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  1. Hi! As you can see, carts and wagons are disappearing for me. Talked around with a few people and they aren't going through this problem. This can happen simply by walking around and driving the cart for 5 to 10 minutes. The last cart/wagon is the one that presents problems, and if I jump in another cart/wagon, that one starts presenting problems and this current one stops. Relloging tends to help, but sometimes requires more than once. My mouse is right on the top-left corner of the interact window that says Grass and as you can see, I can't select the cart, even though I can see it and own it.
  2. Title is very descriptive! Selling Price: 5 Silver Can COD as soon as bought, 30 minutes expected arrival time.
  3. WTA: Rare Trowel 43ql Iron Starting Bid: 8s 5s (lowered due to lack of interest) Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 15s
  4. Ah, good to know it's know by the devs. I'll set this to closed/deleted then. THank you
  5. Pretty descriptive, couldn't fix it by rellogging or re-entering the boat.
  6. Hi! This huge inclined mountain with trees on top of it shows when sailing through a specific place on Harmony (p19). This mountain does not exist and disappears when you get close enough to it. Don't know if everyone sees this or not, but decided to report it anyways. (It does seem to have something with desynchronization though. Can't really tell since I haven't received the "You're moving too fast for the server" message yet, but while I was going through this place earlier (and I had received the message at the time) I did NOT see this non-existant mountain.