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  1. Every mmo game has old and new players playing together. Silver is silver, especially when all one cluster. Any initial disruption via joining the clusters would bounce back to natural equilibrium quickly. We need to let the clusters unite and let nature take its course. More room can then be introduced if absolutely still needed and people would naturally migrate via boat.
  2. Welcome Cadence, but I really think connecting all the servers now by a boat ride might be better in order to spread people out. When I log into Release, there are between 9 and 20 players typically, and it's similar on many of the old servers. 9 of 1900 is a very out of balance number. Let the economies and players now merge instead of making more servers. A natural balance and equilibrium will then come about. Extra servers, if then deemed necessary, could be reached by any server by boat and the natural equilibrium continues uninterrupted.
  3. @Katrat what is that chest behind you and under the tapestry in your recent pic? (looks really nice)
  4. Congratulations! LOL I also did something similar, when entirely new, for a mailbox. Pushed it across Newspring Island on Xan for a week by myself, hiding it inside trees along the way jealously for logouts, etc. Then I got home and saw someone making them and enchanting for like 1s on-site in trade chat after the grueling week thinking I'd scored so big. Grats again, and there should definitely be an annual Push-Off 5000 event of some sort I want in as a champ pusher! Edit: omg the more i recall, the more funny it is i remember now people passing on occasion and stopping to gawk and ask what i was doing and me trying to stop and act like im doing nothing or some such.. and me wondering why the hell everyone is so curious at what im doing pushing a mailbox down the road so to take this to the next level, can you manage to push and not be seen? pushing should be a skill and have titles! again, grats, I was more than eager to welcome you to Club Push and share my own self-imposed hazing experience to club entry upon reading this post hahaa @MootRedgreat one! Is it 2020 already?
  5. Kochinac, if the current perms system allowed for transfer to offline players, would that satisfy what you are looking for? It seems if this were possible, the issues you point out would be alleviated. Why is it that you actually can't transfer to players who aren't currently online but that are players nonetheless?
  6. +1 to the ponies, a very under-represented and under-appreciated staple creature. every time one dies. 3 should be born
  7. I've used you guys for some time now and appreciate the service. I've been sending to Davih though. Is it now Davihh with the double H at the end?
  8. Your exorcism skill is half of mine. No excuses!
  9. If Runescape lives on, so will wurm in even its worst of shape imaginable!
  10. Horse vs Croc

    Ostentatio, that's a really interesting point. Britannica is also a tertiary of some sort, but has always been accepted across the scholarly world, unlike Wikipedia. Some of my clients cite political leanings of the Wikipedia, while others cite its sourcing methods, and some just don't give a reason why it's not accepted. I have to admit, it would be funny if some really scholarly dissertation or other paper jumped out there and used Wikipedia as a reference. I do know that I've never seen any such respectable work or even journalism that uses Wikipedia as a cited source. Unless it's some sort of analysis into the Wikipedia itself, how it works, etc. Can you imagine a heart surgeon writing a groundbreaking paper on a new procedure and citing Wikipedia of all places? I have two friends in college who also say Wikipedia is not a reputable source they can use when doing their work. It wasn't accepted by my professors either in my six years of college at two, separate schools. However, most .edu sites, Britannica, some really respected .org sites, and journalism sources like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, for example, all are universally accepted. Took me a few re-reads, Beanbag, to catch your meaning. No, I wasn't addressing Wurmpedia. I was only giving a quick tip on citation in reference to the citing of Wikipedia on crocs, albeit this is just Wurm forums and no tip really was needed per se.
  11. Horse vs Croc

    Ekcin, no ideological fighting here lol. There was a reasonable argument made about crocs and horses in which the awesome effort was made to even give citations. Good stuff! - and I chimed in with a tip from a professional view that may help some in the future to strengthen their points via citation use. 95% of forums is opinion-based material. Don't be bruised about me disagreeing with you elsewhere and bring it here, then tell me to stay on point . I agree with you most of the time, chill homey. This post about crocs and horses is definitely an interesting one to ponder