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  1. We are Harvestmoon Lagoon! We are a settlement that was founded in 2012 and we are still growing! We are currently located in the freedom servers on Release. We are currently looking for new members. We have no taxes or requirements so all players new and old can come on down and join our family! We have plenty of land and activities for all players! Plenty of farmland and animals as well as a nice shoreline for those who love fishing. Love cooking? Come cook in our Pizza Tavern! We also have plenty of mines and other activities for you all to partake in! How can I join? Currently our mayor is Ultradude. You can pm him in game using /tell Ultradude for an invite, message him here on the forum, or reply to this post! What all do we have to offer? Pens full of Horses, Cows, Bulls, Bisons, Chickens, Pigs, Hell Horses, and Deer! A large mine made into a crafting and storage area with mixed veins as well as a few other mines. Vacant houses if you dont want to build your own place, but if you do we have plenty of land for you to build your dream home or shop! Huge fields where you can grind farming skills! We have 3 Spirit Guards to guard you against all threats. Public carts and food while you get settled down! Advice and knowledge for new players. We hope you join us! Below are some pictures of our settlement! Pictures Pizza Tavern Crafting Area Farming Fields Our monsters Hope to see you all soon!
  2. Bumping this as I have been here for a while. Been offline for a few months only to come back with open arms. A great community and they have helped me in the game so much and I feel comfortable calling Harvestmoon Lagoon my home. Come on and join us!