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  1. I dont know what i expected honestly but thats depressing if thats your typical result out of 100. I got 7 days min before I see what my 3-4 trait drafts give me. also the 1 draft is easy on the gear? now I got questions if that would apply to shoes/saddles while ridden but that feels exceptionally hard to test.
  2. Trait Speed Tests

    several of us left because of how things passed down like the worst kind of lottery. like this breaking the 2/3 classic standard is livable as long as the new traits actually passed down right. mostly they did stuff like this: check the parents traits against the offspring. and this one where you loose the dom trait. in theory with this newest patch ^ should happen much less. instead of the majority. most of my 3-4 trait speed/draft came from animals that were tied 2 speed traits and 2 draft traits born before the patch. there were exceptions but not many. the old patch note threads have several other people with similar results if you want to wade through the salt. xD here's hoping the new tweeks dont go overboard.
  3. Trait Speed Tests

    ty very much for this.
  4. point 3. this could lead to having a reason to up AH skill a bit more if people want to aim for spark and other non dom traits given there is a set amount of traits in any given dom pool. seems a bit redundant with point 2. and then gets harder with point 5 however. concerning point 2: my experience was that I lost the dominate category more then I kept it when breeding this was 100% the reason I stopped playing. That fixed I could even deal with the rest of the mess, I could live with it. all my 4speed and 4 draft animals kept giving me output and combat rolling off the dom category. Granted this is a larger hassle for small time breeders rather then the bigger ones since we cant brute force the numbers. I agree with point 4 for the most part. def need some of it to be random and it notably got improved if you had both parents the same color already with the last tweek. but this kinda depends if like traits the color is more likely to pass on when both parents are the same color vs not either way I am worried this will go to far the other direction. Point 5. is def an issue the redundancy is prob going to make things go to far the other direction then intended. point 1. we are probably stuck with this. as useless as it is on bison it should effect the shoes at least ( if its working) I still feel it should give a minor speed boost on top of that to count as a draft trait since speed horses/unicorns/mules also wear gear. ------------------- Grats to the winners! I am glad that finally got announcd! edit: failing at typing.
  5. this ^ --- not sure the negative needed touched they do need to show up occasionally. seriously deeply sincerely thank you for the manage window change. Also ty for Speed/Draft/Output traits will now have a large chance to be ignored during selection if the creature has no use for those traits. ( please work right, also this has a chance to be a right mess on bison xD output/draft) Improved chance to pass on dominant traits. Existing traits passed on from 1 or more parents are more likely to pass than newly generated traits. ( tyty) Sick trait is now much less likely to kill something. Increased the chance a bit to pass on the color of the parents. Bugfix: Beverage recipes will now add to the cookbook when the player is offline. ( woot! this effects one of our cooks) Bugfix: Fixed problems with creatures packing grass and lawn. ( please work. please!) Bugfix: Fixed situations where animals were not eating correctly when in mines. Bugfix: Increased the chance of animals getting fat when they eat hay. Bugfix: Pet Bowls will no longer drop through fences. Bugfix: Pick Stuff Up trait and the Stationary trait should now work correctly. ( I want to know if this doesnt work on enchanted grass I got two with this trait so hoping to find out) Bugfix: Animals can now breed when slightly hungry. Change: The manage animal menu will no longer close when selecting options like un-tame or un-brand and will instead reopen the animal manage window after. ( ty omg) -------- Congrats!! New: Added the new title for 100 Large Metal Shield. Congratulations Neowyn! ------- Negative traits no longer get a bonus to pass down to offspring. ( not sure how about this one. it does explain why they kept passing on more then the actual dominate trait on the test pair tho.) started another spreadsheet round two here we go! I have a lot less animals then the previous spreed sheet. The ones listed here are the only decent ones I kept from the results bred from previous patch. Which is kinda sad considering just how many pairs I bred and the given the results I got. please work as intended patch
  6. my only issue with them touching the rarity system is the potential bugs and how likely they will not be fixed. I feel like otherwise the this suggestion is going in the right direction but I like the op's as well. I just cant ignore the last few updates. right now we can at least get rares and supreme. any nerf of any account type no longer getting rares would just spill over to the premium crowd in my opinion. maybe if they invite the rarity spammers to spend a few hours a day for a couple weeks ont he test server with prem and non prem characters to make sure the code at least looks like it works. +1 on the idea if they follow through on the tweek patch promises. -10 in fear of them just breaking it and leaving it to rot if they dont.
  7. is Cipacadrinho Darnok? because I was quoting Cipacadrinho. because I got Darnok on ignore and have for a while. So not sure why you are bringing him up unless this is an alt forum account of his ( which I dont think it is). and if it is thanks for pointing it out so I can add it to my list if true. otherwise no I stopped arguing with Darnok a while ago. --- edit here checking the thread once a week hoping for news or this prob would have got a response sooner. I already said my piece otherwise earlier in the thread and other threads. but to be on topic- can we please get an outline on what is being addressed? a proper outline not just a its ( supposedly)getting a patch also heres a shiny announcement. Communicate ffs
  8. Trait Speed Tests

    thanks! was this test done with full or empty cart/wagons ( or both)? if you have time can you run this test with full or mostly full carts and wagons if you havent. thats where my real gripe has been with everything not involving the breeding portion of things.
  9. thats a much more positive spin then I would expect. from any reporting source. edit such as only waiting a few days for a response portion specificly.
  10. Trait Speed Tests

    yes this is accurate. if you have the water trait and 2 normal speed traits you have a 2 speed animal. Draft has a similar issue. 3 draft traits no easy on the gear is faster then 3 draft traits when one is easy on the gear. both the water trait and easy on the gear trait is super common to roll on the offspring. it would be different if shallow water roads were common inland. but if you are not on water often the trait is useless. I kinda hoped rain would effect it but it doesnt the few times I tried to clock it in rainy weather.
  11. sorry to break it to you but 90ql tools and weapons are not rare. if I have to keep this stupid casino ######. then your tools are no longer repairable. randomly break completely not related to damage. can randomly be weaker and you need to spend a lump to feed it to get its strength back to what it was. If it's flawed when you make it you should need a priest to uncurse it. ( remove negative traits) you no longer can improve any tool. the ql the tool you create is its permanent ql. you will be required 20 RL days to use that tool to only maybe , hopefully , make another tool of the same ql or better. But it has a very nigh chance to be a much worse tool. No matter what you cant use any newly made tool for 13 RL days while it cures ( bison are an exception so lets say wood tools are exempt from the foal stage of tools. so its going to be the 3-12 days of pregnancy wait) Tools decay in your inventory because decay is time based only. you can protect 1-9 ( depending on our skill) from decay but only if you care for them. enchants can stay thats no dif then horseshoes and their damage mechanic. your comparison is a joke. --- lets take talk AH vs 90 skilled crafter. crafters can imp breeders can not. crafted tools do not decay out of inventory or magic chest. this is a grey area you can make an alt armer to carefor horses. except thats bugged since the recent patch. crafters have no cooldown and are only limited by their supplies which are immediately renewable if they go get it themselves or buy it. soon as they have the materials they can make the 90ql things same day. or several of them from the same set of supplies until they run out. Horse breeders have a huge delay where the animals are not usable and getting a wild horse adds months or if you are unlucky nothing. you can buy a horse from another breeder but then you have inbreeding issues if they are all using the same stud. crafters dont have an inbreeding mechanic. if you have storage you can store it there is no penalty for having to many. breeders have animals die constantly from disease and miscarriage if they have to many on the deed. crafters can make their tools off deed without randomly have the tool and the tool used to make it break beyond repairing. pregnant female animals almost always miscarry off deed. going from scratch to consistent 5 speeds took months this is not inconsistent with crafters. This is a challenge and of you wanted a specific color its not about going and getting a specific log or lump. Crafters control what the wood or metal type is. AH the last thing you do, does not guarantee color or lately traits. Now with the new speed/draft type even if the whole thing is made with 1 type you have a small chance of it coming out a completely unrelated to what the parents were. This is not cosmetic this includes things like ebony as a color has a speed boost breeding 2 ebony does not always give ebony. 90 crafters get to get to choose what metal/wood type is consistently on demand if they have a shop in same day. Breeders have to already have them available and again deed size and space are a factor. Under the old AH system you needed to stop skilling AH at 50-60 for the equiv of 70 ql tools and weapons unless you really want to chase the best misc traits as well. ( this was working as intended honestly) if you wanted to sell just 5 speeds or 5 speed+ spark. you can make the effort to get to 50-60 and stop there if you that is all you wanted just like any other crafting skill if you are not interested in chasing 90 because you dont like [insert skill here]. Now however there are those that do get to 90+ AH and get 8 trait perfect horses if you chose but that was a hella grind and work. These are the 90+ skill people chasing perfection, Hats off to them its a lot of work for crafters and breeders alike! The average breeder tho is aiming for usable working speed/draft not perfection often because they dont want to buy the animals and are just getting to 5sp breeding to use. same as the average crafter trying to make their own stuff without having to resort to buying it with silver or for the satisfaction of having reach that level themselves. Crafters are rewarded with higher skill with the ability to make higher ql items consistently. Breeders now have the the exact opposite of that. Since the patch the higher your skill the worse the animals tend to come out. horses without traits are slow enough hitched you will die to a troll if you do not have the FS to kill it. you will not out run it on a vehicle. and well everyone's speed got nerfed with the vehicle speed nerf. -edit: ALSO if you loose everything you can go get the raw materials and MAKE a 90QL tool from scratch in 1 day if you are motivated. I breed 2 wild horses together I get maybe 1-2 completely random traits- a good chance of no traits completely and if I am no longer in a village I high chance of the mother dieing instead of giving me another horse. also as soon as you can make 90Ql tools you are always capable of making 90ql tool as long as you got at least 1-2 imping log/lump. You do not need a stable of like 10-20 pairs to start brute forcing numbers for higher ql horses. If you sold in trade then you compete with other sellers this is not unique to AH and the drastic price of 90ql reduction since NFI launched is proof of that. There were a lot of casual breeders in the game we just had a few commercial ones. My alliance alone has 4 diff breeders this includes those like me that went for black sheep and deer along with my horses. we had someone breeding speed bulls for carts and lore. We had a champion animal breeder there are many of us just enjoy the process and skill itself rather then aiming for a profit. You seem to hate the people who want to make a profit from their work. Some breeders wanted silver which is no different from the tool market . Even in the old AH system you got horses that occasionally did not have 5 speed traits or even rolled something silly onto the animal. I bred animals for me and the village and this was common. you want to wreck the skill for people that dont have the room to mass brute force numbers the way commercial breeders do. this is like the worst example you could have made lmao. 90ql tools are not hard you can make them in a single sitting in one RL day once you get the skill for it. . I was making 90ql carpentry items consistently Months before I could get a 5sp born consistently and that was after buying some 3-4 trait breeding stock to help the process along ( thanks Cista <3). since NFI went live I was only getting 5 speed consistently two months before the most recent AH patch I had like 10 pairs and only 3 were 5 speeds and only 1 of those pairs were the color I was breeding for because getting appaloosa's is apparently the equiv of finding seryl in a meteor. but I was making and imping carpentry tools to 90 and fine carpentry to 80 in one sitting in a couple months and even now I can log in and do that. my tools for making it and the trees are right there. even once you get 5sp consistently. its 20RL days to before they can be bred. 13 to be used ( young horse stage) we are limited by the number of animals we can breed by deed size. there is a 3 month shelf life that currently is bugged and you can randomly loose 90ql horses "tools" just poof no longer exists for no reason. a bug that is recognized but not yet fixed that was introduced with the AH patch. tools you can make as many as you want and horde them deed ratio kills animals with miscarrages and disease after a certain threshold. when your 90QL tools take 13 RL days to be usable and require a RL 1-3 days cooldown between making them ( breeding cooldown after foal is born) 3-12 Real LIfe days at random until the timer for creating the tool completes. why is my real life days worth less then yours? YOU CAN IMP YOUR TOOLS. YOUR TOOLS DONT DIE OF OLD AGE. I can not imp a horse. the ql it comes out at is the ql it stays. good breeding stock under this new system can die before giving you decent offspring. now wit this last AH patch you have system similar to enchanting. the result is random and often worse then you re enchant if you enchanted it first. but enchanters dont have to wait 7-13 or 20 days before they get another enchant cast off cooldown to try for a higher power cast. I have said this before. You do not need to breed your tools. if you make a tool and it is 90ql you do not need to wait 20 real life premium days to use it to make other high ql tools. you dont need to wait 5-12 days between selecting 2 tools to make another tool. thanks tho for wanting an entire subset of the game to get over it because you want to punish them for some reason. I imagine someone refused to sell you a horse for nothing because their real life time was involved. Or you tried and failed to sell horses in a saturated market. this is no less an issue for any other crafting class. So why for some reason you want them to be worse then what you are capable of being? were you a breeder? or are you just angry at us for no apparent reason? Keep in mind everyone got hit with this speed nerf on vehicles which means high demand for draft animals since the animals they have are now much worse. Yet breeding them is much harder. which seems to be what you want. but pretty much everyone uses carts and wagons. which means 2-4 or even 6 animals per player not counting any just to ride mounts. they need to be fairly common for decent dont die to trolls speed. There are always exceptions but everyone uses these animals. traited ones should be common enough that somenoe can get them or breed them on their own just like any tool in the game similar to a hammer or mallet because its used for too many things to just be so rare that people are paying 4-10 silver per animal that potentially will only live 3 months if they dont level AH high enough to get enough care for slots to protect their animals. --- I cant image how much the forums would explode if all 90ql metal tools got downgrades to 70ql even for the people that paid lots of silver for theirs and now are constantly asking the comercial metalworkers for 90ql tools that now are buggy as hell to make and no longer have any kind of consistancy. Then have dev's answer to this outrage was just make more you'll catch right back up pretty quick dont worry about it in the same post that introduced the changes. except now 90 skill crafters are struggling to make 70ql but carpenters skill/ql output didnt change stayed 90ql and dont have to worry about any of the new often buggy changes the metal crafters now face. but its ok right? there market was over saturated with metal weapons and tools they were too easy to make. ---- we need the AH fixed mentioned in the update. completely ignoring the new casino mechanics there are a lot of bugs that got introduced that end in animals dieing for no reason even when cared for. This can effect everyone. Never touched breeding? thats fine but they should have their animal that they didnt make just up and die thanks to bugs. I really hope they can fix that.
  12. I would agree with this kind of passive advertising by adding it to another category would be good if it was anything BUT VR.It's shooting the game in the foot by adding a lot of physical stress the players body that will cause a lot of negative reviews they would need to put optimization and consistent fps as #1 priority to even begin to think about VR. I desperately need you to understand VR is a regularly a HASSLE to use! Sometimes you get lucky and a development team with experience in VR makes it realitivly painless but these are rare. Every time you put the headset is a well hopefully an update didnt break it( updates not even related to wurm even) You often have to adjust it, reading in it for any smaller text is frustrating. The settings constantly need adjusted because if it works in one game it often argues because it needs dif settings in another game. If the game or vr software decides to argue for whatever reason you are adding a couple minutes to a couple hours to sorting it out often leaving you to just not bother because you want to play not work. you often have to figure out what the last software update potentially is causing it to fight with the game making it frustrating to use. You need a good to excellent computer to invest in it + the cost of the VR itself. Even if you get a small % to play it in wurm- VR is about Physical ACTIONS you take not sitting there trying to read menu's and sit with something on your head waiting on timers and a text based menu that will constantly cause physically stress your eyes or makes you sick. You will have to switch between VR and Non-VR more than once in a play session in a game like wurm and that's a lot of busy work that in a 2d game pretending to be a 3d environment its honestly not going to work. Imagine having to change your keyboard every time you want to use a dif menu or ui or are just tired and want an easier way to play- thats VR headsets and handhelds and switching back and forth between them and a keyboard. Given anyone can play until 20 for free you will have people getting the look at the pretty deeds novelty out of their system before they sub. You have to set up this nonsense every day you play that is not going to net you more players. ^ we can deal with all that or just load the game in the launcher without VR and avoid all the potential issues completely. Which is the route I imagine most will take. I need proof they can bug fix normal patches timely and consistently before we get into VR's convoluted, common and often hilariously bugs and its nope Sir not Recognizing your computer/internet/headset today nonsense. Whichmay I add often is left to the player to figure out since usually its just a setting being wierd not an actual bug. I currently do not have faith that they will handle the bugs any more gracefully as they do in the rest of the games patch development since the steam launch which again will add to the negative spiral of a frustrated player base. I have VR games that I play but I also dont spend more then a couple hours in them because the eye fatigue is real and absolutely avoid menu heavy games. If I am using VR its for the interaction and environment not menu's that take up large portions of the screen and is arguably 90% of this games content. Also if that advertising and getting the name out there is a thing actual advertising would be a good. If they keep trying to push features but not fix them or long standing bugs they are aiming to get new players at the expense of the ones they have. there are many MANY ways to freely advertise this game and as far as I have been aware they have used exactly 0 of them. several social media that it can be brought up regularly if nothing else. but we cant get a post half the time here once a month that doesnt come across like a bot ( skins ) or just a generic Soon. Getting players to try once is easy keeping them is the hard part. but if a company is chasing instant gratification as developers you are going to fail. retention is the long haul goal. this is all moot if the potential new players come to the forums and see how angry frustrated the players currently playing are with the current situation. or go to the steam forum portion of the game where very little if anything is posted are talked about. The forums are often the first thing I look at for a potential game I want to play since there is so many vaperware or abandoned projects on steam that are just chilling without any real development while being listed as a completed game. I feel this is a uniquely steam problem but that could just be me. Man do I immediately log out and refund when I run into games that claim they are co-op and multiplayer but make it next to impossible to use properly or give no help or documentation on how to set it up. This happens often because generally when I try a new game its to play with my husband more then to play the game itself ><. I love wurm I truly do want to play it I want it to do well but it also needs a lot of love from the code side of things. I am frustrated by how its currently managed and they already wrecked the part I play the game for I am really really hoping the upcoming AH adjustment patch works out of the box and doesnt break a whole slew of other things which is honestly just a side effect of patching in any game. anyway have my two lead pennies. Edit: I would like to remind everyone that to my knowledge this has yet to be resolved while new features are being announced. I am not sure there is even a we'll get to it mention recently. But they want to bring new players in to participate in the game and contests. ( this is not a dig at Demona. but at the we will ignore it until people give up on it mindset.)
  13. Wurm VR?

    I own them. also the fps and client lag would make me sick in minutes in VR and the combat animation where it behaves like you got knocked back but you dont move messes with me outside VR xD not sure I want to know what that is like wearing the headset. variable fps is a really good car sickness mini game. Both the game and client (s?)would need a lot of optimization along side a lot of opt in, opt out settings ( doable and at this point needed even without vr) before I would even touch a VR headset with this game. edit: also even if all they did was change the mouse look to where you are looking that is really going to mess with trying to manage any of the menu's would at least need a virtual keyboard to manage chat if nothing else unless we are expected to go completely voice with this system.
  14. this was honestly my first thought reading it. xD
  15. this edit I have the vr hardware ( freaking expensive considering how little I use it now.I ended up using it to play beatsaber thats about it most games give me migranes in vr from framerate and lightshaft flickering) and wont do vr in wurm. VR is NOT set up for hours of grinding without doing real world harm to your eyes. we have ui lag intermittent fps issues, hitching ( temp game freezing for a second or two not animals) all of this makes people sick when playing vr, causes migraines and can cause seizers if poorly implemented. I would love to see the weather and day/night cycle in wurm. but I worry that you already dont have a dev time for current issues with our current systems to add an entirely new ui, interface and movement system. the fact that vr is expensive ( for good quality equipment, and potentially necessary computer hardware updates) on top of people trying to get ps5 or literally any other budget based thing this is imo not a good thing to put development hours torwards. and if the parent company is simply hiring it out you still are going to loose time to it because you need to explain the code system known issues and bug testing. which will slow things down for the main wurm team as well. Along with making sure the two systems play nice in general. thats assuming real life doesnt get in the way again. ( really I hope it doesnt no one deserves dealing with pain this last year is causing) if you do intend to go forward with VR regardless I have a couple questions. how do you intend to smooth out fps to avoid motion sickness and migraines? there is texture flickering caused by forges and other flame based light sources. there are solutions to avoid this basically by burying your camera completely zoomed into a convenient object for those working by forges and ovens. this kinda negates the point of vr. will this be addressed? how will chat be implemented? a lot of people will have issues blindly typing. ( eyes are covered remember) is the code base and ui completely separate from what we already have given? If not in how much of the current ui will be touched to compensate. the old ui is being retired since keeping up on it and dealing with its limitations was taking to much resources. how will that be different with VR concerning the current ui? also the current ui takes up a hilarious amount of screen realistate the moment you need more then 2 containers open at a time. Will we have significant time between the AH changes to find and address bugs?( using major change language means they are not simple tweaks) in what way is this avoiding interfering with the main game development. Will the VR update have an integrated non-VR ui. Or is this going to be the new "only one code base to make it easier" thing that gets updated at this point? Making it the new standard. will there be a separate log in system for both client types( doubling down on extra development and potential bugs that could be resolved long term by merging the two client systems and getting things more standardized) or are you migrating all accounts to steam for the already integrated VR settings and access system? at what point if the system is to unwieldy, to costly or not working properly would you stop development on it ( WU)and would we be given significant warning? in what way will this be different then WU concerning investment/return. please keep in mind you are essentially asking people that dont have VR to buy into VR for this game ( the money of which does not go to you). That will potentially see few patches or bugfix improvements. Since after several months of silence that are only now being addressed over bugs and qol issues with the last update. You are asking all of us to take it in good faith that this update will be handled more gracefully and professionally. will there be a fee to help support the VR additions as a way to compensate for the cost of development time? ( if the VR codebase develpment is out sourced) as for example: extra 1$ 1silver a month to the sub to help offset the cost of development? Fee's paywalls like this or even onetime "expansion" sales as paywalls to help pay for new features is common. I really hope not but I dont know enough about the parent company to be confident about potentially not having a paywall to this feature. ----- thank you for taking the time to update us on whats going on, addressing what will be touched in AH and telling us and the heads up about the upcoming vr system. I appreciate the communication.
  16. I played for the animals, breeding system and the complicated and rewarding skill based crafting. and the community up at all hours from multiple countries in my alliance. but thats generally one of my reasons for playing any mmo. so its not uniquely a reason I played wurm.
  17. I tried 3 breeding cycles the answer is no. you general get vibrant, picks stuff up, friendly and stationary. you loose dom category down to 1 trait if you are lucky. none if you are not. -- my experience may not be everyones experience and this is from before I logged out and refused to log back in. others might have better stats to offer you.
  18. Frankly, this is all sounding like "yes we were abusive, but that's cos YOU made us" is downright maddening. ^ that statement right there is how enki's post came across to me only directed at the player base. Nothing about that post felt specific aside from I was gone but now I am here and its to punish you ( some rightfully justified) otherwise its def open to a lot of interpretation. One of those being that the first real post we get in months on the game is him threatening the player base and telling them you'll get updates when you get updates. which you know isnt an update in itself. I personally don't agree with the tone of the post acting sounding like a parent being condescending to a toddler. For me this is not an update or even communication. It doesn't count as such. also that still did not address any concerns of the user base. aside from we will get to it when we get to it which again is not professional and is not acceptable for a subscription service after several official representatives gave specific time (days often) when an update on the situation would be given. Then it did not happen. otherwise everything that can be said about the communication from this company and the lack there of. the lack of professionalism from a business and the amount of victim blaming and threats over all of this whole situations has been said multiple times by multiple people. it started out polite. not sure why anyone was surprised when it escalated after months of neglect.
  19. we repeatedly asked polity for literal months. funny how well peaceful protests of a situation never actually work. -- edit: that said the people actively threatening and attacking demona along with other people absolutely needed banned.
  20. delete

    nope I know what I did. As in I already did those steps. thanks