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  1. I disabled the entire Arena Module yet we're still getting equipment degradation on death.
  2. We keep getting this message [11:37:24] You have died on the Arena server and your items are kept safe. and our equipment takes 99 damage when we die. What setting causes this? Also, on respawn it gives us the option to go back to the PVE server. Using wyvernmods and pingperfect.
  3. I managed it on my own, thank ya'll though. Sorry to ask for help so much!
  4. That definitely got it. Now I'm having a problem where after I set my character as a GM the server denies my connection, stating that the server isn't ready.
  5. Anytime I load up a custom map for my server, animal spawns seem to just fill up the ocean, often spawning out in the middle of it, is there anyway to prevent this?
  6. Having trouble getting my server going, what am I doing wrong? Edit: Nevermind, got it all figured out. Pingperfect ROCKS
  7. Awesome, thanks so much for the info.
  8. My friends and I have been having a blast with this game and all its amazing features. We've been playing on a server called "Lords of Kyrandia" and we were curious to see if anyone knew the host of this server. We only really want to know a few things like the current mods and configuration, and if this server plans to be around for the long term.
  9. Plagued by invisible Eagle Spirits. I've changed my settings to where I can see them now, but these new settings absolutely tank my FPS. Is there any planned fix for this?