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  1. Interact with a rune on GM character, that's how I have been able to do it
  2. Decorations

    This looks so great in game! Just updated at Terra Australis. Where is your donation button!!
  3. Dye Maker mod

    Working beautifully now with no lag whatsoever
  4. Dye Maker mod

    The model for a player that built this dropped as a ? bag. After a restart the GM spawned one also became a ? bag. As are the new GM created ones. I saw there was an update to the mod but says it has an uncompressed block when extracting! = )
  5. Decorations

    Love this! Hope I can add it to my server when its finished! Deco Ideas windchimes, deck of playing cards, kites plush kangaroos and koalas wooden racecars, wooden blocks, dice dominos, chessboard, ship in a bottle birdbath, dog house, doilies, decorative trays bird houses-- maybe it can sometimes have eggs? stained glass, tablecloths, rooster weather vane, paintings! starry night? mona lisa? kitcheny stuff....cutting boards, pottery containers with utensils inside, hanging herbs, signs like live laugh love, wine bar, happy hour etc pillows of all shapes and sizes and dyeable a one tile wide 3+ long carpet "runner" vases of flowers, like the valentines flowers but different kinds...sunflowers, daisys, lilys w/e book ends...horses, hell horses, pac man! anything tea set, smoking pipe and hookah! hay bales, square and round hanging pot plants, chandelier style and lantern style window box planters, shutters, curtains decorative water plants ie lily pads, lotus plants garden arches with various flowers or grapes different couches, chairs, stools, fireplaces, tables small decorative water fountains musical instruments...guitars, violin, piano, drums large ship wreckage, small ship wreckage gallows
  6. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Having the NPC's set to move around on the server causes the spirit templars on deeds to be unable to move after a little while. A restart fixes it, but after a while the problem returns. Once the NPC's were set to static, the templars had no more issues. Putting this here to help others that may be having the same issue as it took weeks to pinpoint the cause on my server.