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  1. 74,70ql rare needle, iron - 92botd // 3,50s Please CoD to Neophx
  2. QL92 Rare Shovel - Steel c95 w101 (5.2s) Please CoD to Neophx
  3. Ordered custom imp service and custom enchant on my rare small anvil, plus a ql90+ pickaxe with custom 90+ enchants, Got a QL 91 Pickaxe with 103 WoA and 93 CoC! Very happy with my order! Fast delivery and good communication! Will def buy again
  4. Bronze edition - jacket and pants ql93, other parts ql90: 4s20c Tims Tannery colored Please CoD to Neophx
  5. 98,24ql carving knife, iron - 95woa 84coc // 1,35s 94,12ql file, iron - 91woa 87coc // 1s Please CoD to Neophx
  6. 78,22ql pickaxe, iron - 80botd // 60c 71,81ql shovel, iron - 95botd // 1,70s 96,93ql carving knife, iron - 87woa 81coc // 1,50s Please CoD to Neophx