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  1. I've built a runnable jar with eclipse. But if anything goes wrong dont ask me! Im not proficient in java, i just built a runnable jar from jonnehs source code. It generates the map just fine, but i dont know how to access other functions like regional ores.
  2. Thank you so much! Also i dont think any idea on this is bad since i have 0 ideas there is still the source code of jonnehs generator on github, maybe i can compile it I wasnt even aware there was a modding discord! I need to sign up at once! Maybe it loops all back to CountZero, but he hasnt been active for long... so well see. Thanks again i really appreciate it!
  3. Hello Fellow wurmians! I want to create a custom map for my server and i saw some maps from CountZero that had custom ore placement. How can I do that? I tried several generators but none offer this option. Can i somehow export the file to a image editing tool and add ores on my own? Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
  4. Thank you so much! That was the solution! Topic can be Closed!
  5. Hello People! Today i come to you because i encountered a very weird problem. I have the discord relay mod installed for about a year and it never broke anything. Now when i try to start my server the discord relay mod boots up fine finds the channels, complains about the categories not being channels, and then the server freezes. If i disable the mod, server boots up just fine. Anybody else got the same problem, or have any tips? I already tried everthing i can do on the discord side, giving the bot admin privileges and all. It would be a big loss too loose that connectivity. Sincerely, Arathok
  6. Forgive me for this potential dumb question. New Serveradmin here. Where would i put the .json files? plain in the servers root directory? Or into the server.jar? Instructions unclear *genital* stuck in ceiling fan.
  7. not that im aware of. You'd hat to rewrite the base game. Awakening (Server) released some of their custom made mods, which also offers plagues which kills of creatures if there is more than 50 of the same type in a certain area, guaranteeing an even spread over the whole server, maybe that will help?
  8. Anybody got a version that works with
  9. You could download the db browser for sql-lite open the wurmitems.db and delete the wand there. But only mess with the databases if you are confident. You can destroy your game world otherwise
  10. Hmm okay that works... so is same kingdom pvp even possible? like one player attacking another player of the same kingdom?
  11. Hey guys, i turn to you with another problem: I have enabled the new highway system on my server and wanted to place a waystone. Now it says [00:16:46] Can only plant if the waystone has been blessed. I dont recall needing to bless my waystones before, is this normal? or is it a mod? i cant think of any mod i have installed that alters highways... I placed waystones without blessing before on another server... I'm a bit confused now.
  12. right, in that case thats impossible though, since the owner is not playing anymore- i know i could do it with gm tools, but this is also interesting from a pvp point of view.
  13. Hello! I've got a server setup as pvp, home kingdom mol rehan, and non epic. Recently someone wanted to start a deed but there was a building that belonged to another player (who is inactive). There was no option to bash the walls and destroy structure needed permission. I have a code of honor for me and my gms to never delete any structures whatsoever because we want everything to be developed by the players and done with their own hands. Is there any way / setting that allows me bashing (not destroy the entire house like in management settings, i mean wall by wall, like if you would attack it) other players structures WITHOUT PERMISSIONS if theyre not part of a deed? Many thanks in advance and have a nice day! Arathok
  14. After removing the mod crops arent growing anymore. any tips?
  15. Online Map Viewer

    Sorry for more necromancy I got the updated jar file and the snippet of the config file from xyp. I imagine I will need more than that snippet. Can anyone share me their config file that would be greatly appreciated. There is this other live map generator but it doesn't show roads like this one does. I know this from my old long perfect server but I guess they are not willing to share.
  16. Hello fellow wurmians! Thanks to the community i was able to setup my server, which runs the game like a charm (as in fluid). Every now and then at random intervals the server is crashing though, but the server.log just ends after the normal connected players and uptime line. No errors there. BUT we get those hs_err_pid30692.log files and i can't figure out for hell what im supposed to do about it. Im fine with manually rebooting, but it messes with the 24 hour field growth timer, which resets There are no out of ram errors or any other "normal" errors you would get from the server.log So i really cant put my finger on what the reason for those crashes is. past errors have been: Are any of you more profound in java and can help me out with those issues?
  17. You may be right about that, its my first crank at this so i dont know the dos and donts. For me death is part of the experience, and if there are players who are better in fighting than me obviously is houldn't have gone alone or undertrained. We installed the Dusk combat mod, which enables you to flee at any time (since swinging costs considerably more stamina now) or tanking (defensive fighting costs less stamina per swing and you swing not as often) so you can out stamina you foe if needed. As the name implicates, we try to be a community of self found players, so if we loose our beloved ql50 or higher sword, we forge a new one as it only helps practicing and honing our skills. Staying in the capital is not a requirement and actually nod good! Our ressources (trees, ores) are globally spread (olives grapes cheries copper ) is all on the southern lands while some ressources are exclusive to the equator or north zones. So we will need to make villages to trade with them. The Capital City is intended to be a place you can live in until you are ready to go out on your own adventures. Maybe i should make the introduction a bit more detailed? what do you think? Thanks for the wishes! i actually enjoy the off topic chatter. Learning something new every day!
  18. Thanks for moving! Hm it seems people think of this more pvp than we intended it. We intend to have people form deeds so they get a no pvp zone, and since wilderness is pvp you can always flee to your deed and at most you will lose your inventory but not your buildings. Also we try to have as many people to live in and make the capital a lively city. In the end the open pvp is just a formality to enable the stealing skills or allow for "bandit" RP characters. In the end the scale of pvp to pve is always subjective i guess and it depends on the player how to interpret it. WE thought of it more of a pve with optional pvp since you can perfectly live off a sizable deed. So i posted it in the pve section because i thought the majority gameplay as pve. But mixed is probably the better section. Mea culpa!
  19. THE IDEA: This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be. THE TLDR: This project is not particulary designed to be hardcore, but the stacks are against the player when you are starting out. To do good damage you need to hone your item skill of choice ( you can use almost anything as weapon now) and your fighting skill. The quality of your Weapons and Armor are important as well! The DUSK combat mod completely overhauled fighting! (read the mod entry for more details) Lets say it like this: you wont be able to fight even a rat in the beginning. Morrowind Style! There is already a few people signed up and all of them are super friendly. If you are planning on doing some RP yourself introduce your character on the discord! THE MAP: The Map is a 4096x4096 custom map designed by Count Zero and has geological spread ressources. Which means you will find no olive trees in the northern colder regions! Likewise you wont find gold and silver, where there is no mountian, and some metals are only regionally available. (There is a little bit of everything everywhere though!) Spawn is in the Capital City and we highly encourrage you to stay with us, but if you want to go out on an adventure, by all means do so! As ressources are spread far and wide, we will need settlements and outposts! Server Features: -Open PVP out in the wilderness PVE around and in Deeds -Light RP: Local and Capital City chat try to stick to a certain character Global and PMs: Off character away! - Custom 4k Map - X3 Skill, X3 timer - 22h field growth timer, crops protected from overgrowing. - 10% Aggro, 30k Animals (going up systematically) - Free living in the Capital City and one guaranteed plot of land, mining and foresting in the Public Forest/Mine as long as you add to the City you are welcome! - Meditation Fixed (normal WO type skill gains) - All deities available for everyone - priest restrictions (Unlimited Prayers per day, but at least 20 minutes apart, other restrictions, named in the wiki to your selected faith apply -> still need to figure out if gains are fair, feedback wanted!) - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Get your/one crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - in-game meetings - Events - Evolving Map as in-game Map (shows tile changes accordingly, updates once per day) - Economy based on wurms prices (HIGH QL > Item numbers) If you are a hunter you can get money by killing mobs! - Friendly GMs and community! - optional Discord: Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 18. - Starter Gear - Basic Tools Modlist: - announcer - bagofholding - betterdig - betterfarm - bountymod - BountyOnBurn - BulkOptionsMod - bulkseparated - buyermerchant - creatureagemod - cropmod - discord relay - DUSKcombat - Doorbell - eventmod - hitchingpost - inbreedwarning - Location Command - moonmetalmining - PickMoreSprouts - roll - servermap - Server Tweaks - skillmod (Meditation) - spellmod - starter gear - taxidermy - templar replacer - timerfix - Treasure Hunting - waxed food EDIT: 1 Month has gone and so far the capital city grew but we also have some deeds popping up here and there! Why don't YOU join in on the fun?
  20. oh man... i didnt even know you can put even more arguments behind an command... lemme try. WEIRDLY ENOUGH: Starting with ./ start=Fresh (yes thats the name of that gamemode :D) i get the same error as before (with CanCraftChallengeHelms = true in! starting with gui still works like a charm though! Thanks for the link to the RMI tool, i snagged it for later use! This seems to be the configuration that works with the script now. soo everything armour is a no go #Main Mod Activation ################################################################ CanCraftSOL = true CanCraftMasks = true CanCraftChallengeHelms = false #triggers crash CanCraftChallengeStatues = true CanCraftCrowns = false #triggers crash CanCraftFancys = false #triggers crash CanCraftMockArtifacts = false #triggers crash CanCraftEpicStructures = true CanCraftHoTAStatues = true CanCraftPotions = true CanCraftSeasonalItems = true CanCraftConstructionMaterials = false #was false CanCraftFireWorks = false #was false AddCS = true CanCraftGraniteWand = true CanCraftCavHelm = false #triggers crash Thanks for the help everyone! I try to write a new sh now. @Ayluindo i have permission to pm you if i have one ore two questions about the .sh you suggested?
  21. Thanks for the reply! i snooped around the .properties for a bit but didn't want to change any settings before the problem arose. but now: i tried settingAddCs to fals and it didnt launch, but! setting CanCraftChallengeHelms = false, made it launch. Thats a good sign, since i just want my people to be able to craft a sculpting wand. plus a few decorations. if i can disable the armor parts that are causing that error i would be very happy! currently running with AddCs = true. Will try more combinations.
  22. thanks for your reply! Please be gentle i never used linux before in my life... this is all new to me thats why i need guides! hmm so if i do ./ from the terminal it starts the modlauncher, and after a while the gui pops up. but i still need to CLICK the button "start server" but i want to start the server when ubuntu starts, so i can just putty myself into the server and hit reboot in terminal. Anyway with launching the MODLAUNCHER (whether through .sh or gui) is not giving me any trouble. The initial mod loading is fine. Its when i start the server through the service it fails. f i start it through the gui of the modlauncher everything works like a charm. (sorry for the gibberish) But i'd rather have more craftables work and teamviewer myself onto the ubuntu server and shutdown the server through the gui (yes im using a linux system like a windows user!) than having a running service that starts with launch but without more craftables. I am NOT AT ALL confident (and maybe even unable) to write my that works... so basically as long as it works it cant get shoddy enough for me xD i just wanted to automate the reboot process a little bit. @CuddlesIt works when i disable more craftables, but i hate to see the deco go, so i guess i will stick with teamviewering my self into my ubuntu server to reboot the wurm server. Thanks again for helping me out!
  23. First off thank you for answering i have difficulties reading those logs still... Well its not EVERY mod... we left out two or three xD Its all just minor changes to enhance the vanilla experience. They all have a purpose to us and believe you need something to hold on when starting with 7 Strength! Ill try to disable the more craftables when i come back home from work and edit this reply. Whats bugging me is: how is starting the server via an ubuntu service semmling that different than through the modloader ui? The DOES start the modlauncher as well in the background... hmm i wish i could speak java Any way thanks much for helping me out!