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  1. my suggestion is not to change any mechanics, my idea is to raise the cost by at least double, so swappers will have to figure out if its worth the swap or not. in this way swappers can still swap but i think it would deter the rampant swapping happening now. Also i think it would stomp out most of the arguments as most people would be more willing to wait a few days because of the cost. the only real thing id worry about is the rise of people stealing and not posting about rites. that i got nothing for
  2. ann should i bring my alt to summon?
  3. I think you could add the function to help directional guide you. the idea is using the compass with the map to point you in the correct direction like with branded animals being used as guides home "the treasure is in front of you to the right" or to make it more of a challenge just give tiles away from and nothing else "you are 1235 tiles from the treasure" this will help new players find the maps. I only suggest this because i am directionally challenged. the hints get more vague the harder the map and compass takes damage everytime you use it to get directions. that way it opens up the market for compasses as well as has a cost for using the extra help.
  4. i see a sign that says dawgs peak is that correct?
  5. Starting bid: 85s Increment (minimum): 5 s Reserve: Yes Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 45 mins Private Bids: not accepted
  6. I'd like to help as well Blueeyeddevil 80 carp 56 WS 75 BS 55 FC
  7. is this still going on? and is there space for 1 more priest?
  8. As the title list the shop seems down says its been overloaded
  9. Hi, This issue is the following: when i log into the game i am in first person, i zoom out to third person using +/-. After that initial zoom out, both the +/- stop being accepted as input's. I checked to see if my keys were damaged, as you can see by this post they clearly are not. This starts to happen after i try to ride my wagon. The only way to go back into first person is to left click and mouse wheel to zoom. This occurred after the last small patch.