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  1. hahah thank you for all the replies! i ended up buying 2 bison, so when i can command a wagon, i will only need to buy a couple more =] would love to have llamas or alpaca's as farm animals, btw
  2. What do you all use/prefer for pulling a large cart/wagon? It would be a resource gathering large cart, i cannot use a wagon just yet. I currently have two bulls, but would like to upgrade for some speed. Thanks! Joel
  3. Hello! I have created my first deed, Jackdaw Junction. It is below the equator at 34y, and on the border of 57x and 58x. There is a little rectangle at that spot, where the road T's east and west. I am in that little rectange, between equator and the road just south. Thanks, Joel.
  4. New player here! i am wondering any tips y’all may pass along for a brand new wurmian. i am currently in a communal deed to learn the ropes. what should i primarily be doing, so that i can get enough skill to start my own deed? i am quiet overwhelmed with all the skills and things to be done/what to do. 

    1. Gawain


      Focusing on carp, cooking, farming, and masonry is a good start :)

  5. unknown.png


    My first shed; thanks to Emoo for talking me into finally giving Wurm a go. I like it quiet a bit so far!