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  1. I have a blue tome with 1 charge looking for around 28s Price is negotiable though Description The blue leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. Usage Spell granted: Wall of Stone (Click Tile Border to create a Wall of Stone, needs to be one tile to the right or left - 400 Karma to cast) Spell granted: Wall of Ice (Click Tile Border to create a Wall of Ice, needs to be one tile to the right or left - 400 Karma to cast) Resistance: Cold 15% (Decreases cold damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Acid 10% (Increases Acid damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, standing in shallow water.
  2. Im new to wurm and first met kain while i was looking to buy a triangular rig to make my first boat which he kindly offered to send me for free at his cost which we later found was not sendable for him and his team to then spend even more time to make me a new sail out of pure kindness which was also improved before it was sent we spoke for awhile and in that time he gave me many great tips that i did not know and turned out to be extremely good and important advice which i greatly appriciate and he had no obligation to give but it turned out i got verry lucky that he decided to pm me a member of the team also offered to improve my boat for me completely free of charge for no other reason than they wanted my boat to last longer which was absolutely amazing of them he then offered me a link to their store as a price check reference as i was completely oblivious and trusting whatever anyone told me in price check and he wanted to be sure i always got a fair price which was extremely good of him and again already more than i ever expected as i was originally only after a sail we spoke for awhile after that and i then decided to make a purchase from the store as id seen a few things on there that id been wanting but unable to create myself as my skill levels are mostly pathetic right now aswell as a few things i didnt even know exsisted in the game and because i made quite a big order he happily offered me a verry good discount due to the size of the order and possibly due to me being a new player though this was never confirmed and after i offered him a tip for his kindness swiftly turned it down as he didnt want me to spend all my money and have some left over incase i got stuck and needed to get anything else in the future but due to the kindness and generousity of the whole team i insisted he must have a tip these lot are a great buch of people with many decent skills and lots of ingame experience and i highly reccomend them for all of your needs if you want a fair no hassle trade that you can be happy with as for the items and enchants id ordered i recieved exactly what i asked for with amazing quality on the whole lot with some even being far better than what i had paid for at no extra cost and a couple freebies thrown in in the process a new compass that settles real quick a rune on my boat for speed and capacity ontop of the boat imp this has been one of the most pleaseant experiences ive had in Wurm so far and has made me eager for the next time i cross paths with kain and the gang not only have i found my forever trader with some of the best prices out there but i have also made a new friend so anyone reading this should really check these guys out who knows you might just get more than you bargained for and even make some new friends in the process verry friendly verry helpful and bend over backwards to keep the customers happy 5* service guaranteed
  3. Although in this case you could always come back to this post to remind yourself of what was changed and how to undo it
  4. SOLVED by Rollypolly C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (Win10) edit the host file at the bottom type If you are unable to save this file go to properties click the security tab scroll down to users and grant full access you should then be able to save the file
  5. Thanks mate, unfortunately this hasn't appeared to solve it for me Edit its working I typed it wrong lol thankyou so much! The ip and should be in the same line
  6. Did you just add a line of text to the hosts file? Where was it located I mean I could probably find it but it would help if you could give us a path. Thanks
  7. Me too! Relieved I'm not the only one i guess we just have to wait