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  1. Hello. there is new bridge over bay of promise https://imgur.com/B5cvQEN And please add deed: Tryhard - 177, 1154 thx for the map
  2. Having decay rune on it and keeping it in horse bags when on trip help. Havent tryed if there is difference if you keep it in backpack. If i am right, Vynora followers have faster decay of food in their inventory
  3. Hello there. I would be also interested to use panfilling service in Oblivions kitchen if it is ok for both of you. Can wait till you will be done and need 10k only so could be done in one shot. Just poke me here or ingame if I can count on it or should look for other solution Thanks in advance
  4. Done. Enjoy! Please close a thread
  5. Congrats to winner and thanks. Where to COD it?
  6. Hello, is your Fo priest active please? I would need some 90-95+ LT cast on my wep If yes contact me ingame pls. Ekino
  7. https://imgur.com/Bae4lqn Starting bid: 20s Minimum increments: 1s Snipe protection: 1h Buyout: 50s
  8. New UI

    Hello there, I have same problem. Double framing of windows made them larger, colums for weight and ql are wider then needed and text is bigger than before even on smallest scale. That mean if I have all windows on screen as before, I can not see full names of items anymore, just only few letters. 70 and 80% scales would really help.
  9. Need about 3.5kg of drake hide. Any colour. PM offers or contact me ingame Ekino. EU timezone