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  1. @Kssswas unable to find the pm, I'm quite new at the forums I apologize
  2. Curious on Rosewood sprout progress? Need about 250 of them ^^
  3. chisel blade, horse shoes, trowel blade, spindle and leather knife to Rosatopia if those things are still available please and ty -received tysm!!
  4. I was just basing those colors on the site. My bad. i dont know much about the color thing. if its close to that bright neon green color then 80-90 is perfectly fine
  5. I'm looking to get 20kg of just green dye. Green 255 Blue and Red 0. that would be about 1.6s correct? If so please cod to Rosatopia if possible. Thanks so much!
  6. QL 70 Leather Barding Cod to Rosatopia Please Also want to see if can purchase a barding around the same QL? Thanks!
  7. Was looking into the champion deers. I dont think anyone on my server has them. How much would it cost extra to have them delivered to Deli? On top of the 1s ofc? My ingame name is Rosatopia if I'm online when you are if you'd like to ask me on there.