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  1. ahh I see, so it's just one of each item in each bowll, then clear after, right? Shall I prep them directly in the forges, and will you be moving as Forge > Raft > inventory > forge? I'll work on my own deed in the meanwhile, no rush either, but it's definitely something I'd like to learn :3 May I know the approximation of the quantity you require? Thanks!
  2. sorry to get back to you late, indeed I am! though I do need to be taught how to best fill the bowls / pans in correct proportions >.<
  3. No problem, glad I got it right and could help a little ^^ seconding what OblivionReaver noted too, If you're imping things more than 30 points under your skill, usually if you're interested in body control gains, you'll probably want 1ql tools. You'll gain extra body control for failure to imp, which is the main reason to use lower QL tools, in addition to higher control gains from successes too; to me the logic is you get more body control because you're using a worse tool that's making am easy task hard, therefore you gain more Body Control experience haha It's an interesting mechanic indeed, that said, it's also why we find the easier gamemodes in other games much easier after playing the same game on hard mode. Handicapping oneself seems to teach you to do better at it I myself don't look into grinding techniques that kill the joy too much, but do use this guide to figure out when to turn on my sleep bonus to make the most out of beneficial skillgains xD in addition to determining projects to work on, which is how I easily have 70 carp, 50 fine carp within my first 2 months of playing even though I moved from Indy to Exo within that timeframe. The more you work on projects, the more skill you gain without feeling the grind! Hehe but of course, sometimes a little grind here and there is wonderful to take advantage of exp events, hence the usefulness of such a guide existing. (Thank you OP xD)
  4. Hi there! Could you please CoD the following to Eirwengale whenever available? Rare grindstone, 70 ql-1s Rare carving knife, copper, 17ql-2s Full house pizza and spearmint tea recipes Thorn, Lavender, Blueberry and Lingonberry shafts, 5 of each or as many as you have if fewer thanks! Edit - Forwarded in PMs
  5. Hi @Scythe I'm relatively new but I think I can answer this for you. The skill grinder is a tool / site that I believe is commonly used by those who know about it, as with the affinity cooking site / calculator. The rolls referred here If I'm not mistaken, is part of the fixed formula (therefore the random integers are picked from 1.01 to 39.99?) that determines how much skill you get. Sometimes there are no skill ticks due to the rolled integer resulting in the formula producing a number thats 0, less than 0, or so minute it isnt recognised, and therefore skill is not gained in that particular instance. (I could be wrong on this, so someone please correct me if I am.) Diff here is Difficulty: You want lower or 1QL tools as time taken to complete actions go down as QL goes up. Less Ql = More time = more experience, since exp is based on the time each action takes ( same reasoning as to why you want to have lower stamina for longer timers, but not less than 10% stam as there is a penalty to your exp past that point). Difficulty, however, is denoted in the chance to succeed at something. For example, if I make a wagon at 50 Fine carpentry (minimum is 40 Fine carpentry) with 50ish QL small wheel axles and a 20QL plank, my chance of making the initial unfinished object is only 6%. This is because the difficulty is very high comparing the material QL to my skill level, and so my chances are success are much lower. From this, we can see that because the wagon is too difficult for me to make, if I'm skilling using creation, I would not want to use the wagon at all, but instead something closer to this range of success. Of course, higher or lower QL materials will also affect the creation chance, hence you may need to play around with different qualities and find what's best to suit your skill for the item you want to create. The same applies for tools, their QL will affect the difficulty level of creating an item, as well as, I believe, improving it. (The latter I'm not too sure, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm not familiar with the exact formulas myself, but generally you want to improve or create items at a difficulty that is not too easy but not too hard, of which is easier seen in creation windows/ However, as I dont usually look at the formula or use the tab myself, a quickfire way to estimate a good QL to imp to would simply be your skill level + 10 (for the sake of simplifying the need to calculate an appropriate Ql every time your skill goes up). This will probably not work as well at higher grinding levels, but it does work until the 70s or 80s as far as I have seen for myself. Hope this helps! >.<
  6. sounds great to me >.< 30 will be just fine! I'll PM you when they're done, will take just a teeny bit longer as I'll finish up whatever mats I'm lacking at present :3 thanks for hiring!
  7. I'm not sure to be honest, but how does 2.5c per barrel rounded down to nearest copper sound? Edit: in the event that I break mats, I'll make them to replace so you dont need to provide more than needed
  8. As post states, wts manual labor. Relevant skills: Paving 24 Carp 70 Fine Carp 54 Shipbuilding 25 Digging 58 Mining 25 Forestry 41 Gardening 28 Woodcutting 35 Masonry 30 Animal Husbandry 54 coming soon:body str 23. (sorry noob levels, I'm pretty new). I can sail to where you are, though my deed is on Exodus... If you want a lodestone or mailbox moved, I can even do that too. Rate of 10i per action, also offering to make bulk items, feel free to offer me other jobs at other prices as well, if I'm not working on one already or if it isnt urgent, I'll probably take it up >.< send me a PM here, or ingame @ eirwengale. Thanks ^^ Also selling: 44QL wool, I have 4k in stock right now but can gather more upon request, priced at 1s/k picked up, 1.25s / k delivered or 7c + CoD per combined lump (64) Cow / sheep milk; I can collect for your proposed price / quantity as per request. Pending / Upcoming Jobs: Queued Jobs: Ongoing Jobs: Completed jobs:
  9. can I get the 2 carving knives for 10c each? CoD to Eirwengale please, thanks!
  10. that was fast! thanks Solmark ^^
  11. Hi there >.< I've been around for a couple weeks but forgot to ask for a map update x3 Please add Sparkridge Bay (deed, Mayor Eirwengale) to 738, 387, there is a guard tower onsite but I'll be moving it, so I'll update on that later Thanks! Edit - I also have a mailbox (96) that should be accessible, and there is a public mailbox at the entrance of the mt tundra express (marked currently as a canal) , both fast and runed.