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  1. Is the electrum statuette also an option?
  2. Yeah, ok. I was thinking things like new kinds of fishing lures and alchemy ingredients. Why not bug collections. Maybe they could be added to flower beds? Jars of fireflies could be used as low level lighting. New flies would need to be added occasionally.
  3. This makes me wonder how many other menu options are available but not displayed. If I were to guess (and I do love guessing) I'd say the menus are populated off of a table of some kind. I think making a query of some kind asking what the player can do and populating the menu off that would make the menu easier to manage on the back end but certainly slow down the server and likely the client.
  4. Oh yes and fireflies too. Thanks Finnn.
  5. I may not have been clear. I actually want to be able to catch the butterflies. "go play skyrim" I hear you cry.
  6. A butterfly net. Butterflies could be used in fishing and other things I'm sure.
  7. I see. I figured re-logging would probably help. I just don't think that's reasonable for arrows, I'm not even sure they're there.
  8. I believe this is a known issue. Sometimes, many times items do not render. Commonly it's backpacks sitting on my workbench. I know they are there I just can't see them. In this case I can just nudge the table (gently push/pull) and they appear. But I've recently wondered if this could affect arrows too. I know there have been time I've lost arrows and couldn't find enough 'the arrow broke' events in the log to account for them all. At a later time I've return to the same area and found my arrows in plan view, on a paved tile even. Is there any hope in this bug getting fixed? Are there any suggestions in the mean time (for things like arrows)? I also wonder if it's possible to lose arrows inside things like trees?
  9. I had considered that. I will probably do that once I get my woodcutting up.
  10. I'm a carpenter and I like to travel light. I'd like to be able to divide a log into lighter sections (similar to 'take portion' of meals). I know I can cut a few planks or Shaves out of a log to accomplish the desired weight but if I want to preserve my high ql logs for imping I don't what to waste them on planks. Another option could be allowing planks, shaves or even wood scraps to be used for imping.
  11. Allow locking of large/small crates with padlocks.
  12. A spell like Nimbleness could be used to add the 30% caster/archer bonus to armor that otherwise doesn't have it. But the bonus would not exceed 30% total. Also the enchantment wouldn't stack with some other armor enchants. The purpose would be to make it practical for archers to wear the fancy dragon or other flashy armors. There is only one style of Leather.
  13. I have small crates of rift stone and rift crystal at 40ql. I'd like to trade for similar rift wood.
  14. I think the quality (resolution) of the map needs to be improved as well. At least for Xan.
  15. This seems like it would be a simple addition to large and small crates. I think it is just a matter of preference. I personally would like to sell crates of goods on vendor without needing to build a fence for each crate or using bsbs. We can apply locks to many thing. Why not crates?