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  1. HATCHET hatchet, iron 5.63 QL -- COC: 98 -- Cost: 1s 11c Please COD to Gooses. Thanks
  2. Can I get a 70 QL Archaeology Journal COD to Gooses? Thanks!
  3. Stay cool-headed in all kinds of situations! This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'old .u.e spi.e.'. Sold! Please close.
  4. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with these folks. Sent in four pairs of horse shoes and four saddles to be enchanted with WOA - they were super quick to fill the order and ship them out. Great prices too. I highly recommend Honeywood. Thanks again!
  5. Heya! Could you COD these two items to Gooses please: 71,92ql sickle, iron - 80woa 93coc // 95c 71,55ql spindle, oakenwood - 88woa // 60c Thanks!
  6. Hello again! I'd like 5kg of pink and 3kg of white COD to Gooses when you have the time. Thanks!
  7. Heya! Can I get 3kg of green and 2kg of blue COD to Gooses? Thanks.
  8. Heya! Can you COD to Gooses: grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 75: 15c Thanks!
  9. hatchet, 12 ql, 74 coc, 30 c mallet, birchwood, 85 ql, 86 woa, 62 coc, 80 c Please COD to Gooses Thanks!