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  1. Meat

    Thank you very much
  2. Meat

    Now in the game if you kill a bull, you get 1.5 kg of meat. It’s ridiculous. Chicken, not a bull)) Maybe there is a mod that increases the weight of the mayas? If not, which method is responsible for this?
  3. Batta I left the mirror, but it doesn't change anything. Maybe I don't have a full mod. You probably need more files for modules
  4. removes forage

    Cuddles Thank you very much. Those who make mods, it became clear what to do,but I do not know how to make a mod . I did a mod for men of war, Arma, but Wurm for me is not clear at all. The most important thing is to write a file .class
  5. removes forage

    In real life, you cannot find everything in the grass. You must first buy. The player will buy the first potato in the capital and will propagate it.
  6. removes forage

    Everything can be found in the grass. If you turn off the Foraging, players will begin to plant gardens and sell products of the garden. I am looking for a specialist who can make such a mod. Ready to pay a fee
  7. Can they also edit the player’s inventory? Removed digtoground from the server. But the Starter Gear mod is not working classname=org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.startergear.StarterGear classpath=startergear.jar #Format: Item-[internal id]=(templateId),(quality),(amount),(isStarter) # internal id - This is just an internal index for debugging purposes. If your config is incorrect, it will reference this value. # templateId - The ID for the item you want to create. Reference ItemList.java to find the template ID for the items you want. # quality - The quality you want the item to spawn in. Floating point values accepted. # amount - It will give this many of the item to the player. # isStarter - Whether or not it can be improved. When true, item cannot be repaired. When false, acts as if created normally. #Recommend keeping the mirror as-is. item-1=compass,30.0,1,true item-2=flintSteel,50.0,1,true #Some example configs past the defaults: # 1 mallet, 10ql #item-14=hammerWood,10.0,1,true # 5 small iron nails, 10ql #item-15=nailsIronSmall,10.0,5,false #Template ID Reference Paste: # http://pastebin.com/teC3pYsD #If true, will print debug messages and log heavily. debug=true
  8. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\mods
  9. Mod Starter Gear consists of 2 files startergear.jar , startergear.properties ? I downloaded, installed correctly. But it does not work