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  1. The character was made a gm 5, I was able to set a bind for flight and invis/uninvis.
  2. I have had Wurm Unlimited for awhile in my Steam list but never played it, so I finally decided to put up a server for friends and I wanted to start up a gm character because my friends like to get lost and or break things heh. So I was going through walkthroughs on setting up a GM and one of them says keybind GMTOOLs, but when I put GMTOOL or GMTOOLS as a bind nothing comes up, what am I doing wrong?
  3. Is the Library up to date? I just rented a server and I was trying to get a few of the mods to work, and armoury was telling me it could not find the library and when I took the armoury out its still not working but I cannot find why this time.