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  1. Hello Arno, I would like to buy 10 kg of white dye, please CoD to BarnabyJones
  2. Would like to buy a full set of 81ql steel plate. CoD to BarnabyJones please.
  3. CoD the below to Mons please: QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c49 (1.85s) QL 4 Grooming Brush, Oak c39 (95c)
  4. So the spawn rate changes have resulted in entire deserts and steppes devoid of mobs in southern BL lands and there are dozens of mobs within a stones throw in the northern WL lands. Are we really supposed to wait a few weeks to get balance for fight skill grinding? This is really gimping BL FS for new players. Is anyone laying eyes on this right now? It is pretty immediately apparent to the players.
  5. Agree completely that the poll results are likely heavily skewed... NO way in hell at least 30 real people liked that name.
  6. Screw it... let's double down then. Ditch the tabards and let everyone run around in unitards to increase the intended immersion.
  7. Nice intro to anyone in the Steam Community that hasn't played Wurm. Seeing the name Rumble definitely is a great first impression. Gives it that WWE vibe everyone has been clamoring for. Pretty much encapsulates a lot of the decision making we've come to expect.
  8. Would like to buy 10 barrels of each (cow, sheep, and bison) delivered to R14 Xan
  9. WTB 300 marble bricks 50+ql. Located on coastal Xan. Looking for wagoner or ship delivery. Respond or PM in game.