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  1. They'll forget all about it the second they can actually play the game. They're only lashing out because they're passionate about getting to play the game.
  2. They gave you an extra two days of 30% extra skill gain. There's your reward, now stop whining.
  3. Meanwhile not a single deed has been founded on Defiance, lol.
  4. http://wurmonline.com/status/ All game servers are still down. The devs are currently testing the login servers, it seems.
  5. Epic Fail

    Agreed. Everyone writing angry reviews right now are just disappointed that they can't play a game they were excited for, and are now lashing out. Everything will be fine the second they get to play. Hopefully they'll remember to change those negative reviews to positive.
  6. The servers are down. They will be up soon. Look at this link: http://wurmonline.com/status/ When all of the servers say they are online, you'll be able to log in.
  7. Most of the servers are still down. It looks like the devs are currently testing Haven and Golden Valley to make sure they work.
  8. That's no reason for people in poor countries to not be able to play the game. I can get behind silver not being regionally priced, since that would wreck the economy, but so what if a few people abuse a VPN to get cheaper premium time? The vast majority of players are moral or stupid enough to do the right thing. Any income lost to people abusing the system would be made up for by the increased number of people who can now afford premium, and we'd all have a better experience with more players.
  9. Tbh, mycelium is kinda OP. I don't think it needs any more bonuses.
  10. Epic Fail

    Steam has systems against review-bombing. It won't really be an issue, assuming once the game actually works that people enjoy it.
  11. Maybe give them a few days. I think being met with a face full of "this is how you grind" is going to be more discouraging than encouraging to new players.
  12. @DarklordsSo I obviously have no idea how your map tools work, but is there any way you could literally just switch the places of the current HotS home island and the center middle island? Something like this:
  13. They have the entire weekend to make use of the xp bonus. There's really not a better time the devs could have made the event for working people.