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  1. Where are you from CountZero? I'm in the Netherlands and I have a little dedicated server PC. Its got an 8th generation i5, 16gb of ram and lots of bandwith. I want to start a server for a small group of players. You'd be welcome to join and bring some people. I know I'd love to have someone experienced join us. I and one friend am the only one with a little bit of experience in this game! Also, your map seems like one of the best ones I've seen so far and if it has no issues I'd love to use it. Did you end up finishing what you planned on this map?
  2. Hi! Has this map been updated since it was posted? Is clay in there now? Me and some friends are going to make our own server for the first time and this seems like an awesome map! I don't know how to add clay to this map or if its hard to do.