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  1. RPG is not about graphics, but a way to play and guide our character. Forgive me, but I was amused by your statement. I get the impression that you don't know what an RPG is all about. Here is a small example of an RPG. <Humbite> I will thanks again! [22:18:27] <Wersin> My hunts may do something good. [22:19:01] <Wersin> I just saved this man's life. [22:19:07] <Salvador> How? [22:20:17] <Wersin> A boar attacked him. I noticed that he was barely standing and Im killed the beast. [22:20:33] <Salvador> oh, nice! [22:27:11] <Wersin> ufff. [22:27:43] <Salvador> u alright? [22:28:12] Wersin He sat down on a bench and began to repair the weapons. [22:29:50] <Wersin> Sit down my friend. I'm having a hard day today. but useful as no other. [22:30:16] <Salvador> I'm also a bit exhausted. i went on a big hunting trip [22:30:58] <Wersin> And what did you kill there? [22:31:39] <Salvador> 2 scorpions, 2 lava spiders, 2 goblins, a hell horse and a few other things [22:32:12] <Wersin> he laughed aloud. [22:33:07] <Wersin> A few more of our trips, and all the monsters will be avoiding Linton. [22:33:34] <Salvador> yes! [22:33:52] Salvador laughs [22:34:11] <Salvador> I need to go pick up my friend now [22:34:29] <Wersin> I feel proud to have saved this wanderer. [22:35:08] <Wersin> You have to introduce him to me sometime. [22:35:43] <Salvador> well done! [22:35:45] <Salvador> I will! [22:37:12] Wersin He spat hard on the helmet and tries to wipe away the long scratch. Probably a monster's claw. [22:42:30] Wersin He put on his crumpled hat, got on the cart, and started toward Copperhill. [22:34:11] <Salvador> I need to go pick up my friend now [22:34:29] <Wersin> I feel proud to have saved this wanderer. [22:35:08] <Wersin> You have to introduce him to me sometime. [22:35:43] <Salvador> well done! [22:35:45] <Salvador> I will! [22:37:12] Wersin He spat hard on the helmet and tries to wipe away the long scratch. Probably a monster's claw. [22:42:30] Wersin He put on his crumpled hat, got on the cart, and started toward Copperhill.
  2. I don't see the need to make any major changes to WURM to make it easier for those who want to play RPGs. A few of the cosmetic changes I wrote about earlier can make role play a lot easier. I think the bigger problem is the attitude of players who can't or don't want to play this way. A little effort is enough to ask about everything in such a way that others do not feel that it is talking about game mechanics. The second important thing is creating characters and their actions in such a way that they have their own story. A story that can be told later without using the values of the levels converted on the calculator.
  3. Nothing prevents you from playing RP. When you play just think what's real, what are the consequences of what you do and how it worked in real life or how the character you play should behave
  4. I created a hunter character. I do not develop skills that do not match the character played. When I am in my act or come as a guest, I take off my weapons. I often use the option to describe what I do or what I look like. When I'm over the water I jump into it to take a bath. When talking about the level of my abilities, I choose words to preserve the atmosphere of the RP. I can see from my opservations that I like it and there are even characters that imitate me. When I go hunting I try to justify why it is important. RP adds this magical flavor to the game and allows you to feel the role and have more fun. Examples that irritate me: 1. Cultivation of the field with full equipment. 2. Cutting trees with full armor. 3. "I already have level 33 skills. 4. and many, many more. You don't need to use any other RP language, but it's important not to spill the news using a calculator. Sanbox games give everyone the same chance of becoming a super hero ..... (sooner or later). The difference is in what style we get there. I think what I am going to write now may be of great use to those who think that cannot speak English may be a hindrance to playing WO. Unfortunately, I didn't learn English. I can read but I cannot speak and write correctly. Thanks to the creators of the game, we have the possibility to copy the statements of others. The Google translate Desktop program was created, which facilitates communication between players. We switch from the game to the translator with a single key. For me it is a great solution because it takes just a moment and the communication between players and me lasts literally a moment.
  5. Wurm gives you the opportunity to play characters in the form of an RPG. It may not be easy, but it is possible. The creation of a RPG character is inherently associated with its limitations. The WURM mechanics do not encourage the creation of such characters. Most of the players we meet are lonely super heroes communicating with friends from a distance. Most calls were "got 50QL in raking" and the answer was "oh great." The introduction of a few cosmetic changes to the game mechanics would make it easier to create story characters without harming players who do not want to play story. An option has been added to Ultima Online to inform game masters and players that this is a story character. I created a fictional character and I try to consistently lead it. Since it has many limitations, I am sometimes forced to ask other players for help. I have the biggest reservations about the way we communicate, I have such an offer 1.the default chat channel should be "local" 2. The reach of the conversation should depend on the way of speaking | a. whisper (1 space) b. normal speech (3 spaces) c. shout (20 spaces) d. scream (40 spaces) This arrangement would greatly facilitate conversations with a larger group of players without having to inform the whole city about the topic of the conversation :). The second issue is the animals and other creatures appearing in the game. Their appearance should depend on their nature. The crocodiles that appear in the mountains look funny. Some creatures should appear in certain places. In order to be able to hunt a crocodile, the player should be able to consciously organize an expedition to hunt them. Of course, this also applies to other creatures. Such a solution is by itself an incentive for the RP game and gives some nice possibilities.
  6. Indeed, it would be worth improving it. It is possible that this is due to the slower operation of the game client.
  7. I noticed that the bracelet worn on the arm of the figure is not displayed either in the character window or in the game window. The effect is only that the shoulder pad is removed from the character. Let me mention that some models are simply funny and unreal. It is worth working on some, this applies to both scaling and animation.