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  1. Yes. Also diagonal fences would be nice.
  2. Ah, I see. I figured there was a simple explanation. Thanks! However, lets fix it. There must be a simple way to better include archers and other contributors like healers and buffers. In the mean time I'll be working on my short bow.
  3. Archery at Rifts seems to be broken. My most recent Rift I checked my rift points often. I ended with 17. I was told this is a "decent" score. I watched very closely throughout the event. Here is what I determined. - I saced 10 hearts. 1 Point per heart. - I used long sword very little. Lets say 1-2% of the time. However I estimate getting around 5 points from melee combat. - That leaves 2 points from archery. I spent most of the time throwing sticks. I killed several mods on my own with just sticks (war sticks). I'm still a noob archer but my conclusion is the damage from archery is weighted much lower than melee. I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design. I can't imagen why we would discourage archery at rifts when archery is already high maintenance. I love archery in games and RL! It should be a bit overpowered (with draw backs ha) or at least equal. Wurm makes it hard, very hard, and that's ok. But once all that effort is put into the skills it should be rewarded. Fletchers spend many hours making/imping arrows only to loose them, ha. I've consistently lost about half of my arrows at every rift. Arrows take damage every time you shoot them, this makes a lot of sense. Some break, this also makes sense. These setbacks take time to recover from. Melee weapon damage takes a moment or two to repair.
  4. Bard related skills could make it easier for fellow players to focus during combat. Higher skills could make music boxes. A simple music generate could be implemented so players could make original music. Allow attaching music boxes to settlement totems for deed music. Deed music could quicken stamina recovery or shorten queued skill times. Add: Jester hat
  5. Improve on visual indication when bow string breaks. It's been suggested before that an on screen message could pop up.
  6. I didn't know that. Still ideally I'd like it to have it's own dedicated window.
  7. I think the chat/message tabs could use some improvements too. I'd like to have local separated from the others so I always see it. Of course this is possible but I've been unable to find a way to save the layout. I think the best approach is to have generic chat windows. You have the option to feed the different channels (combat, event, local, trade...) into what ever window you want.
  8. I had no idea the wagoners were so useless! Still new I guess. +1
  9. So I've been casually reading this thread for a few days now. I've picked up on the existence of a mechanic that assists in finding uniques. Am I mistaken? Is there a tool or skill that makes it easier to find these mods? I didn't see anything on the wiki or the interwebs at large.
  10. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't they do both? Yes! Both! Glass harp!
  11. Maybe foraging could be used to help spot arrows (on corpse of otherwise) within a number a tiles based on skill. Add arrow heads, shafts, q1 arrows to the list of things that can be obtained through foraging.
  12. Camps could also give purpose to lock picking and stealing on PvE.
  13. A few ideas for archery. I'm still just a beginner archer so please forgive me if some of these thing are already part of the game. First: Adjust the UI so that archery parallels melee combat. - If I have to equip the bow don't make me also activate it. - Ranged button in the combat window turns on auto shooting. - Ranged button reveals aimed shots (once skill allows) like melee, selectable with num pad. - Focus effects archery Second: Bows mounts and movement. IRL short bows are short because they are easier to use while moving around. - Mounted archery skill, used whenever shooting while moving. (On foot or mount) - Short bows: Can be used on mount while running or on foot while running. - Medium bows: Can be used on mount, not moving or on foot while running. - Long bows: Can be used on foot, not moving. Third: Some other ideas. - Additional arrow recipe that uses feathers. Increase accuracy and/or damage dealt while taking more damage. - Stealth SLIGHTLY increases damage. - Allow bows to fit into quivers. - Rare+ arrows never or nearly never break. - Add leather to bow recipes for handles. - A quiver that contains arrows will appear to contain arrows. - ALL mods either run or charge when shot at. - Foraging highlights arrows in the area - String break message on screen - Better representation at Rifts
  14. All good ideas. I love the idea of moss growing on less traveled roads.