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  1. The reason to expect it is the same reason it happen in the first place, coastline deeding is easier and people want good looking places, and compete with eachother that way, and since the frenzy for those places is quelling for both other PvE server, they simply open a new one to keep the rush and new players flow going as much as they can. Why would the old server depopulate? Why would the new server depopulate? Seems quite obvious when you throw a steak to a dog if he's gonna run get it.
  2. People don't need coastline to deed anywhere, finding the ressources they wanna work on is enough, since villages are everywhere, trading ressources is easy, forming alliances even more. What impede people from asking for pendulums and building wells, or even simpler, tunnel to water level and have infinite water supplies. Knowledge and sharing it, with a little cooperation is all it need to settle the problem and see deed pop everywhere, not just on coastline. Releasing a new map made of 80% coastline outline the problem and aggravate it by macking it the "meta" and depopulating the two other servers just to avoid adressing it. And indeed, why work onto lag problems and tune their code accordingly, when they simply choose to depopulate to avoid a second problem, two avoidance in a single shot, what a pitiful move from my perspective.
  3. There is no reason for that new server to come out, the lag is almost completely gone, and the server aren't full even on weekends, this is ridiculous. More changes to the priest channel and link? What is wrong with you? As long as someone complain you'll change things around? Where is your standart and what is it for? No merge for the priest, so you'll think of something else? Cmon, grow some decision and maintain it, never seen such mind-change over a single month not accomodating anyone running like headless chickens. This patch isn't even necessary at all, what is going on here?
  4. I feel like so far only the ones that wanted to benefit the most from the exploit or were benefitting from it are the ones complaining about this patch, while everybody else rejoyce, but with a deep thought about those that used the exploit to their advantage. The feeling that it come way late into the release is making everyone loud about it too, but the changes are starting to separate those that intended to exploit from those that didn't want those exploit to happen, and it was the purpose of the last patch, wich say to me they listened and monitored the changes and are really working on this matter, even if it's a little late. For now, the fairest point that remain to point out is : Will anything be done toward those who intentionnaly grieffed and are currently benefiting from it, and in wich way this should be dealt with to prevent side-effect such has economic impact by locking away silver they gathered for exemple in case of a ban.
  5. Having more than three accounts is maybe your problem from the start, you talk about balance but you're considering it for four account and over, isn't it a bit ridiculous to pay for all those characters in the first place? Nobody forced you to massive grind, and those skills aren't supposed to be as fast as other ones, it is supposed to go as fast as meditation, wich was clearly not the case especially when hearing you out
  6. That is the fairest point in the topic so far, indeed, making it detrimental is what causes lashback, punishing players for your own misjudgement of how they'd use what you give them can only be badly perceived as an unjustifiable punishment. Especially when you double down by not communicating it to them before taking actions against it.
  7. It is not because I didn't brought it up here that I don't acknowledge it, I raised that point when in PM with Nelsy You're completely right, also, because they didn't do it at launch, the standart was to have this bonus gain tactic, and the felt was it was acknowledged so far. Then, BOOM, out of nowhere it happen. Quote from myself : The feeling of loss is twice as strong as a feeling of gain, so removing a bonus does far more psychical damage, and it occur once the standart is the gain, wich explain the overall feeling of loss and frustration from players, simple psychology. Trying to reason them and explain them why it isn't is a fierce battle that the devss weren't even prepared to fight, and worse, they didn't prepare us.
  8. Thanks for enlisting all the accurate points that have to be made to be able to benefit from my said point, I don't use link, and found it was shaddy when offered to me and didn't want to inform myself on the matter until this recent matter, you can point it out without being complacent about it. Also, where did you see "all those changes are good" in this topic? I've seen it nowhere so far, explaining things is what I do, if you don't like them, you can and feel free to dislike my comments, but trying to blame the messenger for the message does show your hate more than anything else, that you're right. Phantasy this, phantasy that, you're trying to label people as delusionnal to evade the statements and respond directly to the person instead, it is shaddy and it start to be a little out of place and agressive so I,d ask you to stop such behaviors. I told you I didn't want to have to deal with more of this and already explained you how incunstructive and out of topic it get. I'm not saying it is because, I'm saying it will probably be less catastrophic than people think and try to rationalize it, nothing prevent every other people here to correct me and bring more accurate statements, or even couter-argue with other statements, there are so much going on upon that specific matter, it is no wonder why they have a full team to work on it, while we struggle to find a middleground together here. I'm trying to bring the middleground to light so we can start working on that rather than keep working on communicating our feeling of frustration over and over again.
  9. You're right, it affect the current skillgain tactics that players were using, wich is why lots of players outright say this change should have been made on launch. Having other tactics more relevant doesn't mean anything more than meta change, not a mechanic dying completely. Not all linking tactics are over, they are tuned down, that is right, but they're not utterly irrelevant, it will take time and efforts for people to test out tactics to work it efficiently, wich are not available atm, wich lead to your statement, on an overall immediate perspective, you're totally right, but I'm not quite as affirmative once people tune themselves and feedback the devs so they can do the changes they need to enable the valid losses. But for that to happen, they need to know what is lost that was valid grinding, from abusive grinding, and there's no magic way to find it out rather than implementing it as researching it, wich is the current stage we're in. From the spell perspective, having all level 10 characters able to be relevant for link casting is a bit too easy to grief with multiple battery accounts, raising it to 20 still allow non-premium players to attend that matter, and followers too, but greatly reduce the gain from such tactic from alternative accounts. The higher the participant skill level, the more effective they are at boosting the spell, and the less they feel the difference, wich make sense to me. But you're right, it is a tune down. But a tune down for how long, and what will we get instead at the end? That nobody can pretend to know before it happen. Also, lots of people tend to forget a boost or gain, is in addition of what already exist and is intended, wich was the case for Batteries accounts, losing it isn't really an impediment, as it doesn't affect poeple not benefitting from such groups as much. Now having a few dedicated accounts, with possible alts, and making them premium and working them past 30 is the way to go, instead of bulking low level non-premium Batteries account taking up precious server space and hightening the lag being idle. Edit : How to carry an altar with you? Are you kidding? Get into your large cart, get near your "personnal altar" and load it.
  10. That topic hasn't been answered by any devs so far, nobody else acknowledged that bug/change, I'd not be so quick on the matter, this is obviously only contributing to increase the drama until answered so why'd even link it here? It has it's own topic, for obvious reasons
  11. It's maybe lag, maybe bug, maybe mix of those, well, until the devs can verify if they can reproduce it and fix it, you'll need to tune your time lapse between grinds unfortunately
  12. I hope your 159 coments aren't just one line sentences talking about other people rather than the game, else I don't get you on any level, this shouldn't be a place to bash eachother and point out fingers at, if you have matter to discuss, talk about them, not me. This is the last time I answer to you, simply to try staying polite and communicative, but I don't think any more comment answering you would be constructive on the topic, thanks to acknowledge that in your future comments, thank you.
  13. Interesting points, but without testing those changes you assume some things that aren't quite right Channeling passive grinding - Nope, it stays the exact same, the number of casts and XP gain is still the very same, only your personnal rythm change Casting LT - I don't see what it changes upon that matter, priests can still link and do it like before, they only neecd to acknowledge the regen malus when attending to this specific matter with no "illimited ressources" PVP favor regain - Well, linking should and will be a metter of opportunity, using it will make you vulnerable and open winodws for combat oppotunities, wich is nice by me. If you want to regain, don't link, that is the new meta, you can also use gemstones to store favor beforehand Passive regen mass enchanting - That is the abuse I think, mass producing shouldn't be done and be gained the benefit of by only one person using illimited ressources. This is what the devs are dealing with in part. Multibox saccing while channel grinding - Why should it allow you to get infinite benefit while attending other matters? Plan your saccing normally and all is fine.. Increased difficulty while channel grinding - You misconcept here, it shouldn't be easy in the first place. Rite spell casting - You're saying non-sense here, priest have normal regain as long as they don't link, when attending such ritual, everyone should be full before starting and have gemstones filled with favor if needed, wich is the way it always was intended and worked. Also, those changes allow for gemstones to become relevant again, don't you see? It not only prevent griefers from abusing the market, but also fix the value of the gemstones, wich people was complaning about, wich is dealt with now, so what is so wrong?
  14. We call what you just did evading the question, providing you already know favor is perfectly equal to faith, and discrediting me doesn't change much to the points I raised. Also I recommend you to copy your message, then refresh before quoting me as I edit usefull informations a minute or two after post if I feel the need
  15. Linking is still legit, what are you talking about lol, it is legit and remain legit, it is just not abusable You don't get more faith OVERALL using it, but it still works. For it to be effective for faith gain, you need to switch between alot more characters and time the links to get maximum faith regain for the alts accounts, but it still works, it is only wayyyyy less effective and constrictive for all the other characters participating in it while it last, inform yourselves before trying to invalidate my points. Or else, point me out ANY other skill you can get boost from other characters, because for your argument to be valid, it need to affect more than faith only. Faith gain abuse isn't legit, and seeing the devs saying STOP, you should open your eyes a little. Or please, define me your version of griefing, I'm particularly intrigued of the trigger for you to consider something abusive lol, because banking on alternative account for illimited ressourcecs is pretty illigitimate everywhere else. Especially when it affect DIRECTLY the economy within the game itself by allowing griefer to get advantage worth alot of the early Silver, wich you're fine with?