To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. could you please cod the 80ql witches hat or next best ql if gone to Allysia
  2. File, 72QL, 86WoA 68CoC - 39C could you cod at you earliest convience to Allysia on XAN
  3. Rift - 30 June 2020

    Thank you for posting. Always appreciated
  4. This sounds exactly what my hubby and I are looking for. My hubby has played since 2007 on and off. I have not played that long, started when Pristine Opened. We are currently on Xanadu. We have time to play as we are retired and I am high risk for the Covid-19 . This plan sounds really exciting. My hubbys main character currently is NecroFizzle and mine is Allysia. Necro would love it if he could be the Blacksmith/Miner. He loves to do this. I like to cook and farm, do Alchemy and would like to be the Fo Priest. Since the Priest will be my main focus I am willing to help with any other task I am capable of doing as a Priest. We are willing to help with what needs done, but these are our first choices.Please Contact me(Allysia) in game for any question or info. We are really excited.
  5. Thanks Everyone who came and helped Clear and also just take the on the mobs. Great Fun. Hope to see ya soon at another Rift! Allysia
  6. Thanks, didn't make it to last weeks, but looked so close
  7. This looks like same spot as last rift?