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  1. Its no surprise there's always a "boost" when a server is released, seen it time and time again over the years, why is that I wonder? Could it be that the server feels alive and has people active that drives the boost and people really want to play with others in the main part, soon as it starts to go quiet people go back to old deeds or quit. My personal time in wurm I have found the "new server" times some of the most enjoyable I have had but each new server has killed wurm a little more and more. A true paradox maybe its time to try something different than new land = new players.
  2. Bring that in and I wont have to Prem ever again. Now I do agree its an outdated model and I think maybe a Skill cap of 30 would be good and opens up the game for freebie players to enjoy the game and get a feel before going prem, atm so many people join, cant ride and just quit as to quote one person " whats the point of this stupid game if i cant do anything" ( saw that a lot when helping out at starter town on Melody). People also have said the costs of wurm are the same as a tripe A title ( deed costs plus prem ) I cant really argue as i spent more on wurm than all my other games put together.
  3. Thank you @EtherdrifterI look forward to your update posts, very interesting stuff.
  4. As retro once said ...... "Provide constructive comments, +1's and -1's aren't useful, we overlook and ignore them anyways, post why you like or dislike something." Anyway back on topic, Maybe once you hit 50 plus in a skill you can choose the ql you want to craft ( within reason and skill / Mats cap ), its great there's work arounds but giving the crafter the ability to choose the level he wants to make a tool could be helpful? I don't grind or worry about skill gain, so have zero idea if the above idea would be a good or bad idea. Just throwing it out there.
  5. Maybe I misunderstand what you mean, but deeding over a unique is what happens now and why I asked the question, if the rewards where high enough people will deed over it to save it for a "private" killing. With regards a troll spawn I did deed over one as it was great to have a handy supply of trolls to hunt, my deed was way out on its own at the time, was fun. The idea is an interesting one and if it can be brought in game without causing drama I am all for it, more content is always good.
  6. Some good points made, in my gut when it released on steam more than a large fair share expected updates to follow, like nearly every other game released on steam. All we had was downtime , lag and ? I am not a game dev and I have no idea the ins and outs of a game release, but it felt rushed to hit a date when not ready, which lead to bugs and calls that people have exploited early, even if not true thats how it felt to some. I mean lets be honest there's nothing new been released since steam, I would also argue holding back the rifts as long as they did was a mistake. The New UI isnt finished ( I think I remember it was supposed to be finished for the steam release ) The devs should have had a road map that was released at the time of the steam release , with content in it, but we didn't get that and people left by the 100's. Then I guess the numbers where messed up due to alts for power levelling priests, How many of these 2000+ players where alts? I saw more than one deed set up with 6-7 alts power levelling priests, a couple of deeds with mining teams of alts, seemed a good deal to prem a ton of alts and use their marks and powders on your main while them using the alts to power level priests, So I expected after that process to see a drop of numbers anyway, but the drop of deeds and players is faster and harsher than I expected to be honest. I enjoy wurm for the Terraforming, the day a game comes out that captures what wurm does there I would be off, as a lot of the so called "content" we have in wurm is smoke and mirrors , we have a large skill list and pretty much most the skills are useless anyway. Another problem is we don't have a true item sink, stuff gets horded and items last forever if your careful. Saying all that, wurm will be fine on even as low as 200 players to be honest, can see it plodding on forever, always that little niche game with a loyal crazy following.
  7. Another part of the problem is the complete lack of direction from the Devs at a critical time, the first 6 months of steam release was so important and was wasted imo, more than one person I spoke to in game ( all quit now ) said in there view steam was a last cash grab and we wont see any meaningful updates. Well to be honest, looks a little like that now. With new games released all the time and more and more games that can scratch that crafting itch the only thing imo Wurm still does better is the terraforming no other game has the options wurm has for that ( that isnt blocky ). Wurm will be fine on its 200-300 accounts plodding on and when the devs need some more cash, another server will drop and the cycle will continue.
  8. And if you fail the chance to attach the rope you fall to your death ....... ( joking ) I do a little bit of climbing as a fo priest, but a system to "mountain climb" could be interesting.
  9. Horses no Pigs with a trait to sniff stuff out or even dogs and maybe your on to something. Give us a reason to breed the best pigs and dogs
  10. what if someone wants to deed that spot, would be have to wait until the bandit camp was gone? Not everyone wants to "fight" on the PvE servers, some people just enjoy the building aspect, so if a deed that's right up next door to a person who doesn't want a bandit camp, what will be in place to stop the bandits causing havoc on that player? Who gets to loot the tower, everyone? One person? or will we need to make a system like we have with unique hunting where a group claims the tower? whats to stop someone "walling" a tower off using a donut house, waiting until the best loot as been achieved and then go tackle the tower with a couple of friends? At first glance it seems a great idea but a lot of questions would need to be answered before it could be a good or bad idea.
  11. Having owed chickens, they do graze as fresh grass and greens is a very important part of the diet, of course we have the bugs, worms and extras hiding in the grass as tasty treats. They also eat small stone to help with digestion. My chickens have attacke and killed and eat down to the bone a rat before also, insane! Dogs eat grass not for food, its to relieve upset tummies and help with passing matter. I second the thoughts above about chickens on grass tiles, will stay fed but not lay eggs or lay eggs not very often, rest of the changes seem spot on.
  12. you have the choice already of planting a low or medium hedge and can use an in game skill to keep any tall hedge at the height you want. Now hedges made into statues or new types of hedges that only grows to medium height I would be fully behind, but leave the current ones as is.
  13. Quitting again how many times is that now? Joking aside, I do understand where you are coming from to a point, Wurm is a funny old game where the early levels are exciting more so on a fresh server. The hunt for a little land, the trials and troubles of gaining the first few important items, the busy local as everyone tries to make a mark and then the same thing that happens with every new server launch people get bored. You have the Vets, long time wurm players who love the new land, fresh ready to make a stamp, but after a point a lot of them just don't have the heart to do end game grinding yet again and go back to old characters who are many many years old, I think of these people as the holiday crowd ( not a bad thing ) people who just need a break from their main and enjoyed the freshness of the new server, but like all holidays they come to an end and go home. then you have the newbies who at the start find the game hard to grasp at times, but as you pointed out have loads to do, then.... they get the "what do I do now?" I have had messages loads of times from people asking me what they should do next, these players likely are used to theme park games and its hard to adjust at times to the sandbox nature of wurm, you have to make your own content, what to do after building your castle or after reaching your set goal? You also have the "got to get it done crowd" players who play crazy hours , do crazy feats and just quite simply burn out. Some fantastic items and places made by these guys, burn bright but not for long. Then there's the types who I think stick around- the spreadsheet crowd people who love the numbers of wurm, the math the ins and outs of grinding them numbers, every point towards 100 another notch on the belt and then the laidback who find wurm just relaxing, pop on for a couple of hours here and there or when need to hammer the game to get something done, these players sometimes quit for months at a time and then pop back like putting on the favourite pair of slippers. The above is how I see it and is my impressions of the game, is by no means right just my personal views. With regards chat, everyday I log on even with the quiet times, I get messages from people I have met in game asking how things are, we catch up and then tend to do our own thing ( I listen to books / watch documentaries ) while doing some tasks , surface mining comes to mind. I also know a few of my friends chat via voice, its just too hard to text chat when grinding, don't want to waste the sleep powder now. You made fun of me the other night, due to me "jumping between projects" but that's how I have fun in wurm, I work on something for a bit and if it starts to feel like work or gets stressful I put that on the back burner and do something else, I have a list of goals I want to do and if it takes 1,2 or even 10 years to complete it doesn't matter, as wurm is my escape from real life and the stress I have there. After a tough day in real life logging on and doing a little "mindless" mining or digging is just the ticket, I don't have to over think things or worry about my DPS or HPS ( looking at you wow ) I can just relax, go afk when needed, grab a coffee and mine another corner down. I think the point I am trying to make badly there is no right or wrong way to play wurm. One thing I will say, you will be back, wurm is under your skin
  14. Apples and Oranges when Blizzard stop showing subs was when the take over happened not just because of sub loss IIRC, wasn't just about hiding numbers as they could have included the new china market ( was was complex mess due to local laws ) to boost how good the numbers were. I mean they still had at lowest point Millions of subs. A better example was a game called Asherons Call, skill based like wurm poorer crafting, no terraforming but better pvp and combat. dropped to sub 1k accounts between 7 servers iirc across mainly 2 time zones UK / USA It struggled on for years with a handful of players nearly 20 years IIRC, before losing the battle, the GHOST TOWN effect is very real and even going free to play didn't save it as new players left as fast as they came, it also have another problem same as wurm, the older players didn't want change, no change to adapt to a changing market mean a long slow death. The game was good, but a good game doesn't mean it will last or thrive. Wurm is a great game, but steam was rushed I know it seemed to take an age, but important things should have been done before steam, combat being the main one. But it is what it is, wurm dies I still Have WU to get my fix and I bet a mod would be released pretty fast adding everything from Online to Unlimited if the servers shut, so I am not worried.