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  1. ok its 22.42 here so may head to bed soon, but working from home tomorrow, so if it gets to late, we can fix it while im at work, ill be up again in (9 hours from now)
  2. sorry i have to get to bed soon, so i cant keep this bidding war going. 1g Buyout.
  3. Open for offers if you find the price unfair. i named them (Enchants (price))
  4. thanks know the feeling Jollibee its either when im at work or at sleep. today was perfect timing and less then a 100 tiles from my deed hehe.
  5. We wanted to do a little extra out of this Rift So Green Bay Castle and the Exodus Republic Alliance bids you welcome to attend this slaughter, lets paint the desert red. The Rift is located in J13 We have temporarily converted a bit of the desert into a grassy area for tents and fences area. Should there be lag of space for tents, then across the road east is plenty of more grass area. We have 16 available parking spots for ships available close by. (the spots are there, but the dock is still under construction, so sorry for lag of fences and lights) We will have a nice little fenced area ready close by the rift, for alts, healing and so on. equipped with some enchanted grass for a little extra healing boost and a crate of Cotton, which we hope everyone will respect and only take what they might need. There will also be some Water barrels available and a bit of food to suit those trying to fight on an empty stomach. We hope to see a lot of you and lets have some fun. ( this is not neighbors we want to have staying around for to long )
  6. 3s for #1 COD denully if i win
  7. missing some Quality on the tools
  8. OH nice just tested on my alt, didnt know it could be traded like that, nice
  9. yes, i tested with a buchering knife skin just in case i could trade it to alt, as well as leave in in chest and oven. plus i recentlig got a huge axe in a trade, with a skin.
  10. Updated: 1 Skin left They can either be traded face to face or you can send me the item and i attach it and return it COD. (Pictures from Wiki, so i hope they are accurate)
  11. trust worthy and extremely kind seller