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  1. Wanted to sell gems, have no idea how to upload a picture to here, but average rounded down from each lot adds up to 1422, looking for 1 c per ql. you can pm me ingame or on fourms here for more precise details.
  2. I agree, the CA's from what i see from Melody, Deserve a huge round of applause. The amount of questions they are answering is unlike anything iv seen in wurm before. Well done!
  3. just landed not far to the north, making my way there now
  4. by time newbie buffs run out might be able to play hehe
  5. be sure to try reseting your comp, fixes all kinds of issues lol
  6. im in! but very laggy haha, 270 odd players online!
  7. tried to vaildate steam files for wurm now its updating 800 mb update.. hopefully this works! wont let me remove the quote thingy -.-
  8. Thanks Retro for taking the time to come here and clear that up, im sure you are super busy atm, lol. Good luck sir!
  9. so do we regester on the site as normal then go in though steam to use that account?
  10. This is how i feel, was totally going to make a new character and even had 2 of my buddies excited to join wurm with the new steam launch, now im wondering if that was a good move. lol. still gonna go for it but kinda gonna be embarrassed about the server name. im not upset my names were not chosen, but like many said, there was alot of good names suggested, and probably twice as many submitted.
  11. for my first ever wurm post, i just want to say, these names are the worst server names to date