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  1. Hello all, here are screenshots of my horses, hhs and a bull. On the horses i used the skins from Joneya and Fizziepop: Horses: My brown horse. I really saw such a yellow horse on google! I just put more dapple on the grey horse texture. ^-^ The normal black one with socks. HHs: An icy Hell Horse. A nice piebald one. The ash Hell Horse. A bloody Hell Horse. The brown Hell Horse. Bull: It gives the Milka-Lilac-Cow. Why not a Milka-Lilac-Bull too? ^.^ Other things are in work too. So, maybe i will post something later. So far: Have fun with these ones!
  2. hello fizziepop, here are the horses where i used your and joneyas (i think) horse textures. i also worked on hh textures too. i hope you can see them: ps: i know the thread is one year old. but still i wanted to tell you my results! ^^-^^
  3. Hello all, i like the feeding trough thing in wurm online and so i would like to see a mod for it in wurm unlimited! should it be there already please tell me which mod it is!
  4. +1 to your comment, Brash! And about breaking the wu-servers with a new update...ugh.... that will definitely happen because of the mods the server-owner have on their servers! and to put all the mods back is a horrible work... especially for the servers which are heavily modded! (thanksfully my one hasnt much of them yet....)
  5. i know these thread is some months old already but i dont want to open another one..... i am happy that we dont get any updates anymore because i dont want that new animal husbandry on my server! that one really needs alot of overwork to work better! the new ship-sailing-thingy.... hmmmm..... i am not so fond of it.... it has its pro and contras.... but alas... there are some nice things where i hope someone will make a mod for it. as an example: donkeys and feeding trough. last one is there maybe???
  6. Hello Brian, i encountered a problem with the 1024 map. as you can see on the picture it doesnt fill the map-view-display. i dont know why that is!
  7. be honest.... that idea is much more great then implementing new servers! there could be rising volcanos who spit lava and create new islands through that. i dunno if that is programmable but i find that it would work well.
  8. sometimes the owner kicks named horses out because of bad traits. so, if it has no brand and you found it running around freely then you can keep it for yourself. or i often found such horses, if somewhere disbanded a deed some time ago. another thing could be that it had a glitch and ran far far away! i had that two or three times.... and to find such a glitched horse.... cough cough.... a third thing could be that someone died and had it on a rope. if that is the thing then the one who lost it should take a look into these forum here.
  9. it seems that one has no name? then it is a wild one and you can keep it for yourself!
  10. ack.... that horrible thing about perimeters.... really... if you want to do a good thing, dev-team, then put a restriction onto the perimeters! as an example: only foraging and botanizing are allowed. nothing more! and only if you really want to expand your deed then you have the permission. okay... roadbuilding should be doable. but only the deed-owner should have the permission.
  11. hello fizziepop, i like the horse on these photo. can you explain to me which steps you use for making a texture out of it, please?
  12. Desert Map

    i tried it too with 300 sand but it really needs to long to load! so its better to only have 40 sand on one tile, aaddil! but if you really want more on one tile then you should use the wand and spawn it! the command for that is in the wurm wiki i think. or maybe there is a mod for dropping more sand? i dont know! update: the zip-file: Desert.7z
  13. @Wurm-Dev-Team why dont you make a paid update for WU? maybe 15 euro each update? and if you do that each time WO get updated then you dont need to think that wu is money-less..... like lord of the rings online and world of warcraft! there is none who doesnt pay the updates there! so, why shouldnt you do that too? and yet all of you can hit me because of my comment!
  14. are you kidding me? four sites of "mememe"? thats crazy! and hillarious and whatever! i only say: "lets get ready to ruuuummmbbllllee!" (yes yes.... world wrestling federation is greeting... lol) my names were: pve= isis ; pvp= xerxes sadly they werent liked. ^-^ so, congratz to the two winner! ps: malenas nice screen went down under these lots of mememes....
  15. hello devs, who is the winner for the steam server name competition? you said you would post the result on 10th.....