lacking a lot of infrastructure, but if you're okay with that, you're welcome to stay and hang out! I've got 2 residents and 1 who visits frequently, so you're unlikely to be alone for long, if at all, if that's a concern.
  5. hello @kuruk ^v^ thanks for reaching out to me! I'll be willing to take up a terraforming job, though I'll be busy irl for about a week to a week and a half from the time of posting before I'll be available. If you're alright with waiting, then I can definitely make it I generally charge at 10i per action, to a max of 10k actions per job (at one time, I'll need a break but can come back to resume for longer jobs). Would you prefer to correspond here, or via PMs?
  6. Who said I have too much money? I'm just saying I'm not suffocating trying to make all the money in the world. There is an obvious flaw in your reasoning here - I pay for premium because I want to help support this game and keep it afloat. Don't forget that the servers need money to run. It's my choice to do so, and if I wanted to, I could very well pay premium with ingame currency. I currently pay my upkeep with cash I earn ingame, and like I said before, the point of this game isn't to make piles and piles of silvers to sit on. There are vets who've been playing for more than 10 years and paid for premium for every single month of that time. If no one pays for silver and everyone drains the servers by spending silver on premium, then there will be no silver to be gained from gameplay, and even less silver for new players. It isn't an ultimate goal for all players to dominate the market and let your income ingame support yourself. If that is your goal, then I wish you luck, and will just say; suck it up and learn the market, not whine about how difficult it is to find a foothold without putting in the work others have. If it isn't, then, well, there is no point to this argument. On my deed lives a fellow newbie, the silvers I've got to spare go to offering small jobs for that resident of mine to help out with so he can pay for his premium with ingame silver. Both of us enjoy our play, both of us get what we need. My goal in Wurm is to enjoy myself. The less I gripe about the most miniscule of details in Wurm, the happier I am. Like I said before, I shall say it again. You can play Wurm in it's entirety without even touching the economy with a 10 foot pole. IF you're looking for a game where the economy is blossoming and the money is good, look elsewhere, because unfortunately you won't be very happy here at all.
  7. First of all, I'm a new player. I'm playing on Southern, and started 3 months ago. I'm no vet, I don't have ridiculously high skills, and I've spent about 10-12 hours a day in wurm, the ratio to my playtime. I must first say that this is an absolutely terrible solution. Wurm isn't about getting rich and becoming some tycoon with lots of money. What for? There is no more RMT, nothing you can do with piles and piles of money but buy useless shiny things like a supreme compass or own 20 deeds you don't have the time to give love to all on your own. Wurm has something for everyone, making money is an offside - you only really need it to pay premium if you can't afford to spend 80 euro a year on a freemium game, and deed upkeep. Sure, you cant buy rare or supreme tools with no money, but it doesnt mean you can't make your own. You only need a bit of cash to kickstart your skilling with coc tools, and you can support yourself from there. I do jobs for cash, I get to meet people as I travel from place to place and make things to order for whatever quirky things people need. The best thing of all is, I'm getting paid to gain skills, on top of meeting people I can have a nice conversation with, and having an excuse to travel to see the world and what people have made. If not for the vets making HQL items, I would have to cough up a stupid sum just to be able to afford gear to ease my pain in trying to escape from toxic neighbors and move to a new server, or survive without vets around to smack around every troll I see. I wouldn't be able to afford a deed, or be free to play as I wish, or take breaks, without worrying about having to make money all the time. OBVIOUSLY, Wurm is NOT all about money. If that's what you prioritize in a game, go play EVE or something like that. Wurm is about being able to meet people, and put effort into things that you find rewarding. It could be the crazy skilling, or the terraforming, or even an obsessive collection of horses like I'm after. If you want punish and to make life harder for other people so yours can be easier, Wurm isn't somewhere you'll be happy. Neither is the real world. PS, you can't build a colossus in a day. All the people who "can" spent ages getting their skills up to where this is even imaginably feasible. If you're not willing to put in the work yourself, then don't complain when you can't match up. PSS, I love it here on Southern, if any other new players are reading this post, you might want to consider coming here and get away from all the perimeter wars and market salt on Northern. People here are less worried about profiting and have better community spirit, even if we don't live right next to each other.
  8. Custom orders, custom deals, easy access and almost always available? No need to look anywhere else, Kain and Bristan are great! Just put in another order, might make another one
  9. Sent you a PM on forums :3 Edit: please do contact me when you return, thanks!
  10. Pretty discouraging given that I just started investing into my priests a week ago kinda pointless having multiple players with priests of the same religion now.
  11. Great service, I asked for reservation of 8 horses so I could do a one-shot pickup trip and left with 2 more than ordered that in stock. Open to switches, frequent updates. Quick, easy, and convenient service, nice conversation too :3 100% reccomend, prices are fair, docks is very convenient, easiest trip I've made to Xanadu.
  12. Would definitely help, a person in pain usually knows why they are incapable of doing something if it's the pain that's stopping them.