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  1. If i can't find pretty cadaver art... i give myself to the art!!! they say pigs can eat anything 😨
  2. Hi, i have around 25 days in game, i always got FASCINATED by shields, leveling it up being super hard tho like always.. I'm a player from Independence, mainly PVE player I seen many forum posts about shields from google searches but hardly the answers i wanted.. I ask many many times and days on CA Help but nobody can answer me, decided its about time to make this forum post, seeking for some Master of the Shield to be able to answer me the tons of questions i have. question 1 is my biggest worry, along with number 6 Focus info and other maybe important self info: Focus helps you parry more with your weapon. Focus helps you get a better footing. all my experience with this was mainly(98%) with a Large Metal Shield its honestly frustrating me how sometimes i block a lot, and sometimes i pass 7 mins doing no blocks to the same types of animals, for information i am Large Shield level 11.6 and Shields 8.7 I am a follower of Magranon. 1:FOCUS, should i use it to increase blocking chance at all?(Footing and Parry chance influences my Shield Block chance?) 2:Distance(Too Far, Good,Close) influences now likely i will block? 3:Does the way i position myself in PVE affects my block chance? (not counting pvp arrows) 4:Defensive stance.. says i should parry more, higher Defensive Stance levels will make me block more or it works just for weapons? 5:Most times i have a big streak of blocks then another streak of non-blocks at all, is it just me? 6:(very important)What does the QL on my shield actually do? More block chance, reduce more player-received DMG or only equipment DMG? what QL should i have my shield and why? 7*:Someone explain in detail about time limit of training per mob/location in detail? 8:Bigger damage Blocked(Stronger than my FS animals) will influence the much exp i get in shields/Large shield exp tick when it succeed? Is it even reliable try to train that way? 9:More levels of Large Metal Shield will increase my block chance more than level of "Shields"? or both are of same importance? 10:When i fight with a sword, will the sword parries eat my chance to block when the shield block chance would trigger? 11:In Future when i get higher Large Metal Shield levels in, should i level other shields to increase over all Shields level and block "more" when i come back to main shield? 12:How do my Combat Rating influence my blocking? in case of being up in a horse. is it better or worse for the training? Last but not least 13:What about Shield Bashing levels? i know it might works better on players higher levels, but does it increase stun timer for PVE animals too? (ps: i always shield bash when possible) 14:How exactly stunning a mob help? stop maybe a special attack? lower their focus level? do they still keep hitting? 14²:on higher levels on shields should i stop using Shield Bash so the animal can hit me more, letting me have more chances trying to block? extra info about 7: Sometimes i can fight the animal close to the one i just exhausted my time with defensive training to keep gaining skill exp, but then i come back after stamina regain outside fight, the SAME mob i was fighting doesn't give me any skill ticks anymore? I am aware i won't block without any stamina at all, but sometimes i feel like i block more with lower stamina? Enlighten me with your knowledge wise people of Wurm! Links of personal notations(guides) that are useful for shield blocking trainers are highly welcome!
  3. ps: I finally got the loot, i was over reacting, i felt my death was not fair, the lag teleported me while everything else was working fine, i was send back where server said i were, but my horse didn't.. I thought i could call GM's for such a measure, was gonna lose my most valuables ever from 20 days.. i was in shock Sorry tho it was mostly my fault, being very low life in a very dangerous place, depending on my horse to walk i was over reacting because i thought my loot would be reset with server being turned off. thanks for the encouraging words, they definitely helped me in my worst of moments.. First death after like 6 days and i wasnt ready both for the lag or for the death, you can close this thread, everything end up ok
  4. Today this 30 april just 2 hours after the server was marked to go down, there was a huge lag spike which teleported me away from my horse, miles behind while my horse stayed where i was much ahead ( i didnt even know i could be lag teleported off of my horse backwards to where server said i was "supposed to be") I was chased down overweight by a bear and a spider, fell off a cliff f**ing died.. walked back where my horse was but couldn't find body in time.. Will my body be still in its place after maintenance is over "30 mins" they said? i'm very worried, i carried all my highest QL stuff ever. my friend <Adruidiazkane> told me he had the same teleport and it made him even get a dc tried to open a support tab before server was gone... just very worried, will it be okay once its back or do they disappear with my loot when server is put back up? first time such a terrible succession of events 😕 i wonder if i can get GM's help to relocate my body, i was very close to it when server was shut down...
  5. My very nice friend's house i helped building! his first actual bigger house we built citizens of the village of Ruin Ridge Farmstead in Independence! more prepared than last week! haha He says the house is weirdly colored because he was feeling really silly that day, i giggle a bit every time i see it, hes such a lively guy sorry for meme material!
  6. We've all been there in beginners haven! ps: Retrograde i still use your beds from Freedom Apartments to sleep every night haha