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  1. just as a heads up to any "new" player here, but if you do find a unique and don't have the man power to take it on or capture it yourself or even the time, you can always reach out to Stanlee and his team will do the job. Their rules are only that it becomes a public slaying and all loot shared (in rolls), so basically you hand over the unique to them and their rules. But that way you get in on it for sure and so does many others. Its a nice way where everyone gets a chance to join in on a kill and the reason everyone does do this, is simply because the amount of scales/leather you get from a public kill is so much less then if you're only a small group, which is why some, as they say, spend weeks or even months running around trying to spot one
  2. ah i see got a few on our west dock you can use, or you want me to empty one you can setup to test with ?
  3. In Idea. I got a few merchants and trying to keep an excel sheet up to date with what i have in stock, to display on a website to, as many do. but when you sell that 1 item and can't see what it is apart from the approx. price, then you need to sit and double checked all the items to see whats missing to start all over and add it all. I was thinking here, you already have Granger, that reads from the event and take some stats for the horses, would it maybe be possible to make something like that, but where you e.g. smile at the merchant, then for a short window, ID each item they have on them and this gets added to an excel (or wurm assistant window to export to excel) where it shows info like, the name, quality and imps ? Maybe easier said than done but now its said at least.
  4. everything is unique in its own way

    they look amazing

    Im interested in Heroic Libila Legion items, the Wagon and 2x Tall banners.
  7. sold for ingame Buyout.
  8. Black Female pony named Honeyrun Speed 4 + Immortal (It seems immortal) trait. Born around January 21st 2022 Can be picked up at Green Bay Castle - J12 - Exodus - - - Starting bid: 4s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 20s Sniper protection: 30 minutes
  9. im very disappointed..... i came in here ready to whine and cry about coffee nerf and i can't find a single thing to be unhappy about some changes, but all fair in my eyes, this is a nice patch.