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  1. Simple. some people respect each other, help out, and garner wonderful sites. Others wreck them via skipping along the "guide lines" terms to satisfy their want to see someone set back. However let us not point this out as it would be faulty to show anger at the buggery of theives and ne'erdowells. All these words will fall on numb ears and caustic eyes. Some will rage and others will sigh. As i have seen nothing but shunning the world outside large walls with everyone but you and yours on the KoS list will save you from enjoying the game we call wurm online. So go now and build nothing, enjoy nothing. As this is the only way to make sure those vultures, theives, and lesser types never take anything. I could so easily say more but i have bitten my tongue now. If only i could spit in the eyes of those who have gathered my ire.
  2. Lost Horses

    Someone wrangled all my horses as well. Most likely it is some of the lesser types who have them now along with mine. BTW sang i tried to save all your animals when you didn't log on for two months, cultivated the ground but they just starved to death before the grass grew.
  3. As i have started wurm i have discovered many new things. Yet as i have started an apple orchard i thought of all the wonderful things that apples could be made into Apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cobbler as well as additions to other meals. Yet none are available. It is my suggestion that such should be implemented. simple apple+syrup+nuts+handle = candied apple/caramel apple, variants of ingredients. Apple pie could be same, sugar/syrup plus dough and pie pan, plus sliced apples. This could be repeated for all of the fruits as well..i spose. <,< Apple butter is just cooking down the apple with vinegar and spices, lemon juice as well. Apple sauce is just well..pulverized apples. apple stew essentially. Good with cooked boar meat/porkchops. Apple cider would be the fermentation of the apple juice, which would be a shorter fermentation making it a seasonal item as well. Using a sample of these recipes to spread amongst the entire fruity world it would give seasonal foods more flavor. Who knows if we can make dried fruit soon to make fruit cake and candy canes to give that certain season a bit more remembrance. Stat bonuses aside the skill it would be nice to be able to make a various regime of food with a purposed abundance of said cultivated produce. The apple.
  4. Greetings, Having just started my deed i am looking to begin caring for animals. Not too many just a few to work my ability up from. The ideal would be a cow to perhaps breed out to or for. Same goes for all the animals. Perhaps breeding them from one to the next to prevent inbreeding. I would be willing to care for extras until such a time as they breed 'spare' for my own. Using the care for in-game ability. Dogs, Cows, and horses. Or really any other animals that i could skill up AH. Perhaps a trade of caring for some animal as a stud in hopes of garnering a new fold. I would be caring for your animal in hopes of eventually getting my own. Let's say you want an animal cared for but dont have room or want seperate breeding. I would care for said animal until you can make room or find suitable breeding stock. Let's not say a extended amount of time but say maxium of two weeks. I would groom and feed said animal for skill. Or if two parties would be interested i could provide breeding room for seperately owned animals. Eventually in this process i hope to gain an animal of my own. So in short, barter housing and care for possible spare animal. Would be willing to care for neighbors animal for short periods for skill. Let me know if anyone is interested in a animal barter. I am on the celebration-freedom server, far south, right by the peat. sincere regards, Durmont