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  1. any way to setup a trigger for when a foal is born ? since it goes like "The young Rockkicker has arrived" would it work with a trigger like "The young * has arrived" as i dont want a trigger every time something with "the young" happens or any animal "has arrived" :p
  2. every time i see a funky forum subject i instantly think its a Slaying now hehe
  3. We went out west on exodus to release and was suppose to then turn around and go to INDY , but we never got that far, this was with 4 individual players and 2 boats. Instead of Exodus (W) -> Release (E) -> Independence We got a mix of Exo -> Rel / chaos / Del -> chaos / del -> rel / del -> ("collected by GM) on Rel and at that time the slaying was over and we went back to Exo. This is far from an unknown issue, I have had to save many friends from the same issue over the years an issue I funny enough never had in the years in WU.
  4. indeed, that was a trip i'd rather not do again any time soon. The frustrations was at Max every single event its a lag fest to get back, crossing servers is 50% of the time a crash or boat leaving without you and this time was just to much. boat leaving without me, then i move 1 inch and end up on chaos, try to swim back and end up far away from the rest, then get saved and ALL over again, this time i just ended directly on Chaos ..... its been the same Issue since the day i started WO, if the servers cant handle crossings at least open up for summoning across servers or make a damn teleport between your own deeds or some. you will still make money on the ekstra deeds being bought (most likely) i dont blame new joiners for leaving after first crossing, no one these days have the patients to use 2 hours trying to get from 1 server to another.
  5. from what i can see it should be around here - i may be wrong
  6. Well let's start this fine little museums piece off with 8s
  7. a reserve is normally so if it e.g. ends on 60s the seller has the right to chose if they want go with the 60s or say no, as the 75 reserve was not met. making sure they can still accept lower without binding themself to it
  8. Hello Are you or do you know the owner of a 1 tile shed called Schron Burzowy, left to decay (extremely slowly, which would indicate some activity from owner) around J12 on Exodus its unfortunately in the middle of a deed a new Wurmian is trying to setup, so i hoped we could help find the owner, to get it removed, as it has been unused for a very long time and seems to serve no purpose at all.
  9.,1163 Exolong deed is no longer there. The project was cancelled.
  10. as mentioned, well inside the deed, so no where near borders. all issues on Soth side of the structures. All plain Stone Parapets, 3 of them was at 1 floor up (all within 3x1 tiles), 2 of them were 2 floors up (7 tiles apart from eachother)
  11. fully agree, but its still not CM's who run the show.
  12. Your backbone is not going to get you information out of thin air