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  1. I know, i know mass production of things is not a thing of wurm But hammering a iron lump to make 1 nail does not seem logic, considering what fancy stuff i can make. Why not have Clay forms, something like at Pottery 60-70 you can make forms for Small Nails and Large nails and with Black smith 70-80 you can use them with a Iron lump to make nails, making like 10 at the time. At that level you would have made a fair share of nails the "newbe" way and it gives a little bonus having higher skill, to full those nails storages up a bit faster.
  2. what is the success rate for the item turning rare/supreme/fantastic with such an item ?
  3. of course not there is a big different on discussing a change and just complaining about it
  4. i love how people always have to complain that changes happen to an online game i have yet to see an only game that haven't changed something along the way made either made it easier or harder to achieve something, someone else had. So if you used hours getting to 70 prayer, you still had the glory of being a bene priest before many others Welcome to the world of evolving online games, nothing ever remains the same. Can't wait for the combat update thanks to Dev team for making 2020 isolation much more relaxing (with Wurm)
  5. 2 x Acid for Denully thanks
  6. Now with website - and a 50% Go-Live Discount on all skiller items.
  7. got my restock of S5's fantastic service as always. till next time o/
  8. i do see for new players how it would be nice, since they are not to fit for exploring a lot. I know my first time took 3 days sailing around trying to find a spot hehe the map doesnt seem to show exactly where its free, but at least some idea of what area to look in
  9. i dont know whats more exciting about Stanlee's events, the actual slaying or to see what funky theme he comes up with hehe
  10. Now with 8 Merchants - feel free to drop by at Exodus J12