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  1. Category: Wacky and Wild! Welcome to Uwuowoland. Dogeface watches. hewp
  2. pickaxe head iron with coc, scythe blade iron with coc, and shovel blade iron with botd, thanks EDIT: send to "Adog"
  3. spent a while typing up a response before reading down and realizing you'd already adressed most of my criticisms. lol rip. here's it if you want to see it: I think it could be interesting. I also think it could be a pain, another meter to keep filled up. still, I think this here "comfort" mechanic isn't needed in the game right now, and in addition would be difficult to incentivize because Wurm is a sandbox game. reducing skill loss on death seems nice tho. deaths are pretty brutal.
  4. hmm yeah I should probably update this thingy - thanks for reminding me. And yeah I don't do sandstone for some reason ... can't remember why.
  5. well. That's a wrap! Hi Arwic, you won.
  6. sucks. Delivery included either way.
  7. It fits in a mailbox! Delivery included.
  8. Idk how much these things fetch for, so that's why I'm putting it on auction :D, Either way I'm auctioning a rare unfinished wagon. [14:16:00] You see a wagon under construction. Ql: 2.2214584, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The wagon needs 2 yokes, 1 small wheel axle, 10 small metal nails, 3 shafts, 19 planks, and 2 sheets to be finished. Starting bid: 15s Minimum increase: 1s No buyout 2 hour sniper protection ((delivery included)) now hopefully I did this right ...
  9. Hi Alk!! Still looking for a squire? I'm assuming this is abandoned since you never posted any "more info soon" and such. I'm also assuming you're not looking for a squire anymore. Well, I'll fill out your recruitment form anyways. Your nickname: Adog Who are you: I'm not good at describing myself. I will do work for free if I think it'll benefit me or if it's for a specific person and not the vague notion of a community. Won't do huge amounts of work for free tho. Also I get chatty when mining I've noticed. How long you've been playing Wurm/ when did you start: Since ... February 16th. Wow that's 90 days ago. What are you expecting from joining me: Random trinkets. But most importantly knowledge. Don't need glory, don't need coc'd tools, don't need free imps. What are your plans: Make my own deed, build a colossus and dye it BRIGHT HOT PINK, get 99 mining, y'know, the usual. What's your trade or who you want to be: My trade hasn't quite settled yet. I'll definitely be working in the mines, and I'll probably dabble in beverages. ((Probably bulkmake mortar too lol.)) Anything beyond that is fickle. Now for who I want to be ... a traveler, one foot in my deed and the other in a vehicle. Some short trips, few long trips, always returning to my deed to restock and dump my loot. Say 75% in-deed and 25% traveling. Alone, no close neighbors, probably in an alliance, minding my own business and chatting sometimes. Recommendations from other players (Not necessary, but if you have any I'll check it!): None! I'm very trustworthy Are you up to for some kinda Roleplaying: Depends on what kind. But generally yes.
  10. so... I'm not looking for mining work anymore...? I'm comfy where I'm at, is all. If anyone's interested in what the OG ad was like: