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  1. Thank you for the responses everyone. We re thinking a spot in xanadu. Can you teleport to any deed?
  2. I just joined this game with my wife about two weeks ago. My previous experience with the game was eight or so years ago, playing for a few days on a pvp server then quitting when my first house was destroyed. It’s going much better this time around, and we have built up a quaint little couple of shacks and a farm with some animals just outside of Haven’s Landing, since my previous experience made me want to make things simple and easy to let my wife get hooked on the game. Well now she is hooked. We have been talking about deeding by the coast and then sailing to a new island eventually, but now she wants to skip all that, leave what we have behind, and go off to settle in our permanent home using our one free teleport. So my main question is, where should we go? We’d like a place far less populated and with less history, because we had a bad experience with our mine digging breaking into a public mine, but I also enjoy stumbling across the occasional rotting house and searching it for its history. Besides that, we are perfectly fine being far away from everybody, because we have friends that may join and between the two of us only we have tons of fun just working together on basic things, like digging a useless ditch for four days. Besides my main question, I am also wondering what we should bring and how we should prepare, what precautions to take and all that, to make sure we dont go all the way out to some place and then one of us dies and we cant get back, or something unforeseen. We really don’t know much about the game and enjoy discovering, so keep that in mind with your answers. I’m not trying to master something just to remove all the risk before I go, just the real importabt stuff. Im also guessing that what we can bring is limitted to our inventory, not a cart or an animal or anything? Thank you, Vibius