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  1. I have attempted to get to 10 second window from 8 seconds. i sacrificed 5 different val items on 2 different toons and nothing was added to that timer. i expected my deed to get a larger rare window and it did not happen after 5 separate val items.
  2. I logged onto wurm to place a new blood in my lmc, when i checked today 2 bloods that had no damage yesterday were damaged today (1dmg and 3 dmg). As Large magical chest, as far as i understand it, are suppose to completely preserve items inside whilst on a deed with more than 30 days. step to reproduce is time and damage tick intervals. I do have deed mates but they haven't been active lately.
  3. does this mean a fo priest can sell mass heals for rift's? edit question: will the power of the cast show after the cast?
  4. for the first 24 hrs with noob buff give them the ability to TP to the starter towns.(outside of combat ofc). when the noobie buff goes away the new player will have to travel from that point on, on foot. Also it will allow people to group up more easily if someone mistakenly goes to a different start town.
  5. is it like my suggestion for cartography? lol
  6. IT'S BEEN FOUND!!!!
  7. Hint: In the north we use 80ql tools and love the adventures we go on UP FAR NORTH! right around the Cornner one could say.