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  1. Oh these are a cool idea! Id love 2 sets of Flags sent to Rosatopia please! Edit: Sorry the forgot to mention, the rainbow ones please!
  2. sry this isnt super relevant but just wanted to let you know this is in WTS
  3. Know its a bit late for this but isn't this WTS
  4. Hopefully i can make this one this time! Its super soon after work.
  5. Tysm for posting and thank you Fraskesa for mixing the blood
  6. o/ I don't think my horses name exists in the game so I renamed him after my cat, whom I named after a character in my favorite book series Warriors!
  7. I am just simply not interested because I don't like the thought of going there with no skill against people that have been there for so long with loads of skill. The fact that something you do can be easily wiped out by someone that doesn't like you or is just bored. I've heard enough stories from a couple people saying they would build like palisades on a semi large deed and then someone comes behind their back overnight to break all of them down, or just stuff being stolen, etc. I'll pass thanks, however I also don't diss the people who enjoy PvP; if that's your style and what you wanna do, then go for it!
  8. Hmm, troll mask and 1 witch's hat for 60c each? If ok send to Rosatopia
  9. Yoooooooo fam, you goblined up? 

  10. I dont have super high skills but i can imp some things up a bit before the higher impers take over
  11. Hey, my towers already on the map it appears, but my deed token (i tried to get as close as possible) is about 478, 1761. Deed name is Dragon's Wrath Also there's a tower at about 497,1720 - Neanderthol 738 And another tower at roughly 566,1737 - Cratos 346 The highway running through Bismarck Outpost on there at about the same area (about 494,1736 to 536,1737) doesn't run through his deed anymore, it goes around it on the south side. - About 494,1736 to 493,1758 - 493,1758 to 536,1758 - 536,1758 to 536,1737 ^ Basically the U shaped road you can see around the south side of his deed
  12. ill take the rope tool if its also still available, cod to Rosatopia
  13. Yup i felt the need to protect people from potentialy selling stuff too low, sorry you took offense to it. But ill take the dirt for 20c each if you havent sold them yet Caleb if youre interested that is Edit : Cod to Rosatopia please if you are
  14. im not interested in making a bunch of kilns so im not going to buy them but they should be worth at least 10c for saccing purposes but i know some people buy for 20-30 for that chance on those items if they choose to sell them all to you and those other items for your price then thats on them, theyre the seller and its their items
  15. i think the dirts go for like 20-30c each cause of the chance at rare kiln/smelter? could be wrong on that but id definitely get some price checks