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  1. Rite of Death

    i've got 93faith lib
  2. Awesome trader, got 3 skiller tools for 99c. Highly reccomend
  3. 50c for 90ql 10c for 80-89 5c for 70-79 PM Yagdrasil on Harmony
  4. Yeah it just looks like an in game map atm
  5. hey guys, i made a video! check it out!
  6. I prefer either a serryl Huge Axe with LT - Serryl gives weapons good bonuses and looks awesome Silver longsword with all the fixings - probably my favorite 1h weapon simply for RP purposes. Silver gives nice bonuses against 'hunter' mobs (scared, starving, angry etc) To arms brethren!!!
  7. praise Libila, come visit my church!!
  8. hehe, floating corpses make me giggle
  9. Can be closed!

    Don't you live on Cadence?
  10. Yesterday we had 0.3000 gains at Sklo
  11. Highly recommend this village to any player looking for a strong home. -Yag