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  1. Perfect for me and my personal map. thank you so much!
  2. Its a very nice idea on paper, but I could see why it could be a problem. Micro deeds could be used to grief with alts or 1 person could make say 10 alts and take up resources very easily at very low cost, want that gold, make a micro deed. Placing Micro deeds around starting areas again isnt a great idea, starter areas on fresh servers are very sort after and the 3 areas on the new servers ( pve) are trading hubs, again so easy for one person with alts to grab them all up sell them on for profit for example. Now if we had housing / shops that could be rented in the starter town that could be interesting and could cater for the players who want to craft but dont want to manage a deed or run one, would also make the starter towns a living town, with markets and whatnot, again not sure its worth the effort for the devs but that could be interesting I suppose, with the bonus of new players would see a living town when they portal in. Also different areas of the map having different costs isnt worth the effort due to the sandbox nature of the game, how do you decide what is worth more? A good inland hunting area with super ores worth more than a costal area with nothing, more or less for islands and how do you decide on the cost of an area after major works have taken place, an old inland barren land can with players working hard become a centre hub, with canals and highways, do you than increase the cost as the value as gone up? To be honest the min deed size with 1 silver upkeep is cheap as chips as is and see no reason to have cheaper deeds, tents are mobile spawn points and between a tent and cart can hitch 3 animals so i think the exploring free player is pretty well covered also, think the devs have done a great job so far taking care of the needs of the free player, now I would like to see a couple of other improvements for the explorer, but thats for a different thread.
  3. I and 8/9 others lived on Indy, near or at ruin ridge farm, thanks to a toxic player, 3 quit out right, 3 of us moved to exo and 1 moved away from local and set up a new deed on indy. Fast forward a month and I had to help a further 2 players move to a new server from that area, due to that same toxic player. I have noticed more so in this game 1 bad apple can really spoil an area, I got super lucky when I moved and moved to an area thats full of wonderful people and with hindsight that toxic player did me a big favour, I also found out that 2 people who quit came back thanks to steam, and set up a new home on the new server and are loving it. Fact is reviews tend to be given more when people have a bad experience and I think thats what we are seeing with steam, the first week was rough, but I think the staff did the best they could, I was shocked at the level of interest in the new servers, feels like a different game over there its that busy and in the most part darn friendly. I also think a spring clean is needed on the older servers, so much rubbish thats hard to get rid off, like boats, at least with the roads you can pull them up when there a mess.
  4. yes please, something I always thought was missing, instead of pine bark how about fir tree birk? Don't think that tree has a use ?
  5. Fantastic that, well done!
  6. Rubbish you and another person went and "rescued" the cattle, you begged for quite sometime to get this person to help you rescue said animals, he did the bashing you did the taking, you forget I was there, but within the rules that's fine, seemed the deed had fallen or so it was said in local. I was there that night when you agreed with that person that you would look after the cattle and he would milk them, 2 days later you locked him out and told him tough, on your deed he can do one. Sums you up really. You also pick and choose when the rules suit, deeding over peoples mines and saying "deed it or lose it" and so many other examples, so much so you have quite the bad rep in game and I would expect with the devs also. Fact is the game devs and GM's arent stupid people and I think 99% of the time really do sort things out well within a combo of game rules and common sense, I trust the team to do what is right. Noticed on the new servers so far things have been pretty darn good, at least where I am, no major problems and between the old hands helping the newbies and the tutorial seems things aren't too bad at all.
  7. Rules are quite simple You are one of the very few that try to twist the rules to suit your needs when it suits and when it doesn't cry "illness" not my fault... you broke into a persons penned animal farm to take his cattle, as its was not deeded as it was within the rules and now your saying someone broke into your undeeded mine and its unfair? To me the rules are pretty much easy to understand, but you have and still do try to push them to suit the needs of the time, yes I know I will be reported by you and I may get a mod ban on the forums but you have caused so much upset and more than one player to quit and then cried "but am ill" which is no excuses I just have to post. the rules are in the most pretty simple, couple of little grey areas that the Dev team work well to sort out, just a shame that some people are jerks and bend the rules as much as possible .
  8. My friend in game is f2p but has a deed by making Bulk and foraging. Never spent a penny of real life cash, comes from a poor place and cant justify spending on a computer game, so plays free games. Now I think the middle ground from what has been suggested is to improve the small cart and maybe we need a new mount the donkey slower than a horse but faster than a cow, can pull small cart simples
  9. I think over all the devs have done a good job and handled things fairly as best they can. My first 2 days was lag fest, just couldnt play, had to log to refresh my stam bar or wait over 5 mins to see a stam tick, was it a pain, yes but I understand that demand was insane. Now you could say the new server was screwed over compared to the old servers the first 2 days, but thats just silly, where does it all stop? I started the game early ( 3 months ) to test before steam release and learn somethings, what I thought would be a day or 2 test became something completely different, got err a bit hooked on the game. lol Little bit of a bumpy start, but for me at least very happy with the way the devs have handled things and the fast response to all the little bugs and fixes.
  10. Well said and spot on. Another map, indeed would be welcome, release it ready for the weekend and maybe we will again see many more players giving the game ago.
  11. No just new accounts as retro clearly said.
  12. and no, i dont mean our fo priests. The amount of players who have joined the game is crazy, well done devs, but we have to also thank the veterans of wurm, you guys have stepped up to the plate and answered 1000's of questions and made this stream launch successful. SO well done to the lot of you, its you guys that makes this game great, blown away by how helpful and funny you guys are!
  13. lag was bad but 99% of the people i met on the new servers were pretty cool about it, but if it keeps getting worse over the next few days, maybe people not so forgiven. i foresee a 3rd server if we keep growing. fantastic job guys, devs had worked the socks off
  14. fantastic news well done!