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  1. From what I understand, altar ql, faith bonus, and alignment lower the skill difficulty making it more difficult to get skill ticks. So someone that isnt priest or actively trying not to level their alignment has the advantage, I think this is wrong to punish people that try to better their priests.
  2. Extending the timer by 3hr so I can be around for when the auction ends. Can close reserve not met.
  3. Hi, I put in a large order for my self and my priests (channeling/prayer) you can CoD all to Smidgen. Thank you! Great and fast service! Highly recommend!
  4. Starting bid: 20s Min Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 2 hours Hidden Reserve Buyout: 80s
  5. 60LT 50ql still for sale sent different hugeaxe, ty!