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  1. Typically reboots are done daily, as any server of any size should be. Sometimes this gets skipped but not often. As for roads, I like to think we're doing pretty well so far and I'm not afraid to get my shovel dirty.
  2. I can see and understand all the points addressed. Dealing with the issue manually honestly isn't difficult at all to test. Simply moving the character away from objects they're interacting with is enough to see the avatar flinch periodically when trying to perform the action. When they stand there doing that for... well in our case about 12 hours, it makes it pretty obvious.
  3. We're looking for a mod that essentially renders auto-clicker macros fairly useless. The easiest way to approach this would be to count the amount of time player position has not changed and issue a warning (configurable message preferred) when the time reaches the configured length. The warning would then begin a countdown - also configurable in length - before either entering an "away" state where actions cannot be performed or simply auto-kicking which can also be configurable for one or the other - or both. Essentially creating an "afk" and/or "boot" timer.
  4. Apologies, there was actually a more recent map dump performed just before that link was posted. The most updated link is now edited into the original post below the image and may also be found here: Everyone should have access to download the map from this page as well to open in their favorite image viewer.
  5. I currently have max items set to 10,000 and that seems to be working fine so far. I'm trying to find where the person selling to the buyer can see how many more the buyer will accept based on the limits you can set. I have several players on my server already enjoying the system we're using and so far limits have not yet been reached but some are getting close. There isn't any sort of visible indication or remaining quantity/limit counter to inform the players how much more they can sell (at least not that we can find). I can see the remaining amounts and even change them in the price management screen (which is nice), but that information isn't shared. At present, there is a buy order for any QL/type plank of 1,000. Approximately 800 have been filled. The players filling this order have no way of knowing they can only sell 200 more before the buyer mysteriously wont accept them anymore unless I open up the manage menu. Is there an indicator somewhere we may be over-looking? Would it be possible to add a remaining quantity display in the sell window or event log?
  6. I'm really enjoying your mods. I have recently opened a public server (Platinum Isles). I'm using the buyer merchants as a primary coin seed for players on our server while simultaneously buying materials for improving infrastructure. So far I have yet to run into any major concerns aside from the fact that sellers can't seem to have any warning before the Buyer reaches the purchase limit. It would be nice to have an integer somewhere that displays the remaining quantity left for the order.
  7. I apologize about the late response on this. It would seem that some players are able to view the map in the thread while others may not. I have added a link just below the image to the direct host which should allow zoom and scroll features. I do agree, and have implemented systems to ease this woe. We are implementing buyer merchants prepared to pay top coin for materials required to build infrastructure as well as our simulated market demands. Actual values of everything have been greatly increased from vanilla values using a meticulously created economy system that accounts for action time and material cost with basic skills and tools. Some players have earned 20 silver or more in their first day playing, which is plenty to start a small deed with. This method allows us to play with a system that rewards players for their time and/or contributions while preventing random deeds from being opened and occupying land indefinitely while the holder intends never to return.
  8. Greetings fellow Wurmians! The Empire wants YOU to help colonize our new world of Platinum Isles. This world is 32x32km (8k map) with a large mainland mass and numerous large and small islands along it's coastlines. Initial scout reports indicate that warmer climates may be found in the western regions while cooler climates can be found further east with temperate, marsh, and steppe in the vast center. The Empire will gladly furnish volunteers with a copy of our most recent map upon request. Development of the Platinum Isles is critical for the progress of The Empire. The Emperor has tasked representatives to manage the construction of the island capital Principium, and the infrastructure of it's lands as well as promote colonization of the Platinum Isles. Principium was founded April 15, 2020 and still desires a lot of foundation work. The Empire will pay generously for any materials or labor offered, allowing you the opportunity to fund your own settlement. Our current knowledge and exploration of these lands reveals the following characteristics: 100k Creatures 40% Aggressive Breed Modifier - 5 Field Growth Ticks - 3 Hours These discoveries may seem to change as more adventurers report their results. All volunteers will be equipped with a standard universal toolkit essential for survival and report to Principium upon arrival. Your arrival through The Empire grants you access to a whole new world with starting skills of 5 and gain rates and action timers of 3x. Furthermore, the Emperor himself will bless you with Characteristics of 20 with Mind Logic and Body Control of 25. The Empire will also be granting you access to the following Quality of Life technologies: Add Kingdom Items Announcer Archery Bag of Holding Bounty Mod Bounty on Burn Building Skill Mod Bulk Sorting Buyer Merchant Creature Age Mod Crop Mod Dig Like Mining Mod Discord Relay Event Mod Fire Burn Time Harvest Helper Hitching Post HotS Fixes Inbreed Warning Lead More Meditate Mod Milk Reset More Potables One Tile Mining Tree Farm Mod Spellcraft Spell Mod Stable Master Taxidermy Tent Sleep Treasure Hunting Additional technologies may be granted upon request. *signed* - Apophis, Emperor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Static Map Link - currently updated every 2-4 days but will soon be live.: Our moderators carry over 10 years of experience each. Someone should be available to help *almost* 24/7. We are publicly open for anyone internationally. As infrastructure progresses and the capital builds up, more opportunities to expand your own goals will open up as well. Platinum Isles operates on a thriving economy where there's always plenty of coin to earn, allowing you to hire laborers of your own or trade with other professions further increasing the opportunities. If you're looking for some work just speak up in Global Chat. Have goods or services to offer? Let it be known! With a simulated supply and demand market and empire construction projects paired up with buyer merchants there's always plenty of supply orders to fill. We invite you to come join us in the Platinum Isles! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Special thanks to mod creators for custom-tuning content for us - Mthec, & Coldie - Thanks guys! Your hard work is greatly appreciated.