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  1. After a lot of going in and out of many servers, even Stormy Isles in the past, even without the mods I would like, even having restriction for priests, even with an bad relief especially close to the starting city. I ended up going back to Stormy Isles and giving it another chance, putting in more effort and really enjoying the server. Currently I only see myself leaving the server if it has serious server problems or is be discontinued, because overall it is a great server. It is worth checking.
  2. The quality of rock irons matches your level of forage skill. moreover it is possible to get almost all types of ore through archeology and the quality that comes is usually much higher than forage, mining or archeology skills. I created an "abandoned" mine in a place of difficult access, with almost all types of veins... And I am planning to create an ore seller, the price that will be charged for each ore is still open and the location will also be difficult to access.
  3. tell me what your project is, we'll show up to check it = P
  4. I disabled Survival Mod's temperature damage on the server, was using an updated version made by Coldie (if I'm not mistaken). As I understand it from the new settings, -5.0f would be snow storm, so the higher the value, the hotter. I used one of the values mentioned that was above 0, but still too low. "#float value 0.1f 0.9f 1.9f and so on, negative for serious snow storms, -5.0f difficultySetting=0.1f" Even without armor, away from fire and without walking on anything hot and without having fed on hot food, close to sea level (100 slopes), the character was "boiling". I don't know if it's a bug or a misunderstanding of the configuration. And it bothered me a lot that the temperature didn't show up on the screen.
  5. It is possible to fire campfires with woodscrap + kindlings as you can see in the wurmpedia documentation. "If you don't have a steel and flint, you can use a kindling on a wood scrap to create a crude campfire, with lower quality." https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Campfire It is possible to light an oven, forge, charcoal pile, with a piece of hot kindling active in your inventory. Chacoal piles are very easy to make and on the second day of the game we already had 1 community steel and flint at camp. We keep an eye on the animals around us and run to the water in case of attack.... And that avoids the need for guard towers and templars. We avoid going into the forest too much. We planed and fenced an area and now we are 100% safe. We kill small animals like cats together with easily made wooden spears. And 1 single player could do this without help. The kingdom's coffers have money. Only there is no trader instantiated, and I hope that's not a problem. I understand that hardcore servers are not for everyone, and this server is not that hardcore, I've seen worse =P. I don't make it more difficult because there isn't much public, if everyone is dying all the time, people give up, so the map is small, not so mountainous, the terrain is easy to walk and there are many lakes to take refuge from the most animals and the amount of aggressive animals is only 50%. If you have more questions on how to manage to do something that seems impossible, please contact us on our discord and we will clear your doubts.
  6. As for the quality of rock iron, it seems to follow the foraging skill, but I don't know if there's an upper limit. If sandstone walls spawn easily in caves even though they haven't been spawned initially, I believe slate walls and marble walls (non veins), limited to 50 hits, can also spawn.... To get marble for small things like kitchen items, archeology is quite effective. But if doesn't show up slate and marble in the mines in next weeks, we can think about generating it in some hard to reach place. I sincerely hope that currencies start to appear, that it doesn't depend on anything like the existence of a trader for example. I wouldn't want to add mods that generate money that could become excess money.
  7. with difficultySetting = 0.1f very hot... I'm 100 slopes above sea level, probably in spring or summer and the only thing I can do is stay in the lake... as soon as I finished the newbie buff and went through this, I was forced to turn off the temperature damage. ... very sad
  8. yes... rings become decorations, without magic... the gold will be used practically only for large brazier bowls for example
  9. Rock iron in foraging is hard to find... But using Rummage in rock wall is very common and thinking about it the map has many mountains with exposed rock walls.
  10. Sandstone with only 50 hits (which was defined on the server) won't be a problem. If it won't generate metal veins, then that's ok.... I really like archeology and iron is easy to find with rummage =P But thanks for the clarifications.
  11. the ores... they weren't generated initially, but the server creates the veins randomly over time and if you make a cave a little wider than 1 tile, you can cause some collapses that can generate veins. the server has been working for about 2 days and my companions have already found sandstone for example.
  12. Mods List fixed... thanks =D
  13. has Better Dig... bounty mod will probably be added because for some reason we can't find foraging coins even after a lot of insistence, but the bounty gain will be very little... just enough to keep the settlement if the person be very dedicated or playing in Group.
  14. Name: Survival Lands - Hardcore IP: Port: 15010 https://discord.gg/K48DQwfpbQ https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/10843/ 1k Map http://map.survivallands.fastdevelopment.com.br 0.5 Skillgain 1.0 Action Timers Characteristics start at 15 Skills start at 1 Farm ticks every 24 hours No traders No starter items No veins No Priests, No Spells No Alts No Initial City constructed by GM. Survival Mod (require boiled water and cotton clothes in winter). 10.000 creatures (50% aggressive creatures) No Deeding costs Settlement upkeep --- Mods --- Better Dig (get only 2 kg of clay, tar, peat moss per excavation action) BountyOnBurn (get 5 iron coins and 10 karma per corpse burned) Bulk Separated Craftable Pauldrons Crop mod Empty Thrash Bin Fire Burn Time Harvesthelper Hitchingpost HTTP Server Inbreed warnings Kingdom Items LeaderboardAndTitles More Potables Move To Center One Tile Mining Quality Level Limit Scriptrunner Serverpacks Servermap Starter Gear Tabards VoteMod (30 iron coins per dailly vote) WyvernAntiCheat
  15. best server for those looking for something faster than 1x, but not very fast ... And for those looking for a map that is still being unveiled and has a lot to be built.