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  1. i breed 4 mules and 4 horses and i already lost track of what came from what and why hehe on hold here as well for now.
  2. last thing we need is another server, player base is tiny enough already, no reason so scatter us even more. If anything then made it possible to travel between North and South
  3. Buyout accepted.
  4. Auctioning off this little Adolescent Ebony Black Male called "Tails" Speed 5 with "Certain spark in its eyes" for longer life. (It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has a certain spark in its eyes. ) can be picked up at Green Bay Castle J12 - Exodus Starting bid: 2s Minimum increments: 50c Snipe protection: 1h Private buyout accepted.
  5. Shadow's Blessing in i13 has decayed and no longer deeded. -,753 New Deed: M10 ( Name: Exolong Mayor: (denully / Stinboi)
  6. gotta love that "spring" cleaning I could do with a: Scissor Steel (high coc) File Steel (high coc) Carving knife Steel (high coc) if no steel is available iron will do to ingame: denully
  7. may as well start it off with 50s
  8. would imagine it was during the "rare" Oakshell cast :D *prepares to spam Oakshell* i want to be shiny to hehe
  9. I know, i know mass production of things is not a thing of wurm But hammering a iron lump to make 1 nail does not seem logic, considering what fancy stuff i can make. Why not have Clay forms, something like at Pottery 60-70 you can make forms for Small Nails and Large nails and with Black smith 70-80 you can use them with a Iron lump to make nails, making like 10 at the time. At that level you would have made a fair share of nails the "newbe" way and it gives a little bonus having higher skill, to full those nails storages up a bit faster.
  10. what is the success rate for the item turning rare/supreme/fantastic with such an item ?
  11. of course not there is a big different on discussing a change and just complaining about it
  12. i love how people always have to complain that changes happen to an online game i have yet to see an only game that haven't changed something along the way made either made it easier or harder to achieve something, someone else had. So if you used hours getting to 70 prayer, you still had the glory of being a bene priest before many others Welcome to the world of evolving online games, nothing ever remains the same. Can't wait for the combat update thanks to Dev team for making 2020 isolation much more relaxing (with Wurm)