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  1. praise Libila, come visit my church!!
  2. hehe, floating corpses make me giggle
  3. Can be closed!

    Don't you live on Cadence?
  4. Yesterday we had 0.3000 gains at Sklo
  5. Highly recommend this village to any player looking for a strong home. -Yag
  6. [16:56:24] <Zarwaddim> I'm gonna need graph paper sketches, a venn diagram, and a power point for you to explain
  7. Oblivion Warcraft III: Frozen Throne the new call of duty sometimes
  8. The forest giant event went pretty well on northern isles... More things like that would be appreciated
  9. Ecrir, I tried to bash it but don’t have perms, tried pushing it off then lost abilities to move it so I had to plan a house on top to move it again, I’m thinking will take more damage off deed tho
  10. Retro is right, it was absolutely nuts at launch and the amount of deeds that were zerged into the map was nuts. I’m thinking the decay system might need a revamp or something, like I have this one bsb that this newbie made on my deed with a lock that will probably last years. Things like that. Hopefully these inactive deeds blocking the way will just decay at some point.
  11. There is just so many deeds now that people aren’t playing anymore, my place is one of those places that is literally surrounded by deeds, and they are all dead, nobody plays there, but they appear to have put a lot of effort into it already so you know they put money into the upkeep, they’re just straight up in the way. I am in the local for Harmony Bay and I see nobody not even 6 months after release. I’ve had more action in my local on Indy over the course of 1 day then I have in 2 weeks on Harmony.
  12. “Numbers” are alts and don’t mean anything. What really matters is, it’s impossible to build highway through deeds that haven’t allowed the option, plus have dumped 100$ worth of silver into upkeep.
  13. Hello fellow wurmians! I am making this post in regards to what has happened here, and would like to know what everyone’s thoughts are on the topic. I will start with my story; I joined wurm about 6 months ago back on Independence, there was no talk of steam that I was aware of just yet, and I had invested a bit of time and money into the game already, maybe 40$ on premium and some silver for fast tools. I had heard they were releasing a new server on steam and my first thoughts were, “No, i’ve already settled here.” On the day it was released, I had happened to login seconds from the server being down, and saw how crazy it was in discord, so I decided, why not I will give it a try. I finished tutorial and landed this nice 96 x 36 stretch right outside Harmony Bay on harmony, the first server released. It was laggy. I got excited and decided to throw down quite a bit of money (250$ to be exact) on premium and loaded up on moon metals thinking it would be a good investment. There were 2000 players logged into Harmony at the time. Then they released Melody and I saw the population dramatically decrease. A bit off putting, but I will continue building here. THEN Cadence is surprised released for some reason leaving almost everybody who is left to flock to Cadence. Now it’s become almost sad and lonely on the original server that was released? I have already invested so I’m not moving, but now I have to deal with a dead server. I am starting to wonder if it was all just a big money sink¿ There were players who had 5 alts all with premium, linking and abusing sleep bonus. Now we have players with 99 channeling already and 90+ woodcutting, where the players who did it fairly / were not paying attention to these bugs are getting left behind.