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  1. Great service, AMAZING beverages no more forgetting to eat before crafting and can't complain starting the day with a strong drink hihi.
  2. Ya out something like what or like the sub category just some way to make it decorative on deed without fighting with constant decay could be some more usage for the beeswax indeed
  3. As an example, for a carpentry area, it would look nice with a table, that had some different tools on it (hammer, saw, file.....) and while that is possible, they decay so fast its "no fun". But to avoid it being a way to just mass store items, how about a way to "embalm" a tool or item making it "useless" but stops decay while on deed. So you could "embalm" a Saw and it would no longer decay, but become a decorative item, not possible to be used as a tool any more. this should then be possible or all items that's normally decaying fast, like food as well,.
  4. what a name.... lets start it off 1s
  5. For us "newbies" what the heck is lunar dust for our how much sleep bonus is that?
  6. you need to cook the mushrooms before you eat them. :p
  7. Like Shenji says its weekend you could always go to the location a head of time, set up tent and log off. Then wake up a bit before the slaying, Slay and go back to bed and travel home the next day hehe
  8. could we make a timer, just to make sure everyone get the time right i think its 23.00 CET. would below timer be correct ?
  9. i breed 4 mules and 4 horses and i already lost track of what came from what and why hehe on hold here as well for now.