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  1. rare unfinished forge 4s if mailable to Grzhimek
  2. rare hatchet head, steel blank rare chisel blade, steel blank cod Grzhimek, thanks
  3. shovel steel head 99c whetstone 100ql 104c pelt 100ql 101c steel lump 95+ coc charcoal 95+ coc cod Grzhimek, thanks
  4. Pelt Wild Cat (0.8kg) - Q 87 - COC 99 - 1.05 Silver Whetstone Stone - Q 100 - COC 95 cod Grzhimek, thanks
  5. Nomads Market

    Exquisite Meditation Rug 24ql C96 - 1s Hatchet Iron 28ql C94 - 50c cod Grzhimek, thanks