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  1. A related suggestion: Sitting on a chair or stool near a table (workbench) could provide extra stamina and/or success rate for particular crafting activities (jewlerymaking, locksmithing, toy making, and others) Quality/rarity of chair and table could be a factor. Add items: folding chair, folding table.
  2. Yes, many containers change their model when filled. This would be a great improvement!
  3. I like this idea. We can already gather snow this just enables the visual clearing of paved tiles (if I'm understanding correctly). Perhaps uncleared paved tiles would slow your movement? +1 for additional chores!
  4. Simply could the cart and wagon models follow the slope of the ground while embarked? It does while not embarked and the hitched horses do. I'm sure this must have come up before but I couldn't find it.
  5. I really like this idea. Preserving an item could require the player inputted name. Maybe these preserved items would be more likely to generate a fragment when the deed disbands. I see a lot of decor ideas and here is one where the player is able to 'create' their own. Love it! Now if only there was a way to create our own armor skins.
  6. I'd love to see more 'people' when I get on Wurm. I mostly play for the mechanics of the game and one of the most interesting is that it's *all player built. That being said if I get on everyday for a week and don't interact with anyone even through chat I start to wonder if I'm playing a laggy single player. That said adding NPC's would, for me, be just 'decretive'. But an interesting idea to put a face on some of the features that come with deeds (no decay and such). Maybe the number of npc's could be based on the size of the deed (or number of structures) and balanced with the number of real players in the settlement. Even have a option to turn off npc's.
  7. 'Marksmen arrows' could have increased range and/or accuracy while taking more damage. Anyone who's repaired arrows IRL knows that the vanes get damaged way more often.
  8. Yes! Also what if you were able to sell your maps to other players? Regions could be determined so that you could buy local, area, region sized maps with varying levels of detail. Examining the map could inform you of how much new or updated information is on the map compared to your current one. A value could be assessed based on the size and date of the map.
  9. I like the idea of using feathers in arrows. I'd suggest a 3rd recipe. 'Marksmen's Arrow' You get the idea.