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  1. i'll start a new group as i need it for my alts journal if you dont respond in the next few days
  2. hi there is another group that has formed for this cast...might want to talk to them as well... if you all decide to do it let me know fo priest 100 faith
  3. the option to place an armor set on the training dummy. Allowing you to train with a real weapon/shaft and allow the max to be 40 fs. and maybe 30 weapon skill?
  4. id be interested with my alt for sure fo right(dbl checking) 100 faith if for foe
  5. if you plan to come please post your mains name here with a +1 bump.
  6. A WINNER HAS BEEN FOUND: INDIGOE!!!!!! Hi everyone!!! As most of you know or dont know, i will be quitting WO. So as a going away I am planning a series of treasure hunts. This chest has a garenteed: 4 silver 30c Rare items Assorted other items Next hint in: Sponsored in part by Baeowuf How this will go: I posted start the picture already. I will post the end picture when timer ends. every 30 mins ill post new lead for one hour afterwards i will post a picture ever 15 mins the person to first find the treasure chest wins the treasure!!!!or if im offline PM Baeowuf he will let me know EST. time: 1hr to infinity(it all rots) j/k j/k...ill make sure some one finds them before i go sorry my first event still flushing it out LAST THING I SWEAR!!! if you are willing to can you record your hunt with OBS or something? Thanks! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hints #4-7: Hint #3: What a mess!!! Hint #2: good fishing! horrible fire doggo's :-( Secret #1: There are secrets.... 4 as of right can choose to give, buy, sell or do nothing with your secret. End of the journey: Your here!! its right behind you! Hint #1: Tease #1:
  7. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!! I LOVE YOUR INGENUITY~~~!!!! and now i have ideas too I have a saying and maybe you can use it too. "Hope for the best be prepared for the worst." The idea is why get worked up over something you cannot control. So do prepare how you can, and if there is nothing you can do about it. You, as you said, have mad your displeasure noted. But TBF the devs NEVER release info willingly, so you cannot claim to know whats going on. You can only, like always, just speculate. So nothing as i see it has really changed for you. 1.easy on gear is meant to be unlikely to pass on, it creates a market/economy that thrives because not everyone has one AND its unlikely to pass making them worth getting. If you look at it though the way things are phrased it seems to be more likely to pass in certain situations. so it might be a boon. 2.It means that, if i understand correctly...the base pair animals having the same traits as each other become dominant. Just like with people and their kids. A blue eyes person with a brown eye person has a 1/4 chance to have blue eyes but two parents with blues eyes makes the trait dominant. they will never tell you WHAT they fixed...just that they fixed it...been part of the game for 12 years. 3. this is just fear based on nothing....wait for the patch and figure it out like we always do. 4. yes, they were but they were tweak here obviously something wasn't working correctly. and not at all, unless you are on CAD as i suspect all other servers still have spawned plenty to nab when sailing from server to server. 5. Again you are guessing here, what i think it means is the base pairs traits if they are the same become dominant whereas one parent and another with different traits will likely not pass on the dads traits that are random and lesser. I.E. they both have lightning speed but dad has a rare "unbelievably fast" trait. Because only 1 parent has the trait its now recessive trait. Then add to that most foals gain stats from mom as the main indicator been that way since forever. My guess is they'll be adding more traits not less. overall you are probably correct as they make the patch notes as general as possible to not givew away any changes, thus it seems the same. Also, it makes perfect sense to tweak the previous patch fixes if they found something didnt work as intended and now they know what it is and how to fix it(one hopes). That IS a distinct possibility...people also didnt like the idea that the earth was round or it revolved around the sun and not the sun around things take time to adjust too. You all already know i have no love for DEVs or A fire bit of the staff and that ill be quitting the 28th. So i am by no means a fan boi of the game. Just give it a chance cista, write down all the issues you find and any complaints you have after a few months and put here the issues you have. that way the DEVs can look into it and fix it...but youll prolly sadly get the same general patch notes when they do lol.