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  1. I wonder how a map might benefit from being rare. I'm sure this has come up but I didn't see it in my testing so I got thinking. Some ideas, even though you didn't ask me. Rare+ maps could... -cover a larger area -be more accurate -hold more stamps
  2. After combining maps then erasing stamps, new stamps do not save. Can the stamp box be activated to make all stamps available in the editor? I'd like smaller stamp sizes and ability to zoom out more in map viewer. A warning that maps are consumed in combining might be friendly. Allow eraser to remove individual stamps. Maybe add them to stamp selection at a desk.
  3. I definitely wouldn't call it a consensus. As its been said many people don't use archery in PvE because of the overhead. I think there are some simple ways to improve archery, without making it 'easier' so that more people would be interested. Some of the ideas would likely be easy to implement with little to no risk of effecting balance in either PvP or PvE.
  4. Right, so is it your opinion that this 'sweet spot' makes sense? So if a creature is getting hit by arrows but can't see where they are coming from its most reusable course of action is to "stand still to death".
  5. Creatures should either run or charge when shot with arrows. Just standing there waiting to die kind of runes the challenge of range combat. But in the mean time I'll be using a long bow. Here are some more thought about archery...
  6. The Key does not give access to a locked crate rake inside a building. The house allows pickup and load to freedom kingdom and is off deed.
  7. Lake Port Maze

    The maze is open! Keys are just 2c.
  8. Agreed. I don't want to setup a bulk store because I don't what to check the 'pick up' box on my deed perms. I'd settle for fenced in areas with unique perms. Can this currently be done, in a way, with buildings?
  9. Allow adding of keys to permissions similar to how players can be added. The intension is that one key could open multiple gates/locks. This could also allow keys to have more specific permissions. Like the key could allow 'command' but not 'access hold'.
  10. When I create a second settings profile for my 40% keyboard it doesn't seem to save correctly. After making changes in the launcher then changing the selected profile before clicking 'Play' the settings don't change between the profiles.
  11. Could cartography be part of an exploration update?
  12. I for one appreciate the current system. I believe it's important for the devs and game master to protect the various ideals/values they (and they're past selves) decided on. I haven't played long but I have seen a few valuable skins come and go. I may have bought extras to sell at a future date. That in my opinion is the "loyalty" value . I was here when it was available and others were not. The idea that the devs might change the system in the future could lower the value of all skins past present and future.
  13. I see both side of this issue. I really wish the game had a better way of identifying what was and wasn't 'abandoned' but I recognize that's difficult. I honest wish there was a time that vehicles could be looted. Especially considering how slowly they decay. If I really want to keep my stuff (long term) it's not too hard to log on once a month and check on things. I vote for no change. I think the items that come with a lock are good. I'd like to see more lockable items though, like small and large chests.
  14. This is a good idea. Why not also include any container window of rare items that have containers. Ships, carts, quivers, ....