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  1. First, replace kingsname and kingid in king_era Second, find the royal items in the GM Interface and use #loadItem <wurmId> to get the royal items Third, abdicate with the royal crown No errors were found in the Kingdom History and Kingdom Region windows for the time being, and the election function was restored. I don't know if the new king can be used normally, and there is no campaign success. Thanks everyone for your help
  2. His house and items still exist, as other players in his village continue to maintain it. Can I try to back up the database and then delete his records separately, although this may turn the king into an unknown. I don't know if this is feasible, I haven't tested it.
  3. generate them automatically now,but duel ring not work,and other players cant to take the test too,lol
  4. so,how to make it work again´╝č
  5. not work,have some id to fix this?
  6. how to impeach a king on the epic server? this player has AFK, and the duel ring does not work. Is there any way to impeach this king? I am the server creator