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  1. you get iron coins from selling to token and its iron to mail recipes
  2. That's a very good point
  3. So the other half has been ordering coloured gravel for a project at home and it got me thinking,. why not in wurm? Lets have more choice of gravel to fancy up our gardens! We could use for example the shards we have in game already. Use a stone chisel on slate shard to get slate chippings ( black gravel ) Same with marble and Sandstone maybe have the sandstone chippings dyeable so we have marble = white slate = black sandstone any colour you want ( with dye ) gives us more options and gives sandstone another use.
  4. Not really many modern games have different tiers of armour, as players get more powerful new harder tasks are needed to keep people interested in the hunt. Why would a person be interested in holding onto their scale armour when they have "new better armour" so the value of scale drops and more people have the chance to get some, plus if the value drops whats the point in hording the kills, so maybe it gets spread around. So how would you solve the problem, what can you do to stop people "hording" as you put it? If its too easy or too common it has no value, and I don't mean silver value, I mean why not just sell scroll of summons in the mark shop, then people can summon them when every they want so long as they pay for it..……..
  5. Nice idea, maybe add dirt to the crafting of the box process. Also can harvest worms from the box as an improved fishing bait? could be called "fat worm" so working a little like the coop how you get eggs.
  6. I have a crazy idea, lets have new uniques with better mats for a new top tier armour from them. This way the best players ( and likely the oldest in game ) will move on and try and get this new more powerful armour, meaning the drake / scale stuff will find its way downwards to the newer players. Win win, new content for all and more chance for the newer players to get to see the old uniques when the best players chase after the new ones.
  7. sorry if this has been asked for before, but while out exploring in game came across a round guard tower, got me thinking of how much possibility we would have if we could add curved walls in game, also with diagonal paths all over wurm a way for fences to follow the paths would be fantastic. I also thought that if there is a programming problem for curved walls for our buildings, couldn't we have preset add-ons to them, for example I have seen people build around guard towers and it looks fantastic at times, maybe some kind of modular add on to buildings?
  8. I like the idea of fishing up "junk" items like said above, could come up with some fun interesting things, could just use a system like the fragment system for it. But the Trophy idea is fantastic and would love that, that you could make yourself for your house. As a thought maybe a fishing Comp that runs one day a week, maybe a Sunday? when the comp is active you have a chance to catch " competition fish " the biggest one caught in the time frame wins, have to sac your fish to get on the leader board. Top 10 get fishing points that rewards you cool fishing gear, like a fishing seat or other items that a fun. Like how rift points gives you access to stuff. Gives a reason to take part each week in some fishing, and something to prep for, get bait ready etc.
  9. From what I understand there is a new pvp server coming to steam, sure it was retro that said as much.
  10. Not everyone has alts, but if you wanted to lock items behind a "time wall" just make it a cap on how much you can hand in each day? You could also have projects that unlocks new items that can be built by everyone, so for example hand in 100000 milk, planks, ribbons and nails, and it unlocks the milking shed that can be built by everyone that acts a lot like the chicken coop, but you get milk instead of eggs, So are researching a new tec by supplying the items, the above example was first thing that popped into my head. Like I said at the start its a rough idea that I was asked to post here. But don't under estimate how powerful the "collection" is for people, some people love to collect things and this sort of system can add a new goal for old and new people alike.
  11. I agree 100% but would go a little further, Breeding cats and dogs and getting different breeds would be fantastic, but should come with a new skill. I would also like to see rabbits! Then why not have dog kennel, rabbit cages the list could go on, and lastly lets have ponds, with fish! or give us glass making ( wink wink ) and then we can have goldfish!
  12. But so many things are locked in different ways, I know the chances of me crafting my own "dragon" armour are next to zero, will I ever see the troll king, most likely not, so as a free build crafting game when will I have the option to build all the different guard towers or craft the different colour PMK banners? And thats fine, its ok to have to trade for an item, I want to improve my hammer, but I didnt level my mining I can either level mining or buy a little ore to get the job done. Same if new interesting crafting recipes where in game, you would have choice, trade for it, earn it yourself or not bother, I dont understand the problem with that concept, how would that effect your game play, its not forced on you to get a "new recipe" if you didn't want it. Anyway was a basic idea to help the economy and give a little more purpose to new players, having a work order in starter towns could lead new players down crafting routes and help them learn the game also, remember most new players are used to "quest" systems, this could serve to also give them reasons to do some basic leveling instead of being told, like I was "ohh you want to build a stone house, build some coffins imp them all day until you reach 30 then you can build your house, yea thats fun. The way I did it was helped on projects for a couple of weeks and before I knew it My little wooden hut was upgraded to stone and was happy as can be without grinding an item I would never use, unless I am mistake about wurm and it is after all just about grinding numbers?
  13. And that would be your choice, why should cooking be the only skill that has some recipes locked behind grinding mobs for drops or buying from other players?
  14. @FinnnI understand what your saying, but after starting around 2 months ago after seeing the steam listing and searching about wurm to find it was already released, to see it was years old it was a little off putting to be honest. I don't have years of knowledge about wurm and can only say and suggest based on my short time here and how I see things as a new player. The topic is about ( imo ), is currant decay / damage strong enough to keep a healthy economy and that led to an off shoot of better ideas to improve the economy, like most things the thread evolved a little from the first post. But to answer that question, imo as a new player decay and damage is fine as is, apart from the few abandoned items that clutter up the servers. I don't think decay or damage will have any effect on the economy, or should I say large enough effect to be worth the problems of upsetting large amounts of the player base or putting new players off. If the damage and decay increased I could see many new people not bothering, I know I would rethink if more of my fun time had to be spent on another "upkeep" item. I started the same time with 4 other new people, I was excited as it seemed this game was alive and well, within an hour it was 3. fast forward 2 months and none of the people I started with that night are left, one of the complaints was a feeling of uselessness, a feeling of coming to the party way to late, for me thats not a problem as I mainly want to explore the deed design now, but at the start being told there is no market for low level items or any "item sink" for them was a disappointment and maybe could be a reason why many don't stick around. But when you have a goal or a reason the game is much more fun. I helped on a couple of projects at ruin ridge farm, making bricks for them or digging the new mine, it felt good as there was a purpose for it, making 4000 rivets I also found fun as it was paid work and give me the chance to buy a better item. I don't expect to come to the game and be fantastic or shine and lets be fair reading on the history of wurm theres more than one account that has changed hands over the years keeping higher levels in game when if account trading wasnt a thing some of these accounts would be gone, but thats getting off subject, I also suspect from reading the history more than one older player has a ton of silver saved from trader draining, any ideas that gets the silver flowing downwards and then around would be a good thing. There has to be balance and has to be a place for the newer players to feel useful or newer players wont stick around, without new blood wont need an economy.
  15. I agree Fun is the most important part of the game but the idea is to make the game more fun for new players let me explain, When I started a couple of months ago now I was excited so many skills, so much to do, even the hard learning curve couldnt dampen my mood, I started to plan my place in the world, it took less than a week to resized I had missed the boat on most skills with regards the trading game which is very important, so I asked around and was told making bulk for players is a good way to earn your first coins, but the game is old and it seems many people are pretty much finished with deed building and the demand for bulk items are low, never mind the problems in transporting them. So very quickly it seemed I could earn more coins from foraging which takes away some of the MMO trading aspects, it would take months of grinding to get a skill upto a level where I could even compete to sell a crafted item, unless the range gods where kind and I craft a rare, thats not even accounting for the fact I dont have a priest to cast spells on said item so I resigned myself that I have truely missed the boat with the big craft-able trade skills and all thats left is "bulk" or the odd rare. But if there was a consent demand for crafted items, a "item sink" that would mean theres more chance for new players to gain a foothold and generate a new stronger economy, if I could earn silver by supplying a "older" player bulk items so he could hand these items in for kindom coins I could find my basic skills improve while having the chance to earn a few coins, so for example:- The kingdom work order is for bricks, "older player" doesnt want to spend his time making bricks but wants to earn some Kingdom Coins as he has his mind set on a new BS recipe, me as a new player would see this as the perfect chance to a:- leveling mining for the shards, b level masonry c earn a few coins and I would feel useful and part of the wurm world as they would be demand for low level services. But lets say I have no interest in making bulk for silver coins, I could use the bricks myself to gain kingdom coins to have the goal to get a new recipe even with lower skill I would have a recipe that could be sort after. This I would hope would get silver moving around, cause say once I saved up 8 silver I would buy a boat or starter tools, or whatever. Its a very basic idea and needs fleshed out, I havent played long enbough to know all the ins and outs, but from what I have seen I think a system like this could be quite fun, more so if new recipes we added quite often.