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  1. yes and no, lol those are time zones for different countries. apply the one that's closest to you.
  2. idc who paid what, im just thankful for the public slaying tbh.
  3. current steam statics show that almost no one plays WO on steam anymore. Went from the launch at 1200 concurrent players daily to 200 a day max. all avoidable mistakes that were made.
  4. im pretty certain that this is not intentional on a slope of 16 or greater when you use the scythe you produce mixed grass and not hay because the slope is to steepe. I am assuming the 8 tile max applies in this situation. "[10:36:22] The area is too steep to dry mixed grass. You decide to collect the 21 grass instead." with scythe "[10:36:42] You gather 2 mixed grass." with sickle you may need to only allow sickles to be used over 9 slope if its using farming as its base gather skill.
  5. yeah i was mortified, i have gone 2-h huge axe with VNM ill never glance again. i also have another Huge axe with the same power LT so i can swap and not have to worry about healing i think that will be the best combo for me both with better casts on them other than dmg casts lol nim and or WoA with demise on both 1 for WM type on poison and One for normal mobs on LT
  6. Had a very interesting rift experience on harmony this AM. I thought it was like any other...and it had gone like any other really. Up until the WM..... adolescent WM Me: 71.08 FS aggressive: 37.7 44.95 longswords 80ql Studded armor dual wield swords: Longsword: 66.1 ql woa 75, LT 72, monster deminse, coc 60 Longsword: nim 54, LT 48, coc 76 human skull shoulder pad x1 never had any issues at rifts or with WM even with smaller groups. this group was 38 and about 15-20 ppl were 70+ FS if you dont want to read 167 misses, 103 glances , 0 hits....i say again 0 hits in 30 minutes of fighting. focus was at 5 for at least half the fight Is this the experience of most rifters at this skill level? the new fight ui shows the WM as guessing thats wrong...
  7. maybe as an alternative taming can be treated like caring for 1 per 10 skill. oe maybe when the animal/pet/mob is given away the pet immedietly starts an aggressive loss in taming level. I.E. the tame only lasts for 4 days at the highest taming level. This obviously would not work for fo priests and charm spell.
  8. Good to see you start out with an insult like almost all of your posts. staying classy as always, gotta like that. I know how wurm works, this brings wurm into current times with new mechanics that work off the old and keeps the game fresh. and can still work on that same system, it just turns into a more complex if than statement. yes, its a tier system, no different than requiring 40 skill to build a wagon.... only differnce is its a check box like a journal entry. it doesnt give equally clearly didnt read the example but thats cool. there yah go, all packaged up for yah. bumping up the difficult and giving more skillBase food: scrambled eggs gives .01 skill at 1 skillmid tiered diff food that is now open gives .05 skillmax tiered version of food gives .1 skill Rarity of recipe increase skill gain: .2, .3, .4 respectively in this instance your point? you cant make nails to get to 100 skill...eventually the skillgain is so low as to not be worth it. you're literally complaining about a game mechanic already present in the game... you seem to be one of those people that derives pleasure from being negative. you can say w/e else you want, but you wont get anymore of my energy, have a great Wurm day Finnn /wave
  9. As we know the current cooking system isnt the best, especially when it comes to HFC. Most people just mass cook 2000 breakfasts in 20 ovens with 100 bowls in each or 8 cauldrons with 32 pans in each cauldron for 256 pans per forge to push past actually having to cook. recipes are entirely pointless and give no bonuses for rarity or added skill for making them for the increases diff. finding new recipies or being the first to make something or discovery through lore doesnt add to the enjoyment either. its mostly just completionist getting all the recipes not people having fun. To the actual suggestion: - Create new recipies, ones only found by opening other recipies and expand the current 6-800 recipies to more like 2000+ recipies. - create new materials that can only be created from the culmination of gaining skill I.E. blending materials in more ways. - portion control of current ingredients, no more just tossing whole items in, measurments for everything to get better quality items(you can still just chuck in whole ingredients but skill gain is reduced, ql is reduced, affinity timers are reduced if you do up to 75% pure skill wont compensate for not measuring out ingredients. - clear information when foods are created I.E. how much of this food to get full from current level, the current nutrition provided and how much food is need to fill/ what CCFP's are given based on cooking skill. - Cooking requires an action timer and you CAN fatigue out. - Last YOU CAN FAIL AT COOKING produce 1 ql food or worse that can make you character sick and causeing them to loss water, food bar, nutrition, CCFP's and it CAN kill you if not treated. The idea behind requiring kowledge of other recipies is to lock the best foods behind effort and exploration. (this game is ultra grindy anyways might as well make it fun) for instance you unlocked scrambled eggs but they are super basic, but it allows you to open scrambled eggs with milk, then the final tier of salt, pepper, milk, bacon, thin sliced meat. making a meh nutritional food into a med one. At the same time bumping up the difficult and giving more skill Base food: scrambled eggs gives .01 skill at 1 skill mid tiered diff food that is now open gives .05 skill max tiered version of food gives .1 skill Rarity of recipe increase skill gain: .2, .3, .4 respectively in this instance As you gain skill you learn specialized skills as well and can change when you are using differnt sub skills: Veg Prep: juliene cross cut minced boiled etc. HFC: saute searing Levels of meat cooked raw, rare, med, med -well, well done etc. Butchering: you can get specific types of cuts from creatures like foraging as you gain skill you can target specific items opening the cooking world more. Rump roast prime rib steak cuts fillet minon thin sliced meat etc. also adding a new tier to fish adding some new fish with poison elements, requiring higher butchering to be able to process them correctly and just more from old creatures: puffer fish poisoined squid eel Fatty tuna crawfish crabs etc. Baking could have its own sub skills as well: make specific breads: Multi-grain baggets french roll honey flavored bread cake, pie, sweets create specific crusts for pies that change the affinity adding layers to a cake based on your skill up to 9 layers producing larger batches of candies and cookies as skill got higher. etc. The measurment of ingredients becomes more important as you skill up, at first you can bumble around at low skill but as you get into increasing difficult food products precise measurements are required. Lore: 10 skill: these thing will probably make something 20 skill: it seems to taste better if you add 1 ingredient 30 skill: it seems to taste better if you do this process to X item 40 skill: it seems to taste better if you add X and Y ingredient 50 skill: what if you added XYZ items in this preperation 60 skill: it seems if you put a little less of paprika, this meals ccfps would be improved 70 skill: if you add these things together it will give you a top tier meal/food and the best CCFP nutrition value 80 skill: have you thought about reducing X ingredient, adding more Y and cutting Z like so? 90 skill: measurements are with 10% of best quality 100 skill: all needed info. on prep to get the best CCFP's, nutrition and most food for the product is listed. If you have the items on hand, you can auto produce the meal without having to do it manually. As you gain skill in cooking over all you can see the end products values: say you make a cheeseburger: 10 skill: looks edible! 30 skill: i think it'll take the whole thing to fill me up 60 skill: this food will fill my food bar if i eat 1.5kgs, seems to have good nutrition and ccfps 90 skill: This food will fill my food bars if i eat 1.5kgs, has a nutrition value around 70-85, and will give carbs, fats and proteins 100 skill: this food will fill my food bars if i eat 1.5 kgs, has a nurtrion max of 83% when cold and 87% when hot, your CCFP bars will be filled to 99% if you consume .5kg's of meal/food. Rarity: Recipes that are of rare quality or better have a higher chance of producing any tier quality rare recipies have: 50% to make rare, 5% to make supreme, .0001% to make fantastic supreme recipeies have: 100% to make rare, 50% to make supreme, .001 to make fantastic Fantastic recipies have : 100% to make rare, 80% to make supreme, 10% to make fantastic the following comes with rare foods: rares gives: 10% bonus affinity timer, 90% nutrition base, and affinity bonus is increased by 10%. supreme foods give: 30% bonus affinity timer, 95% nutrition base, affinity bonus is increased by 20%, additional 10% affinity added (rng). fantastic food gives: normal affinity timers, 99% nutrition and affinity bonus is increased by 30%, 2 additional 10% affinity added (rng). as stated you can fatigue out making food of higher quality, low tier items that give little to no ccfps or nutrition but fill you up are free actions but mid/high tier of food requires action timers. So youll never run out of food but it wont ever be quality food either. this makes cooking not only a sustainable profession also lucrative and you can focus just like any other profession. if you fail on a poison item like puffer fish or it is a low quality there is a chance of instant death upon consumption. or you can be poisoned very badly reducing all your capabilities and skills by 50% until healed by fo priest or a new type of healing item is used that can be extracted from puffer fish by anyone but takes a decent amount of natural substance to make a functional antidote. Now the BIG TWO payoffs to make this system all worth it. No more calculators!!!! as you gain skill you can target specific affinities with ANY High Tier food. every 1 skill is 1% more chance to get the targeted affinity. you can also try to change the second affinity. for second affinity the max target chance is 50%. This make getting to 100 cooking skill super important to cooks. As you gain in skill you get additional affinity bonuses depending on the skill of the cook, So that burger gives you full food, ccfps, 90% nutrition BUT at 50 skill and 50 QL gives you an additional Fight bonus, the additional bonus is NOT RNG it goes to EVERY PLAYER EVERYTIME.... unless you attempt to change the second affinity.
  10. please close auction in 24 hours after this post to give craft ample notification time.
  11. Craft is winner!!! "[06:36:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes." [97]
  12. Suggestion for map maker: Please use an RSS feed from niaj disbanded deeds to remove dead deeds.