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  1. well deed project priorities is something that can't really be enforced, but everything else you suggested would be good additions. and yes, Democracy in the game is just Feudalism without nobility.
  2. I gave two of them, but examples would be~ deed expansion. disbanding or changing of rules kicking of toxic or unfriendly players to become part of the highway system to put certain people as KoS (negating the need to vote for being on highway since you can't have a KoS person on highway towns) everything other then that would have to be set up by the officials of the deed for things that people would want. if you are thinking taxation that would have to be left up to the individuals of the deed it's self to decide and uphold. in a game no one should be forced to do something they don't want to, but people shouldn't be forced to put up with someone who doesn't want to contribute either.
  3. notice there are only two deed government types when placing down a deed for villages, dictatorship or democracy, if there are anymore that are PvP exclusive I wouldn't know, I only play on PvE. my suggestion is a Republic style deed governance where instead of 1 person being leader, the duty is split among the group. All deed decisions would be held to vote by the massed of the deeds, meaning also the switching of the deed government type would also need a vote, preventing any 1 person from stealing a deed by simply coming into power. deed expansion would also need to come to a vote as well, with the person wanting to expand (or persons) posting the request at the deed token with the money on hand to expand it, and the rest of the members of the deed placing vote if they want it expanded, all these would be majority vote rules. though there would not be taxes to keep the deed running upkeep, instead it would be left to the people of the deed to decide that. so the only drawback would be that some people might not want to expand or pay into the upkeep, and again, that would be for the people of the deed to handle. if anyone is interested in enhancing this further I would love to brainstorm and refine it more thoroughly.
  4. we barely have technology enough in the game to make war machines, you can carry seeds in a small pouch on your person and use a small cart to move pouches full of seeds around, i made suggestions as to rewards that could be given, such as increase in crop quality or crop yield. what you're looking for is a sowing cart which would require a lot more components than just walking outside once a day and checking if your fields need watering or weeding. i don't know if you've worked on a farm before, but it isn't easy work, and the food you get from it is the reward, you just feel this way because there is no penalty for letting your character starve. you'd be singing a different tune if there was. and actually now that i think about it, why isn't there a starvation mechanic? and on a side note, another mechanic that would make things easier <.< why can't we tie rope to a drawn wagon and lead it that way instead of always having to drive it? we can lead horses and other animals around with rope normally, this idea does not seem wholly impossible.
  5. watering would be more of a once a day thing, though it would be up to the devs to translate this into something that would more fit the game. and also you can always hire new players to help you tend the farm, which means you can charge more for crops to make up for the cost in manpower, you know, make a proper farm out of it instead of a giant field you sow a million and a half things in and forget about this isn't a post to make things easier, it's a post to make them more resource intensive and rewarding to the player in general, like increasing the yield or quality of yield when the player puts more time into their farm.
  6. i knew i would get backlash from this, but all i get is lazy people complaining about a suggestion, if you don't have something constructive to say about this shove off, i have no interest in dealing with bums. this is why the community has been faltering, because people that play this game are afraid of change, whether good or bad. and yeah, i admit it makes it more complicated, but isn't this game supposed to be an ever growing and evolving experience? if you guys had things you're way it'd just be another minecraft, which is funny considering minecraft was originally based off this game.
  7. farming in wurm online seems lackluster and really bland, the quality of the seeds do not dictate the quality of the crops and you can grow things in the winter out in the open like it was summer or spring, which really does break my immersion a bit, i'm currently growing a small garden for personal consumption, but it would be nice if we had more than just the bare-bones definition of farming in the game, so here are some suggestions from me, you're friendly neighborhood moogle, Kupo! 1st~ Drop crops growing in the winter, this adds another layer to the game, though the seasons are not that long in comparison to IRL, this means players would need to start preparing food for the winter, or storing things away for when winter season comes, towns would need to build granary-like buildings or food cellars in order to last the season 2nd~ make crops seasonal, though some crops grow during multiple seasons, make them bear the most fruits/vegetables during their preferred season, or make them have a higher chance of producing higher quality crops during their preferred seasons (locked by only your skill at farming for example you could never grow a crop who's quality would be higher than your skill) 3rd~ watering plants should be considered part of tending a farm, not just taking a rake to it and removing weeds, watering could also be used as a means of improve crop quality once per day, a small increase for people taking care of their farms properly. 4th~ (and my last suggestion) rain could possibly water crops for you, so on rainy days, players would not need to water crops, but still need to check for weeds. this suggestion will probably be met with a lot of backlash from players who think farming is hard enough, but in truth, it is not hard at all. the amount of skill gain for doing farming is minuscule in comparison to other skills, and a small garden like mine nets next to no exp on a daily basis, but adding changes like these would make farming more in-depth like cooking, maybe even take multiple people to work on a large farm just to keep the work at a minimum, you know, like a real life farm. and in the winter months people would have more open time to focus on other things instead of just growing crops year round. you also already have growing seasons for trees and their produce, why not do it to farming too? Kupo!