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  1. Didn't get ticks since the rug rarity bugfix now with one character that barely has 29 Meditation, though my other with below 20 got one tick.
  2. With my Fo Priest the bonus didn't seem to work until I hit lvl 30 in forestry, so it seems it KINDA works but not as expected, though the question is what the buff is exactly supposed to do, always give +1 range or only once you can see it from a range?
  3. Totally support the cause! Also to people who say it'd look like a circus: Ever been to an ingame event? Wurm IS a circus.
  4. I care more about the green text spam than the on screen message honestly
  5. Nice profile you got, would be a shame...

  6. Does the vodka need to be of drinkable ql? Also gonna bring green painted carrots as I got no cucumbers ready on the field.
  7. please send 4 Stills to Bobbauer
  8. We founded the new settlement: "Tree Town Bay" at 405, 1174 Nearby are also: 400, 1149 Clay 417, 1183 Tar 368, 1276 Tar 523, 1253 Tar 368, 1225 Guard Tower Thanks
  9. considering the buyout is for each I didn't understand it like that
  10. Obviously I am brain afk today, well 38e
  11. I like the changes, never liked the RMT thing. But: 1 month: 7.99 euro 2 months: 15.99 euro Does that mean, that 2x1 Month is cheaper than 2 Months? Or will we still only be able to buy things over 10€?