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  1. File - 93ql - 76 BoTD - 3s 53c Pelt - 100ql - 84 BoTD - 3s 10c Scissors - 70ql - 86 BoTD - 2s 35c Rake - 70ql - 64 BoTD - 1s SquishJess in game. Thanks so much!
  2. Grooming Brush - 70ql - 85 BoTD - 2s 32c Butchering Knife - 81ql - 74 BoTD - 1s 49c Mallet - 70ql - 94 BoTD - 3s 49c Hatchet - 70ql - 83 BoTD - 2s 27c SquishJess in game, please and thanks!
  3. I cannot seem to download this. The link for the .zip folder begins to open another tab and then shuts down with no zip downloaded. I had my boyfriend try it on another computer and the same thing happened for him. Just in case, I disabled my pop-up blocker but it still happened (which has never caused an issue before when a download begins with a browser tab opening).
  4. Purchased 2 stone chisels. Quick and friendly service. Thank you for your time!
  5. On Hiatus

    15.89QL bucket, oak CoC76 - 1.07 silver 14.63QL cheese drill, oak CoC58 - 48 copper 44.57QL grindstone CoC84 - 1.74 silver ~5QL knife, iron CoC83 - 1.63 silver CoD to SquishJess in game. Thank you!
  6. On Hiatus

    6.99QL meditation rug, cotton CoC67 - 73 copper 1QL meditation rug, cotton CoC94 - 3.04 silver Both of these CoD to SquishJess in game. Thank you!
  7. 60 LT 8.2s -50ql -- Sent to Squishjess Please
  8. I'd like to buy a Corbita with 5 creature cages. SquishJess in game. Delivery to L22 Harmony Hold off on the order for now. Thanks anyway.
  9. Would you be willing to travel to the east coast to imp a bee hive? Name in game is Squishjess if you'd like to message me directly
  10. Hello! Can I please get 2 Regular Meditation Rugs 40'sQL for the 1s each, COD'ed to Squishjess Thank you!
  11. Hello! Can I get both: 2,12ql hatchet, steel - 80coc // 45c 91,13ql hatchet, iron - 84woa 101coc // 1,80s Sent to Squish in game. Thank you!
  12. 72,00ql shovel, iron - 81botd // 60c 72,37ql shovel, iron - 87botd // 80c Please COD both shovels to Squish ingame Thank you!