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  1. Its not a situation rising to that point i don't think, It was mainly about the information in regards to off-deed area's not being GM protected any longer thus cannot fall under "griefing" and not subject to GM's ruling's as it is an accepted possibility to lose all the things that you have when farming off-deed. I had 2 meditation rugs "stolen" off-deed but it was my fault for leaving them on the ground, even fenced in.
  2. dear god what have i started? lol But seriously, i note the lack of dev and GM response in this thread. they could easily answer the question at hand and definitively set the record....but they aren't, and that gives me a huge pause. is this because it would hold GM's to higher standards of reading all patches releases? or limit the possibility of "i'm a gm so i'm right"? which is literally what happened in this situation. im paraphrasing (have actual logs) "you asked a gm, and a GM answered", I initially just wanted the answer to prove my point. Now my question of lack of reply on a pretty active and very obviously noted thread for GM/DEV interaction has yielded none....when they are normally very active ion these forums...
  3. that you can be banned if you take off deed crops just once and that a GM can decide that on a case by case basis. making the implication that you can be banned for snagging off deed crops. As SOVO's has linked to, its not case by case basis, there is no time you can be banned for it. As it has been said "As per the last weeks notifications, changes and updates to pricing, the enclosure rule is no longer effective and off-deed fences are no longer protected by the GMs." so its misinformation....i know dont be a knob but to tell a new player they can get banned for doing what i have said isnt correct. Even if its done multiple times.
  4. because they are in CA saying this, it effects new players and is misleading. if it was a pm or freedom/gl i wouldnt care.
  5. i have lol and the answer is always the same as i expect..."deed it or lose it" except from this one GM.
  6. I understand this but i have a GM saying that you are not allowed and on a case by case basis you can be banned if you do it. just 1 time. thats why i need a dev or red label GM response
  7. If i have enclosed an area off deed and someone bash's my fence down and take the crops there, can I report them for "stealing" or "griefing" only happened once? or is it the golden rule of deed what you want to keep safe? because as far as i understand it the enclosure rule is gone now. I need an official game master/dev response preferable red or higher. Yes, i know the dont be a jerk rule and all that. PVE server*
  8. I know you can capture dragons and hatchlings in caves, are you allowed to do it? no one will take any issue with it official wise? also im told retrograde confirmed they dropped only 7kgs and not any more. is that the case or does blood and hide drop to every prem in the area at the time...or both?
  9. In game not through all this extra work
  10. i logged off at 3 am usa time with like 300 people online, while lag is always possible, i dont think its that...but maybe? i go through my normal 3-5kgs of noms a day and booty full of salty water lol
  11. Unfortunately i don't have screenies, essentially i'm pinning this down to a game mechanic i don't understand vs. a bug. I know characters persist in the world in regards to water and food consumption while offline. I notice its normally a 10-15% hit when i pop back on, however after server restarts my water and food take huge hits, water in particular. As of this most recent restart i went from 100% water, 96% food, 74% nutrition. logged off for 5 hours, after restart i was at 20% water, 72% food, and 72% nutrition. Can someone explain to me why the water hit and nutrition is such a drastic hit only after 5 hrs? and forget about my ccfps lol from 100% protein to 64% and all the others at 30% are just gone. im on deed, i log off in bed on the exposed second story of my home if this makes any difference.
  12. maybe we can post here and get the ball rolling for someone P-19 Harm Devils delight a little back off shoreline