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  1. Helo! Do you think it would be possible to customize the currency accepted by traders? One of our players suggested a special HoTA trader, that accept the HoTA medallions as currency, so they could trade it for other rewards, like statues, and I think it would be great
  2. Decorations

    I can see it all! I have the fixvbo to do it tho, because I couldnt before. But seeing your reply I asked other players in my server and they are seeing it normally, so it is really just with me. Sorry for that and thank you again!
  3. Decorations

    It looks really cool! I especially like the image game and the bag of colored stones I have another thing to report today, that I failed to check before. Window Portraits are invisible.. for some reason only the 9 is working in my server. I can see their image when I am placing it, but once it is on the floor, it is invisible. Coincidentally the number 9 was the only one that was being used before the last update.
  4. Decorations

    Hello! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I tested it and it is working normally. Also, about the tar, in the end it would look the same as painting it with black dye, so it doesn't make much difference. Oh, speaking in dye, a tip for those using the frames: the RGB 83 61 53 looks very beautiful in the frames! Also, I notice that the frame can be placed on the cupboard, but I am not sure if this a feature of this mod or from Threedee. Anyways it is good because if you place the cupboard against the wall, it hides part of the frame. Sorry about the lighting, my game is like this lately. Are you still thinking about other decor items? If you don't mind, I thought of some items that would be nice to have and maybe you can use as inspiration: a dyable carpet (just like the other carpets in game, but I think it could be dyable if it was white) and a variety of Valentine vases. The original item has a heart on it and only hold roses, maybe we could have it without the heart and with other flowers... but again, I am not a programmer or a design, so I dont know if it would be easy or even doable. Let me know what you think! I would post this on the topic of mod suggestions, but I thought it would be best to talk to you first.
  5. Hello again! Is there a way that the items will not be damaged inside the trader's inventory? I would like to have a NPC selling food and seeds, but it will take damage over time, so I have to manually restock it. Maybe I am missing something again hehe
  6. Wyvern Mods

    Hello! I am currently playing in a PvE server with some PvP zones. Is there a possibility to config the Supply Mod so it only appears in PvP zones? Thank you!
  7. Decorations

    It is working wonderfully! The images are very beautiful as well. Thank you for this update. I suffered a little trying to put the frames, yours are much better. Maybe we could apply tar to varnish, as we do on the wooden floor? I think it would be very beautiful the videos were very enlightening too! *edit So something weird just happened hehe I was creating some paintings with my non-admin character and, for some reason, whenever I add one small nail, it also counts as a dye. If I start with the dye, it will count as small nail (so, after applying the dye, I have to use 3 small nails, not 4). As you can see in the image below, it is happening with landscapes and portraits as well.
  8. [Server] Zoned PvE

    Hello! Is this mod updated? I painted my cities green and the rest of the map pink, following your instructions about the size and color codes. Then I tried to attack another player with a non-admin character in one of the cities and it worked, meaning that the zone is not non-pvp. I can not figure out what I can be doing wrong, that's why I'am asking if it is updated. Thank you!
  9. Decorations

    Thank you again! Everything is working as intended now. Oh, the mountain lion is in your folder as portrait11.jpg, but it cannot be crafted in game. If anyone wants to, the paintings I made are here. they are made with photos that I took in the game myself, except the landscape and portrait 2, which I took on Wurm's facebook page. As it is not a 3d file, the frames are not looking good on the sides and the back, but it is beautiful looking from the front hehe
  10. Decorations

    Thank you for replying! I resized all portraits to 420x560 and it worked. Then I realized I was only trying to create the items with the ebony wand. After that, I tried to craft it normally with a non-admin character. When I tried that, for some reason, portraits aren't listed in the crafting recipes menu or the crafting menu itself. Besides that, every landscape paintings is listed twice. I assume they are different recipes because the ingredient order is different. I didnt change anything in the properties file or the .dae files, just replaced the images.
  11. Decorations

    Hello! Thank you for your work. This mod is the kind of thing that I really miss in Wurm. I replaced the landscape and portrait images following your instructions. Landscapes are absolutely fine, but something is wrong with portraits and I dont know exactly what. I am not used to image editing, so I would like to know if you happen to know what I am doing wrong. All the portraits I made are 542x718 and under 300kb. Thank you in advance :))
  12. Oh... Im so sorry. I was so worry trying to set up everything that I didnt even test it. Thank you very much, Batta. It's working wonderfully.
  13. Hello! Im starting a new server with some friends and we are using the Buyer Merchant, Crafter and Custom Trader mods. When I click on a tile to place the custom trade, it always spawn facing the same direction. Is there a way to change it or maybe Im not doing it the right way? They don't look at people when trading either. I am trying to set up a market with sellers on two sides and an empty space between them for customers, but I'm not succeeding due to this problem.