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  1. Hello y'all! I have recently rented an ubuntu server and installed the server, modloader , some mods and everything runs just fine when i use the gui. Now i wanted to setup a service so that i can schedule server reboots without having to connect via team veiwer and use the gui and everything there seems to be in order (it probably isnt). I went after this step by step manual -> Now one problem did arise. Again launching, the server with the patched gui, no problem everything works i can connect. BUT if i start the server via the created service: the server boots all the way up until before connecting to steam, then throws this error: (Warning: full server.log incoming) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. i dont mind having my server just run all the time, but i doubt even with the best hardware it needs a reboot from time to time, which could be done with putty easily if i could use this service properly. I will happily provide any additional info you guys are asking for, im not a pro when it comes to wurm servers, but otherwise i know how to handle a pc.
  2. Hello fellow wurmians! New Admin here. I want to setup a HOTA zone which i already did with the wand, and it seems to work. I also want to set the same area as a no build and a bigger area as a pvp zone. so the idea is: 160x160 HOTA - 180x180 No Build 200x200 PVP zone. If i just create the zones will they overlap properly? so generally asked, can a tile have more than one zone designated to it?