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  1. Well, that was our idea. Though we do not know if "a certain" would be a rule or a setting in the server config. As we did not change any settings regarding this, except pvp=true, i would assume its currently set to PvP everywhere. Sure, thsat might open the doors for some trolls to annoy players but i guess we have to find out how that ends. So, as the plot seems to sicken, is a user able to move a thread or do i have to ask an cm?
  2. @Satch: We thought that PvP everywhere would be nice so if that is a criteria to move into the PvP section then i will take a look into how to move a Post. I will also look into the Priest Mod and give it a shot. It sound reasonable to be loaded. Tanks for the valuable feedback. @BattaI did not take too long to get there with nearly no action timers and the high skill-gain but i can see how that is a bumper and ill change this. Also we needed to change the agro mods/animal rate. Turned out that this is a tiny bit too hard and way too crowded. Thanks for you feedback too.
  3. Thanks Brash for your feedback. I think we would have no issues with installing a custom map - technical wise. We choose the vanilla one as we are not that familiar with the bare game mechanics yet and figured if we generate a map or decide to use a pregenerated one, we should know what to look for. If a resource that is needed in the early game, is not spread across the map correctly that might cripple the economics. As we have not too much experience yet we figured our best bet for now is the vanilla map. This is also a very fast server with no real Action timers. So all in all its should be a rather short time experience. Sure, for veterans this might be boring as hell. I can understand that very good. Thanks for your feedback, ill definitely take a look into your suggestion for our next rotation. Or, if it turns out that the vanilla map is such a great deal breaker then, well we might have no choice anyway
  4. Fast Progress possibly more Newbie oriented rather then Veterans(might be to easy for them?). But of course everyone is welcome. We are an small IT Company with some employees been into PC Games (surprise ) and rented a nice beefy Server for our new Wurm Unlimited Adventure. Working on some Mods at the side and playing on our new Server when getting tired of Coding. So far we are a small Group of germans speaking english fluently. We would love to meet people from all over the world. We are no Experts regarding Wurm Online but learn as we go and try to help where we can. These are the settings so far (Tried to cover all suggestions that Batta made in another Thread): DNS / IP: PvP Max. Creatures 75.0000 (70% Aggressive) 10.000 Creatures with 5.000 Non Aggressive and a Ratio of 7/3. So atm the actual population has a Ratio of 5/5 but the server is configured for 7/3. So any non aggressive creature that is removed by death is replaced by an aggressive one until the correct ratio is reached. (If we interpreted the Server Setting correct and did the correct database manipulation) Tree Growth 20 Skillgainrate 5.0 Action Timer 99999.0 Epic is enabled Creative Vanilla Map Tunneling 51 Hits Upkeeps enabled (100 Tiles Free) Chars Start with: Skillbasicstart 20 Skillbodycontrolstart 25 23 (Will be changed as suggested) Skillmindlogicstart 25 Skillfightingstart 10 Skilloverallstart 23 Spawn Point in "Starter Town" exists. Mods: Announcer Betterdig Betterfarm Creatureagemod Cropmod (FieldGrowth: 1800000 = 1/2h per Stage) - No Crop Rot Harvesthelper Timerfix SpellMod (Will be installed as suggested) Priest restrictions removed Allowed all spells Infrastructure German Blog Teamspeak (In case licenced Slots [32 ish-...?] get to be a Problem we will invest in a bigger license) Live Map (English): (Updates every 5 Minutes with live Player positions) Daily GM Activity (Head of IT is realy into this ^^) Backup every 24h Hrs at 04:00 GMT+1 In case we get to drum up enough people we will of course switch the Website/Blog to english We are open to Mod and Setting suggestions, though we need to check that a change might not affect existing players to bad as they made their decision to join based on existing settings and mods. This is our first time advertising a server so in case i forgot something do not hesitate to ask. Regards Versengold